Imlie 20 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Imlie Written Update 20 January 2023

A hooligan focuses firearm at Atharva. Atharva battle with him, and projectile thits Imlie’s shoulder and she tumbles down harmed. Entire family sees her in shock. Atharva furiously wastes thug. Sundar likewise drives another hooligan away. Different prisoners get those thugs. Atharva hurries to Imlie and attempts to keer her conscious. Police enter and get thugs. Rudra and others rush in straightaway and ask what has been going on with Imlie. A prisoner and her little girl whom Imlie assisted decline with leaving until Imlie gets typical as Imlie put her life in extreme danger and aided them. Different prisoners additionally decline to leave until Imlie recovers. Rudra says their Imlie has turned into everybody’s relative. Devika asks god to treat Imlie soon. Specialist visits and swathes Imlie and says she is fine as slug just contacted her shoulder and left. She recommends Imlie to rest well until she recuperates totally. Abhsihek shows his anxiety for Chini. Chini disregards him and lets Arto know that he really want not stress as Chini will be fine soon. Arto says he knows. Chini applauds him for safeguarding Imlie. Arto says he just safeguarded his companion and requests that she return home. Arpita takes her from there.

Written Update Imlie Today Episode

Imlie gets back to Rathore House, reviews Arto’s words, and figures she will say a final farewell to Abhishek first and begin Chini and Arto’s romantic tale section 2. Rupali enters and says she needs to slap her for anything that she was attempting to do with Atharva at the adornments store. Chini asks how did she respond. Rupali asks aren’t she embarrassed to attempt to trap her sister’s significant other once more, she is fortunate that she got Abhishek, and says she won’t allow her to escape Rana house until she weds Abhishek and take off from Rana house. Atharva takes a gander at resting Imlie and trusts she allows him to follow his kinship. Imlie awakens and inquires as to whether she was wheezing that he was gazing at her. He asks what? She inquires as to for what reason did he come to gems store. He says storekeeper is his cherished, lifelong companion and inquires as to for what reason did she stay at the store when he requested that she leave. She asks on the off chance that he doesn’t be aware for what valid reason she remained back. He asks how is she feeling now. She says she is fine at this point. He says he was anxiously holding back to hear that more than his fans hang tight for his new music tracks. He holds her hand and says he was exceptionally apprehensive, then, at that point, anxiously leaves her hand.She sees its 9 p.m. also, inquires as to whether the watch isn’t working. Arto says no. Imlie panics figuring her supervisor would chide her for not finishing her task. He stops her and says he previously addressed her manager who additionally requested that she rest. He says he was keeping an eye on her one another assuming she stirred and requests that she rest well at this point. Imlie says she isn’t getting rest now. Atharva asks how will he get her rest. Imlie requests that he sing a bedtime song. He says he can sing a rap melody and fend her off. She says he made her sing a children’s song a day or two ago, presently its his move. Atharva sings a heartfelt tune and makes her rest. Imlie feels good.

Imlie 20 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Next morning, Arpita and Rupali illuminate Chini that they will get her lehanga and venture out from home. Chini calls Anu and illuminates her about it. Anu inquires as to whether she knows what to do. Chini asks until the end of time. She sets Rana chateau ablaze and leaves believing Imlie’s fantasy will consume into remains today. Sundar who is sleeping doesn’t awaken. Atharva brings breakfast for Imlie. Imlie will not have it. Atharva calls his folks in. Imlie asks Devika who is she. Devika says she is furious on her for resting great. Imlie says she is totally fine. Atharva requests that Devika make sense of that she had a shot and not orange pill. Imlie contends that she would rather not rest. Rudra and Devika partake in their nok jhok. Atharva demands them to make sense of Imlie. Rudra says he can’t make sense of very much saved Imlie and orders Imlie to walk just in her room. Devika requests that she have food in some time. Atharva lives with his folks saying he will mind all her fews minutes.

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Imlie calls Sundar figuring Rathores should be occupied. She then calls landline when nobody picks call. Sundar awakens and picks call and is stunned to se fire all over. He thumps entryway and calls Arpita and Rupli. Sundar implodes because of smoke. Imlie gets concerned hearing him hacking and overreacting and runs towards Rathore mansion.

Precap: Imlie with Atharva arrives at Rathore chateau and sends Sundar out with Atharva. She picks Seeta maiya’s venerated image and collapses.

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