Imlie 24 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Imlie Written Update 24 December 2022

Rupali inquires as to whether Atharva told her something. Imlie expresses Atharva interestingly let truth know that he cherishes another person. Arpita asks whom. Imlie says she doesn’t have the foggiest idea and doesn’t have any desire to be aware. Arpita says perhaps she is mixed up, lets call Atharva and clear it. Imlie says its as of now clear and goes to get a proof. Rupali asks Sundar who else it tends to be than Chini. Arpita trusts its not Chini. Imlie gets back with an arm band she found in Atharva’s pocket and says it should be of that young lady. Chini gets back and says its her wristband. Imlie is stunned and inquires as to whether it has a place with her. Chini says OK. Imlie says it tumbled down from Atharva’s pocket, how could it arrive at Atharva. Chini thinks she recently began ascending a stepping stool of extravagance and doesn’t believe Imlie should be familiar with her and Atharva. Imlie asks again how did this wristband arrive at Atharva. Chini says she gave it to Atharva to get it fixed free of charge, inquires as to whether she can’t look for such blessing from her jijaji/BIL. Imlie says she unquestionably can like she scrutinized her. Chini leaves from there.

Written Update Imlie Today Episode

Rupali feels stressed for Imlie. Rupali says Sr Imlie had trained her to talk truth, she will do same at this point. Sundar says Chini was meddling in Athrva and Imlie’s lives, they ought to settle her down soon. Arpita asks god to safeguard Imlie. Sundar says Imlie is Sr Imlie’s girl and knows to knee down her concerns. Rupali trusts Atharva comprehend s Imlie’s worth. Atharva while driving home reviews Imlie facing him. Imlie cries reviewing Atharva addressing somebody over telephone and uncovering that he cherishes her and not Imlie. She says tears are a major part of her life. She supplicates god to keep Atharva blissful and give every one of his distresses to her. Atharva thinks the justification for his bliss was his affection, his hookline, without whom his music is deficient. He assumes he was confounded how to acknowledge Chini before everybody, presently Imlie is familiar with him and Chini and left her, even Chini left her, presently everything is clear.Atharva joins famil for breakfast and address Keya as Imlie accidentally. Keya says he didn’t perceive her and sees Imlie all over. Devika quiets down. Rudraasks about Imlie. Keya says Imlie has gone to her parent’s home. Rudra says she didn’t meet her. Devika cautions him to call Imlie and grumble against him assuming he takes any pressure. Rudra grins and inquires as to whether Atharva is additionally remaining with Imlie. Devika says he retuned in the wake of dropping Imlie. Chini feels cheerful seeing Abhishek’s valuable gifts for her. Imlie strolls to her. Chini asks how can she look with extravagant gifts. Imlie says completely different and says even she needs to change now and requirements Chini’s assistance. Chini asks what does she mean. Imlie requests that she talk assuming there is something in her heart. Chini says there is a certain something and says Imlie ought to quit taking everybody’s concerns on herself and requests that she chill. She discusses Abhishek and requests that she proceed to have some food rather than her cerebrum and allow her to address her Chiku shake/Abhishek.

Imlie 20Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Anu visits Chini. Chini cheerfully shows Abhishek’s given costly gifts. Anu says even Atharva would have given her costly gifts, they would have Imlie’s tears as reward. In any case, chini says Imlie is continuously crying. Anu asks who will get Malini’s payback then. Chini says she will track down her special night objective and leaves from that point. Anu believes if not Chini, she will utilize another person to get Malini’s payback from Imlie. Rudra questions Atharva why Imlie went out of nowhere. Atharva says he doesn’t have the foggiest idea. Rudra asks what does he mean. Atharva says everybody things he would rather do nothing, he needs to on the off chance that he gets some time. He passes on while Rudra attempts to stop him. Devika asks what occurred. Rudra says something has occurred among Atharva and Imlie without a doubt. Devika says its great on the off chance that couple battle, they will accommodate and draw all the more nearer. Rudra says he can’t keep calm seeing his DIL venturing out from home and asks god to give a soul to Atharva and allow him to understand the worth of Imlie.

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Atharva gets back to his room and gets Anu’s call. Anu says Chini is honest and is arranging her future with another person, however she didn’t anticipate that Atharva should surrender with such ease as battles happen where there is love. Atharva says he battled with his dad and his still, small voice by not uncovering truth to Imlie, Chini says she didn’t battle however said a final farewell to him. Anu says he ought to fix up with her. Atharva says Imlie figures he didn’t give her what she needed. Anu expresses do as he says in the event that he needs Chini back in his life. Atharva concurs. Anu figures she will utilize Atharva to get her payback from Imlie.

Precap: Imlie sees Chini embracing Atharva, isolates them, slaps Chini, and tells her that never figured Chini would take her better half like she used to take her toys in adolescence. She asks them for what reason did they deceive her.

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