Imlie 5 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Imlie Written Update 5 December 2022

Imlie slips while strolling in wilderness with Atharva towards Chini’s psychological refuge. Atharva holds her. Their eyes lock. Atharva says she has hyper-extended her yet keeps on strolling. Imlie says they ought to arrive at Chini soon. Atharva says she gives significance to everybody with the exception of herself. He lifts her and strolls while she sees his face. Her mangalsutra stalls out in his shirt button. He then causes her to sit and attempts to free it, says he really wants to break it. Imlie stops him and says her mangalsutra is her life and she will allow it to break till her final gasp. Atharva thinks he needs to break their relationship and trust and she is stressed over mangalsutra. Imlie liberates her mangalsutra and says she liberated it. They notice a truck close by, Atharva strolls again lifting Imlie.

Written Update Imlie Today Episode

Imlie makes ruin at the psychological refuge, secures herself in a store room, and compromises specialist to confront the ramification for supporting Rudra. Specialist calls Rudra and illuminates that Chini has destroyed devastation the psychological shelter and is inciting different patients. Keya calls Chini and illuminates that Imlie and Atharva have left for the middle, yet Rudra got them stuck halfway. Chini fools focus staff once more, calls Anu, and looks for help. An insight about a hijacker pack grabbing guiltless children plays on TV.Imlie and Atharva arrive at fold and don’t track down anybody there. Imlie hears kids crying inside a stunt and open its entryway. Kids cry and argue them to save them. The two of them getinto truck and discover that thugs seized them. Atharva attempts to consider police and tracks down no organization in his portable. He says he will drive truck and arrive at police headquarters. Kids embraces him and cry. Imlie says she will drive truck and gets into driver’s seat. Hooligans return drinking liquor. Atharva and Imlie get strained. Hooligans hear kids crying and open tgruck entryway to check. Atharva takes cover behind animation. Hooligan head toward’s driver’s seat and finds the entryway locked. Imlie’s portable rings. Thugs notice her and picking weapons head towards kids. Kids argue Atharva to save them and doesn’t let him go.

Imlie Today’s Episode Online

Atharva battles with thugs. Another hooligan undermines Imlie to prepare to kick the bucket. Imlie drives truck away. Hooligans follow them and stand tired. Kids acclaim Imlie’s valiance. Hijacker’s supervisor stops Imlie’s truck and penetrates it with a bullet.

Imlie Latest Spoiler Alerts 5 December 2022

Precap: Thugs attach Atharva to a truck and compromise Imlie to drive a truck.

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