Kumkum Bhagya 27 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 27 December 2022

The Episode begins with Dida inquiring as to whether he would rather not do this marriage. Sid says he would rather not get hitched to anybody. Dida requests that he get a glass of water. Sid says alright. Aryan tells that specialist’s number is erased. Vikram inquires as to whether anybody saw my telephone. Pallavi asks where could your telephone be? Aryan tracks down his telephone and gives it to Vikram. Rhea and Ranbir return. Rhea inquires as to why all of you are standing, and asks where is Sid. She inquires as to why the marriage is halted? Prachi says Dida is unwell. Pallavi says she got coronary failure. Ranbir asks where could Dida be? Vikram says she is in her room. Rhea inquires as to why you halted the marriage, you ought to have proceeded with it. Pallavi asks what’s up with you, no one got sniffled here, Dida got cardiovascular failure. Prachi says she can hardly stand by and will take a brief trip and see Dida. Aaliya attempts to stop her. Prachi goes. Pallavi inquires as to whether Specialist number is associated. Vikram says no. Shahana crashes into Aaliya purposefully and afterward says sorry. Aaliya says you do this purposely. Ranbir goes to Dida’s room. Dida is as yet acting and requests that Ranbir stop the marriage. She says she is feeling a lot of aggravation. Ranbir says it isn’t in that frame of mind to stop this marriage. Did requests that he stop Prachi. Rhea goes behind Prachi and requests that she stop, takes her to side. Sid requests that Dida tell truth to Ranbir. Ranbir says Dida isn’t feeling torment, you need to say that she is acting and says since you conceal things, that doesn’t imply that others do likewise. He takes Sid to other room. Dida asks them to listen.

Written Update Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode

Rhea says you are wedding Sid, however is romancing with your brother by marriage. Prachi asks her not to cross her cutoff points. Rhea says you realize that Ranbir and I are hitched, then additionally you went out and came here. She says you are looking through reasons to stop this marriage. Prachi says Dida is unwell and you are thinking this. Rhea says she will figure this until she will attempt. Prachi says she dont need to battle with her. Rhea says at whatever point something new or energizing will occur in my life, you follow through with something. Prachi says she wants to take a brief trip and see Dida. Rhea says don;t stress over anybody, and ponder just Sid. She requests that she get hitched and leave. Prachi says I need to say that don’t show your face once more. She says I’m not childish like you and says in the event that Dida could not have possibly been unwell, then, at that point, I would have pushed you out from the house. Rhe says you will push me out. She pushes Prachi and she tumbles down. Prachi holds her belly and gets up. Rhea giggles. Prachi says you didn’t simply hurt me yet additionally my child. She says how might you be inhumane when you are pregnant, that implies you are not pregnant. Dida requests that Ranbir tune in. Ranbir takes Sid to room and slaps him, faulting him for Dida’s condition. He says since you came in my life, you demolished it. He says you have sight on Prachi from day 1. He says I never felt that my sibling my eye his bhabhi. He beats him. Sid expresses pay attention to me once. Dida says don’t battle. She remembers to proceed to tell Vikram. Sid lets Ranbir know that he had no terrible sight on Prachi, and whatever is going on is a show. He says he never needed to wed Prachi. Prachi lets Rhea know that she came to be aware of reality and was far fetched on her. Rhea says you are expressing because of the uncertainty. She inquires as to whether you have any confirmations. Prachi says you will yourself confirmation. She says I don’t have the foggiest idea how to scheme like you and says I’m only 2 mins senior than you. She says I have done what’s necessary of sister’s privileges, and presently its the ideal opportunity for sautan dharm. She says no lady will remain with her sautan, this is my home and I will remain here. Rhea says wow Prachi, you are messing around with me. Rhea says I finished the DNA test, and it requires investment for the report to come, yet you lack the opportunity. She says I had perceived your game to stop this marriage, yet it won’t work out. She says you said that you didn’t have any idea how to contrive and says I did that. Prachi says everybody will see reality one day. Rhea says I don’t have months , however you don’t have hours. She says I will change the report like changing your predetermination. Prachi says you are improper to have sold out everybody, you knows well the amount Mummy loves you and you are playing with everybody’s feelings. Rhea says she will appreciate most extreme seeing this. She says my godh bharayi had occurred, when I don’t have anything in my belly, somebody was favoring me and giving me gift, I delighted in from the beginning, however at that point I felt exhausting and don’t see the reason why doesn’t the family comprehend, I don’t need child and simply needs Ranbir. She says I get drained. She says I’m feeling quite a bit better that you realize that I am not pregnant and says when you realize that I am not pregnant, I came to know something. She says you knows where is Mihika?Prachi is stunned. Rhea says even God should be stunned and says you made group with Sid, else could never have concurred for marriage. She says I didnt think this previously, else could not have possibly played this game. She says beforehand one individual was working for me, and presently two will work, and the marriage will occur in maximum speed. She says gives up, and says marriage mahurat is finishing. She grins and goes.

Kumkum Bhagya 22Nd December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Ranbir says I recollect that you need to wed Prachi. Sid says this isn’t truth, I was vulnerable to consent to wed Prachi. He says Aaliya and Rhea have captured Mihika. Ranbir asks the amount you will lie? Sid says I will call Aaliya? he calls her, yet she doesn’t pick the call. Ranbir says how might you put fault on others to substantiate yourself right and says you are misrepresentation. Sid gets Aaliya’s call and shows Ranbir. He says I need to clear everything today, and says you are my sibling and I regard your affection for Prachi. He says they have been extorting me and taking steps to kill Mihika. He says I was gone after when I came from Bangalore. Ranbir doesn’t completely accept that him and gets out whatever is an ideal justification behind them to go after you. Sid says they couldn’t kill me, and that is the reason hijacked Mihika. He says they have kept her prisoner some place. He says Aaliya will call in the future. Aaliya calls Sid and requests that he go to porch, as she don’t believe anybody should hear them. Sid says alright, I will go to patio and closures the call. Ranbir says it doesn’t make your statement. He takes him with him.

Kumkum Bhagya Latest Spoiler Alerts 27 December 2022

Dida comes to Vikram and Pallavi and tells that Ranbir and Sid are battling. They inquire as to why you came here. Pallavi faults Prachi for this. Aryan requests that they figure out Ranbir’s sentiments. Prachi requests that Dida unwind and says you are unwell. Dida says I’m fine, I could not have possibly acted assuming Pallavi has taken this choice of marriage.

Precap: Ranbir lets Sid know that their reality will come infront of everybody. Prachi requests that Ranbir what say. Ranbir says truth, because of which they are isolating, you, me and our child.

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