Imlie 4 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Imlie Written Update 4 february 2023

Imlie doesn’t get rest stressed for Atharva and goes on a walk. She sees smoke exuding from Atharva’s room. Atharva feels suffocated and creeps down the bed calling Imlie. Imlie surges in and salvages him. He embraces her firmly. Imlie inquires as to whether he is feeling fine now He says with her entrance, he is feeling fine. Imlie offers him water and asks how did this occur. He says he doesn’t have any idea. She sees radiator consuming, turns off it, and reviews Shivani proposing Chini to keep a container of water in a warmer space for humidification. Imlie goes about as having cold and hack and tells Anu over telephone that she will effectively trick Arto and Imlie with her acting and demonstrate her phony love for Atharva and cause them to feel remorseful that she gifted radiator to Arto and herself got bug. Anu asks her to avoid that stupid demonstration. Chini says she knows how to trick them.

Written Update Imlie Today Episode

Imlie enters and says she can’t trick her any longer and gives her a tight slap. Chini yells how dare she is to slap her. Imlie says she committed an error by believing her, she is Imlie’s little girl Imlie who follows her mom’s standards and indiscriminately believes everybody, she thought Chini genuinely cherishes Arto and failed to remember that Chini can never show signs of change, Chini fixed radiator in Arto’s room without playing it safe, Arto would have passed on because of suffocation today. Chini attempts to misdirect her once more. Imlie says she won’t succumb to her fake tears and difficulties to safeguard Atharva from her. Chini challenges that Atharva is adjusted to his hookline and regardless of whether he discovers that she is behind his riches, he won’t leave her. Imlie challenges her that she will get Arto out of Chini’s grasp and leaves room.Imlie gets back to Atharva with water and bites. Arto goes about as hacking and afterward chuckles and says at whatever point he is in a difficult situation, he generally finds Imlie supporting him and is exceptionally unique for him. Imlie says they are companions. Atharva requests that she guarantee that she won’t ever leave him. Imlie reviews Chini’s test that After will get back to her even in the wake of realizing that she is behind Arto’s cash; says generally. Atharva asks god to keep him generally in a difficult situation so Imlie is dependably with him; he vows to be next to Imlie generally. Next morning, Imlie strolls to Rudra and apologizes him for not trusting him that Chini could never show signs of change and is simply behind Atharva’s abundance. She sobs for aimlessly confiding in Chini. Rudra says its a simple way for her now from hereon as she understood Chini’s goals and presently she ought to do anything her heart says and shield Atharva from Chini.

Imlie 4 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Chini strolls to Atharva’s room. Atharva asks what happened now. Chini says she was missing him and thus came to converse with him, inquires as to whether they can go for a film. Arto says he isn’t feeling great after the previous evening’s occasion. Chini cries that she didn’t realize radiator would glitch, she would have put her life in extreme danger and saved him assuming she had some significant awareness of it. She demands Atharva for a film. He concurs. She figures she will grab Atharva from Imlie directly in front of her. Arto strolls down looking this versatile and illuminates Devika that he is going out. Ripu sntaches his portable and finds him booking 2 film tickets and illuminates family that bhaiya is going on a film date with bhabhi. Devika says Imlie went to office. Chini strolls down prepared. Rupali asks where is she going. Chini says she is going for shopping with Abhishek. Rudra strolls to Atharva and requests that he drop to his client’s place. Chini says Arto will drop her to a shopping center. Rudra says there is no shopping center on the way, so Chini can book a taxi. Chini messages Arto that they will meet at a film theater.

Imlie Latest Spoiler Alerts 4 february 2023

In vehicle, Rudra peruses a message on reflect that items are nearer than they show up and proposes him to take a gander at the articles nearer to him cautiously and not lose them. He escapes vehicle getting some information about his idea. Atharva hangs tight for Chini at a cinema and figures she should have not tracked down a taxi. He considers calling Imlie however at that point figures she will get upset. He gets into theater and finds Imlie sitting in Chini’s seat.

Precap: Theater supervisor lets Atharva and Imlie know that somebody grumbled against them of romancing openly place. Watches attempt to pull Imlie away. Atharva battles with them.

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