Imlie 9 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode 12 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Imlie 9 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Written Update 12 february 2023

Chini extorts Atharva to acknowledge their relationship and wed her or, more than likely she will end it all. Atharva strolls to Rudra in shock. Rudra says they never had a welcoming relationship to offer him guidance, however a child is a dad’s fantasy. Atharva says he is in a dillam. Rudra says he ought to have trust on himself and has a decision between 2 way, he ought to figure what will he get by acquiring it yet would it be a good idea for it in the event that he can blissful losing it, and in the event that horrible one is more excruciating for him than acquiring the other, that is the most ideal decision for him. Chini prepares as lady of the hour and lets Keya and Anu know that she will turn out to be just Atharva’s bride.

Written Update Imlie 9 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Today Episode

Atharva strolls to Imlie’s space to address her and tracks down her gathering her bag. Imlie says she is going out. Atharva inquires as to whether she truly going. Imlie says Rudra’s wellbeing has recuperated now, whom will she stay here for the time being. He says for her. She says she needs to zero in on her work, life, and herself. Atharva demands her to remain back for a few additional days. Imlie demands him not to stop her and gives commitment of their fellowship, figures she can’t go always assuming that she remains back today. Atharva strolls behind her. Chini stops him. Atharva stands restless considering her to be lady of the hour. Chini says baraat has arrived at their entryway, she will porch, he ought to take a choice or probably think about it as her last farewell. He remains in a quandary seeing Imlie going down and Chini up to porch and supplicates god for help. He reviews Rudra’s recommendation and envisions Chini holding his one hand and going far away in dim and afterward Imlie holding his hand and going far away in light. He thanks god and says he knows where to go now.Atharva strolls to Chini. Imlie feels frustrated. Chini feels glad that Arto got back to her and says he ventured out, she will uphold him in each step from hereon. Keya and Anu smile seeing that and talk about that their arrangement is fruitful. Anu insults crying Imlie that she ought to leave as opposed to remaining in torment here. Abhishek’s associate takes marks on cause papers. Imlie gets some information about Chini. Anu says with her man of the hour and insults her that she is a worker’s little girl and ought to look through herself. Atharva attempts to talk, yet Chini faculties he needs to tell something different and doesn’t allow him to talk. She embraces him firmly and requests that he unwind. That’s what imlie sees and reviews Chini’s test. Atharva requests that Chini leave. Chini says its OK as its simply Imlie. Imlie lets Atharva know that she had some beam of trust which is gone now, she was a nitwit to feel that things can change between them once more, however has lost trust now.

Imlie 12 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Chini requests that she give her talk elsewhere. Imlie liberates Atharva’s hand and says she implied it for Chini who won’t ever stop her messy deceives and won’t ever change. Atharva expresses out loud anything that she saw isn’t accurate. Imlie asks when will he discover that she confides in him totally. Chini cautions her to quit meddling between 2 sweethearts. Imlie requests that Atharva talk his heart out and makes things clear for once and leaves them. Chini tells Arto that Imlie probably conditioned him. Atharva says Imlie lacks the capacity to deal with this rubbish and cautions her to quit discussing Imlie. Chini says they were blissful before Imlie’s entrance. Atharva says Chini was blissful and not Imlie; he doesn’t adore Chini. He says he went with 3 choice, first he won’t deceive his family, second he won’t be a guilty party of Abhishek and his family, and third he doesn’t cherish Chini any longer. Chini says this isn’t correct. Atharva says he has no good excuse to lie. Chini says Imlie probably indoctrinated him against her. Atharva requests that she unwind as her words have neither rhyme nor reason. Chini says now Imlie is his number one and he can’t stand her. Atharva says he doesn’t can’t stand her. chini inquires as to whether he adores Imlie then?

Imlie 9 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Latest Spoiler Alerts 12 february 2023

Precap: Imlie leaves with her sack. Atharva demands Imlie to remain back. Rudra says Chini will remain here until the end of time. Imlie leaves.

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