Kumkum Bhagya 30 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 30 December 2022

The Episode begins with Ranbir requesting that Prachi say and says in the event that you don’t shout out then Rhea will embarrass you more. Prachi requests that what say? Ranbir requests that she say truth, because of which they are isolating, you, me and our child. He tells that since Prachi returned, Rhea figured how to make Prachi leave, and that is the reason she blamed Prachi wrongly and involved Sid for this. He says I’m sorry Rhea, I will uncover you. Rhea says nothing has occurred, so how might you uncover me. She says Prachi is wedding Sid and will leave. Ranbir asks who is getting Prachi wedded to Sid. Rhea says we as a whole, as prachi is conveying Sid’s youngster. He asks who told this? Rhea says Sid told us. Ranbir asks who constrained Sid to say this. Rhea asks him not to redirect the point and inquires as to whether this child isn’t of Sid and you, then who owns this child? She says this child is ill-conceived then and even now.

Written Update Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode

She says don’t have the foggiest idea about whose wrongdoing she is conveying. Ranbir says enough. Prachi says my child isn’t anybody’s transgression, this is love offspring of my significant other and me, and comes clean with that this is which she attempted to conceal through DNA report. Ranbir says this is my child. Rhea says you have incited Ranbir and doing modest stuff, asserting Sid’s child to be of Ranbir. Ranbir says enough and says he will fail to remember that she is a young lady. He lets everybody know that Aaliya and Rhea arranged huge to show my child as Sid’s child, and they captured Mihika and utilized Sid. He says this is their all-inclusive strategy. Rhea says I didn’t design, it was Bujiā€¦ .Pallavi inquires as to whether Ranbir is correct, on the off chance that Rhea and Aaliya have plotted. Ranbir says the child is my youngster and your amazing kid. He says the child is important for our home and vows to Prachi that he will satisfy every one of the commitments made to her. He requests that Aryan call Police and lets Rhea know that today rather than Prachi, she will go to her sasural, prison. Rhea takes the portable from Aryan and tosses it. Ranbir says it is the ideal opportunity for you to go. He calls Police and says a major wrongdoing have occurred here. Rhea gets some information about this and says I’m your most loved bahu. Pallavi slaps Rhea and says I can excuse anything, you shouldn’t have called my Ranbir’s child as wrongdoing. Rhea asks where will I go? Dida expresses get lost. Vikram requests that she go from that point if she would rather not go to prison. Rhea says she won’t go and requests that Aryan guard her. Aryan requests that she leave and says he feels embarrassed about her. Everybody requests that she go. Rhea holds Prachi’s hand and pushes her from the porch and she tumbles down. Ranbir yells Prachi. It ends up being Ranbir’s fantasizing/creative mind. Pallavi asks Ranbir what will he get by venting out outrage on Sid. Rhea thinks she needs to stop this show and professes to be mixed up. Sid murmurs to Ranbir that it is her theatrics, and says he is dubious on the off chance that she is pregnant or not. Pallavi requests that Sid and Prachi go to mandap and says marriage shouldn’t stop. She takes Rhea from there.Ranbir murmurs to Sid that he will proceed to save Mihika, till then, at that point, sit on the mandap. He asks him not to finish the marriage. Sid guarantees that he won’t do this marriage. Ranbir thinks he had set Aaliya’s secret word. He finds her and says she is in Lodging Orchids.

Kumkum Bhagya 26Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Aryan comes infront of Ranbir’s vehicle and requests that he determine what occurred. Ranbir gets down from the vehicle. Aryan asks what is wrong? Ranbir asks will I say reality or not.

Kumkum Bhagya Latest Spoiler Alerts 30 December 2022

Pallavi requests that Prachi truly do clean up of the make up and come ground floor. She gets some information about Ranbir’s displeasure and requests that she make certain of her choice. She then says that she didn’t tell her previously, however today she will tell. She says I can comprehend what is forlornness, when you drew nearer to Sid. She gets some information about her child and carry on with her existence with her child’s dad. She gets some information about her child and not about Ranbir and her. Shahana hears them. Pallavi asks did you comprehend or not? She requests that Shahana bring Prachi ground floor. Shahana says alright. Prachi won’t go to the mandap.

Ranbir tells everything to Aryan. Aryan expresses out loud whatever garbage? Ranbir says I’m not getting payback, your Mother and Sister is involved. He says I simply need to save Mihika. Aryan sits in the vehicle and demands to go. Ranbir requests that he be here and deal with Prachi. Aryan says alright. Ranbir goes. Aryan actually couldn’t accept it.

Prachi lets Shahana know that in the event that she goes to mandap, marriage will occur. Shahana requests that she take off from that point. Prachi says then Mihika’s life will be demolished. Dida attempts to converse with Pallavi about Ranbir and Prachi. Pallavi says this is ideal for them, and says her tongue can be harsh, however has no sharpness for anybody. She says she would rather not hurt anybody and expresses in the event that there was another person, would have tossed Prachi out, as opposed to contemplating her marriage. Dida says she knows her Pallavi and acclaims her. She requests that she think for 5 mins, that Prachi and Sid’s marriage will not occur. Rhea hears them and calls Aaliya. She asks where could you be? Aaliya says I’m where I will be. She inquires as to whether the marriage is occurring. Rhea says no and says she had enough and says now something will occur, we will either recall something or it slips will’s mind. She says today will be the day of atonement and says in battle, there is either rout or triumph. She says she needs to have everlastingly satisfaction and says I need to see whose predetermination is having it. Prachi says marriage won’t occur. Rhea says something won’t occur which has ever occurred till now. Aaliya says the individual successes who assaults first.

Precap: Shahana lets Prachi that she doesn’t comprehend know she saying. Prachi requests that Shahana sit on the mandap rather than her. Rhea lets Aaliya know that there is another person situated on the mandap. Aaliya requests that she lift the mandap. Ranbir gets back and thinks Mihika is saved, she is saved, however they won’t be saved.

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