Kumkum Bhagya 27 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 27 January 2023

The Episode begins with Ranbir checking the bangle size and purchasing red bangle. Prachi inquires as to whether she loved the red bangles. The young lady says Bauji said that he will bring it. Prachi says let him bring what he needs, he is late. She inquires as to whether you like my decision. Ranbir requests that the retailer show something to wear on neck. He enjoys the chain and says I know her decision well, and she will bounce with satisfaction seeing it. The young lady tells Prachi that Bau ji won’t generally approve of the sparkle. Prachi says he is a kid and tells that he will figure out that I know you more than him. The retailer lets Ranbir know that no one knows so well than you, and says many dads come here, yet get befuddled while choosing things. Ranbir says really‚Ķ Another sales rep tumbles down. Ranbir gets Pallavi’s call and says he has brought and says she will look great. He requests that she prepare everything. The sales rep says the young lady is fortunate who got such a father.

Written Update Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode

The young lady with Prachi tells her that Daddy won’t care for it. Prachi says let Father know that you look wonderful wearing it and says your Daddy will acknowledge rout and will say that your decision is ideal. Ranbir says my decision is ideal. Dadi’s sister comes there and tells that you was same like her, when you was little, Pragya had showed me collection. Shahana comes there and requests that Prachi make prasad halwa. Prachi requests that the young lady go with Maasi and asks her not to go with her Bauji without meeting her. Shahana takes the young lady with her. Prachi goes to make prasad. The young lady inquires as to whether the eye shadow and copper become flushed is great. Shahana says it is great. Ranbir asks the young lady who has applied this eye shadow and blush. Pallavi comes there and says she is solid, let it be. Ranbir says she isn’t looking delightful. He clears the additional make up off of the young lady’s face.Mauli’s dad lets Prachi know that he could do without her make up. Prachi says I cause her to prepare consistently since she was 1 year, and requests that he let her be. Dadi lets Mauli’s dad know that Prachi sees her girl in Mauli.

Kumkum Bhagya 27 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Pallavi says once she wears the dress brought by you, she will look all the more great. Dida takes her to change the garments. Pallavi says you sees your girl in Radha. He says OK, and tells that Radha was brought into the world around the same time as Panchi, tenth Monday. Pallavi asks truly. He says OK. She says Bhairav is required. A kid comes there. Ranbir does the kanya pujan/kanjak puja while Prachi does likewise in her home. Prachi requests that the children finish prasad quick. Shahana says Mauli will have food with your hand. Prachi says ofcourse. Mauli requests that she cause her to eat puri. Prachi says my Panchi would have eaten kheer like me and figures my girl would have been like me. She faults Ranbir, and says in the event that Ranbir would have not come there, then I would have get her. Ranbir figures his little girl could not have possibly eaten sweet first, and figures he would have made her well used red dress. He thinks Aaliya slipping and the child falling in the waterway. He requested that Prachi leave, as she has grabbed his bliss from him. He thinks his little girl isn’t with him due to Prachi. Prachi thinks my little girl isn’t with me, because of Ranbir. Dadi requests that Prachi fail to remember all that and requests that she apply the kajal to the young ladies and furthermore tie mauli. The woman asks the children not to destroy the things. Prachi goes to apply kajal to the young ladies. She supposes on the off chance that my little girl would have been today, her eyes would be like me.

Kumkum Bhagya Latest Spoiler Alerts 27 January 2023

Prachi and Ranbir’s little girl is shown who is wearing the pendant of star and moon in a dark string. She is seen singing in the sanctuary when aarti is going on. She washes up on the Goddess. The woman comes there and pulls her ears, chiding her not to come there. She says I asked you not to come, but rather you came here. The young lady says she was unable to quit hearing knife voice, as though Mata Rani is calling me. The woman says Mata Rani has no work than to call you. She requests that she sell every one of the blossoms at the sign. The young lady strolls barefeet sells the blossoms. The woman figures individuals will feel compassion on her and will purchase blossoms. A woman purchase bloom from her and gives her 100 Rs. The young lady returns to the woman and requests that she take 100 Rs and give 70 Rs. The woman takes 20 Rs, and gives 50 Rs to the woman. The woman chastens her and requests that she keep the excess cash moreover. She goes as the sign starts.

The young lady returns to the woman and says Maayi, you had given me 20 Rs less. The woman says in the event that they take 20 rs every, it is 200 from 10 individuals. The young lady says wrong and says the woman got it blew up with her because of 20 Rs, and won’t buy blossoms once more. The woman inquires as to whether she is from satyavaa family. She asks where she has learnt things like this and requests that she proceed to sell every one of the blossoms. The vehicle stops at the sign. The young lady asks the woman in vehicle to give the change else her mom won’t return the change appropriately. The young lady’s Maayi hears and thinks she is truly from Satyavaan family. She figures her mom should have kicked the bucket while expressing truth due to poverty.

Prachi gets down from the vehicle infront of AK finance organization. Priya, her associate enlightens her concerning the gathering. Prachi says meeting is here and not there, as they need finance and not us. She asks her to avoid botch and be careful.

Episode ends.

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