Imlie 6 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode 9 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Imlie 6 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Written Update 9 february 2023

Chini grabs mehandi cone from Imlie and expresses as per custom, just lady and wedded ladies apply mehandi, and since Imlie doesn’t remain with Atharva in a real sense like a couple, she can’t have any significant bearing mehandi. Imlie requests that she quit trusting old customs and partake in the occasions. Keya says she is offending their custom. Imlie inquires as to whether she understands what custom means in Hindi. Keya stands dumbfounded. Imlie says its parampara which is made to spread joy, mehandi doesn’t separate between people, whether its applied on a little girl or father or any other individual. Everybody grin and commendation Imlie. Medhandi specialist says Imlie si right, she will apply most lovely plans on her hand. Rupali says she is glad for her. Imlie demands and applies mehandi on Shivani’s hand. Shivani favors her for the first time.

Written Update Imlie 6 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Today Episode

Chini gets desirous seeing that and advises Anu that she knows to deal with Imlie. Imlie applies mehandi on her hand. Chini grabs cone from her again saying she isn’t a suhagan. She asks mehandi originator to think of her sweetheart’s name in hindi and taking a gander at Atharva says A.. Another Mehandi architect composes Atharva’s name on Imlie’s hand and says she realizes she is Atharva’s significant other. Arpita says Imlie and Atharva are her #1 few, the two of them are entirely delightful. Imlie gets close to home seeing Atharva’s name on her hand. Chini vapor seeing Abhishek’s name on her hand and attempts to wipe it. Atharva inquires as to whether anything is off-base. Chini says spelling is off-base. Abhishek checks and says its perfect.Atharva sees Imlie’s tears and tells her that she can clear off his name. Imlie says its OK as according to custom, spouse’s name is composed available, she is blissful thinking of her companion’s name. Atharva says she is breaking every one of the ceremonies today and wirtes Imlie’s name on his hand. Dheeme Dil Dhadke.. tune lays behind the scenes. Chini gets desirous seeing that. After some time, Chini visits Imlie and inquires as to for what reason didn’t she clear off Arto’s name on her hand. Imlie says Arto is her companion. Chini inquires as to for what reason don’t she spare Arto, she actually cherishes Arto in lieu of kinship. Imlie stands quiet. Chini demands her to acknowledge truth and asks when did she become Arto’s companion. Arto pays attention to them. Chini denounces Imlie that she needs to remain with Arto in lieu of assisting him with continuing on. She demands to answer on the off chance that she adores Arto or not. Imlie says no.

Imlie 9 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Atharva thinks for what reason is he feeling astounded when Imlie doesn’t adore him and leaves feeling broke. Imlie says she doesn’t with the exception of adoration from Atharva and knows egotistical Chini doesn’t cherish anybody and can annihilate anybody for her joy. She cautions Chini that she considers Rana family as her family and won’t allow Chini’s stink eyes to fall on them. Chini stands smoldering. After some time, Imlie takes a gander at her mehandi and thnks she needs to delete Atharva’s name from her heart, yet can’t. She believes she cherishes Atharva such a lot of that has turned into a weight on her, she can’t worry about such a lot of concern, and so on. She thinks there is just a single method for shutting down this a proceeds with her weighty dialogues.

Imlie 6 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Latest Spoiler Alerts 9 february 2023

Precap: Imlie advises Atharva that now is the right time to disappear from his life for eternity. Chini lets Atharva know that today is her and Abhishek’s wedding, they will isolate perpetually in the event that he doesn’t respond. Atharva takes a gander at them both and thinks he knows what to do.

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