Kumkum Bhagya 12 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 12 December 2022

The Episode begins with Rhea saying ‘sorry’ to Aaliya subsequent to undermining her. Aaliya inquires as to whether vehicle is fixed. Aryan says no, it ought to be taken to technician, says today is awful. She tosses stone at the sky and expresses out loud whatever do you need? She says simply downpour is remaining and requests that God shower weighty downpour and asks what are you sitting tight for. She sees a bicycle rider and requests that Aryan stop him. She lets the person know that she is unwell and requests that he take him to medical clinic. She sits on the secondary lounge. Aaliya requests that she call her subsequent to arriving at emergency clinic. Senior specialist comes there and really takes a look at Ranbir. Prachi appeals to God for her Ranbir. Rhea arrives at clinic and gets some information about Ranbir. She says she is his significant other. Nurture asks her not to lie as his significant other is with him. Prachi checks out at Ranbir and cries. She reviews their minutes, and a fb is shown. Ranbir lets Prachi know that she accomplishes such a great deal chik, he will leave hearing her chikchik. Prachi says why this has happened.

Written Update Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode

Rhea chides the attendant and affronts her. She says I will look through the room myself. The attendant attempts to stop her. The safety officers come there to stop Prachi. Rhea says I will sue you, and the damn clinic. The medical attendant comes to Prachi and requests that she accompany her. Prachi asks what was the deal? The medical caretaker says an insane woman has come and her franticness will quit seeing you. Prachi goes with her and sees Rhea. Rhea requests that Prachi let them know that she is Ranbir’s significant other. Prachi says let her see Ranbir, she is family. Nurture says we just permit the nearby relative. Rhea says I’m Rhea Ranbir Kohli and requests that Prachi come clean with all. She says Ranbir is in this condition as a result of you. She says you said that you are heading off to some place, yet headed off to some place else. She faults Prachi and requests that she let them know that she is Ranbir Kohli’s significant other. Prachi says no, you are not Ranbir’s significant other, but rather I’m his better half. He is my significant other. Rhea inquires as to whether Ranbir is your significant other then whose mangalsutra I’m wearing.Prachi says I don’t have the foggiest idea what you are wearing, yet the thing I’m wearing is mangalsutra which Ranbir made me wear it, and tells that every one of the globules are his commitments and in the midst of the issues, we are together. She says this is mangasultra and not design adornments. She says it is worn for spouse’s long life and it is taken out when own’s life is finished. Rhea says on the off chance that Ranbir is your significant other, for what reason did he leave you and why he wedded you. Prachi expresses because of defenselessness, as you have extorted him that you will end it all. She says don’t think his weakness as his joy. She says I was extremely furious with him, and figured the reason why he didn’t ponder me even once. She says my heart realized that there will be a purpose for it and I was the explanation. She says Ranbir used to cherished me a ton and can’t see anything connected with me hurt, and that is the reason hitched you, yet our connection will go on and on forever for what it’s worth of 7 births. She says some time ago Ranbir used to hate to hear your name. She says she looked through her and arrived at Bangalore, and saw her wedding Sid. She says I thought you have changed, yet you are same. She says you are stressed over your conjugal status and not really for him. She says Prachi and Ranbir will constantly be associated and he will continuously be my significant other. She lets Attendant know that Rhea isn’t Ranbir’s wife.

Kumkum Bhagya 7Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

r54DDDDPrachi leaves there. Rhea says I’m having Ranbir’s child in my belly. He doesn’t cherish you and you likewise don’t adore him, else you would have been pregnant with his child and not Sid’s kid. She lets everybody know that Prachi is pregnant with Sid’s youngster. She says Ranbir realized about one or the other’s the reason believed her should wed Sid. She says how might you be become pregnant with somebody’s kid when you are Ranbir’s significant other. She says even a pr*stitute don’t do this. Prachi returns irately and slaps Rhea hard. She takes a gander at Rhea and tells that her mangalsutra and her child are both unadulterated, and asks her not to take its name with her grimy mouth. Rhea picks a pot to hit Prachi, when Dida comes and holds the pot. She asks her to avoid this once more. Pallavi and Aaliya come there.

Kumkum Bhagya Latest Spoiler Alerts 12 December 2022

Prachi returns to the OT and tells that Specialist is by all accounts assuage, all will be great. Specialist signs her that he is fine. Prachi grins. Rhea whines to Pallavi that Prachi offended her and said to such an extent. She tells that she raised finger on my pregnancy. Vikram requests that she stop it. Rhea says Prachi said that Ranbir isn’t my significant other, yet her better half. She says all the staff are talking like her. She says this assistant told that main close family can meet. She asks who am I? She says Prachi told me so much and I was simply hearing. She says she made the show. Assistant tells that Prachi sat idle, however Rhea did the show. Rhea holds her hand and contorts her hand. Secretary says she will whine about her. Vikram requests that Secretary comprehend and says she isn’t in a quiet outlook. Vikram gets some information about Ranbir. Rhea says she has barely any familiarity with her. Aryan says we have come here for Ranbir and not so much for you. Rhea yells at him. Assistant says she will grumble about her. Aaliya requests that she apologize. Rhea says sorry. Pallavi inquires as to whether they were with Ranbir when Ranbir was shot. Sid thinks Pallavi is unwell and thinks about Aaliya’s statement. He concocts a story that he called Ranbir for help after his vehicle halted on the way. At the point when Ranbir came and they were leaving, the shootout between two groups were occurring and Ranbir had chance. Vikram goes to see Ranbir with others.

Pallavi hears Medical attendant let Secretary know that Ranbir’s heart beat had halted totally, however when his better half requested that specialist let her hold his hand and that he will be fine. She says she held his hand and his heart begins pulsating once more. Pallavi thinks everything happens as a result of her.

Precap: Prachi petitions God and says why Ranbir? he came to save me, presently kindly save him. Ranbir is getting operated.

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