Imlie 2 january 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Imlie Written Update 2 january 2023

Devika requests that Atharva prepare soon to go to Chini’s commitment function. Atharva inquires as to whether she won’t investigate his eyes. Devika says she would rather not see her off-base childhood. Atharva assuming she at any point acknowledged what he is going through. Devika inquires as to whether he at any point thought what Imlie is going through, he was unable to cherish Imlie yet can gain from her to be gallant in any event. When she leaves, Imlie strolls in. Atharva’s Kurta button breaks and falls before Imlie. Imlie picks it, requests that Atharva give his kurta, and fixes button on it quietly. Atharva says she ought to battle with him yet not act great. Imlie says she can’t accomplish such a great deal for himself and returns his kurta.

Written Update Imlie Today Episode

Ranas arrive at commitment scene. Individuals take a gander at Imlie and Atharva and examine that they are so gorgeous and made for one another. Chini invites everybody and inquires as to whether they spend their supplements on others, how might they supplement genuine lady of the hour and lucky man. Abhishek jokes that he is looking attractive, yet they all can squint their eyes. Everybody grin. Imlie and Abhishek stroll in front of an audience to trade rings. Sundar hauls them out for a dance. They dance on Dil Chori Sadda Hogaay.. tune. Atharva feels crushed seeing Chini moving cheerfully with Abhishek and drinks liquor. Akash pulls him to the side and inquires as to whether papaji sees him. Atharva says he did a mix-up by concealing his feelings, let him openly express his feelings today. Imlie strolls towards Atharva. Arpita stops her and says let himself handle his mistake.Atharva stops music and says he will play music for Chini and Abhishek. He plays a Punjabi melody and with a shaky walk moves around Abhishek and Chini. Chini thinks Atharva truly became devdas. Atharva gets rowdy with visitors and picks more liquor glasses. Imlie stops him and cautions him to stop now. She holds his hand and requests that he accompany her. He stands up to. She says on the off chance that he truly considers her as his companion, he ought to accompany her. He concurs, and she removes him. Rudra says they came here to deal with Imlie, yet Imlie is taking care of Atharva here. Keya says Imlie doesn’t pass on an opportunity to flaunt. Rudra inquires as to whether she has any better plan to deal with Atharva, then, at that point, she can go for it. Keya stands mum.

Imlie 2


Written Update Today Episode

Atharva opposes once more. Imlie cautions him that she is extremely irate on him. He requests that she quit calling him with deference and call him just Arto. She says she lost her adoration and sister as a result of him. He says he lost his adoration and solicitations to pardon him. Imlie offers him a pleasant ear and strolls venting out her displeasure on him. Atharva slips and tumbles down. Visitor talk about what has been going on with Rana’s more youthful child and Imlie’s significant other. Sundar oversees circumstance and sends them to have food. He strolls to Imlie who believes its Atharva and furiously says in the event that he figures she will pardon him, however seeing Sundar apologizes him. Sundar says he realizes she got back to Rana house to deal with Rudra and is going to Chini’s commitment, she worries about a concern of liabilities like her mom. Imlie says she won’t take up additional obligations and has come here to partake in her sister’s commitment. Sundar says that is like her girl.

Imlie Latest Spoiler Alerts 2 january 2023

Chini and Abhishek trade rings and complete the custom. Everybody applaud them while Atharva stands sorrowful. Arpita lets Rupali know that she recognize love and truth easily for Chini. Rupali inquires as to whether she can see same in Chini’s eyes. Abhishek and Chini dance next while Imlie and Atharva cries unfortunately reviewing the minutes they spent along with their partners.

Precap: Imlie consents to help Atharva as a companion and not a spouse, serves him bitterguard juice in the first part of the day and tosses liquor away.

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