Kumkum Bhagya 31 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 31 December 2022

The Episode begins with Shahana asking Prachi what is she telling as she didn’t have any idea. Prachi says I won’t sit on the mandap, as you will sit on my place. Shahana expresses out loud whatever you are saying, I won’t sit on the mandap. Aryan comes there and says Shahana is correct, nothing will happen to Mihika. Prachi asks who told you? Aryan says I heard you both talking. Prachi requests that Shahana comprehend and says she is hitched and pregnant with Ranbir’s child. She requests that she sit on the mandap and says we will try to stop the marriage. She says in the event that on the off chance that your marriage occurs, imagine that you are not wedding an irregular person, yet wedding Sid and he is a hero. Aryan says how might Shahana wed Sid and says she doesn’t see him with that sight. He says she prefers him, yet. He requests that Shahana say assuming she loves Sid. Sid says Prachi is correct and requests that Shahana sit with him. Shahana inquires as to whether the marriage occurs. Sid says it won’t work out. Aryan says I will sit on your place. Sid says he isn’t wearing Sehra. Shahana says on the off chance that the marriage occurs, she will separate from Sid. Aryan says the group is gone to save Mihika. Shahana says she will prepare as the lady of the hour. Sid asks Aryan not to stress and takes him out.

Written Update Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode

Sid and Shahana are situated for the marriage. Aryan requests that Pandit ji make sense of all mantras exhaustively. Prachi and Shahana think he is correct. Sid says we are not in a rush. Pandit ji requests that lady of the hour and lucky man keep their hand on one another’s hands.Ranbir goes to the lodging and believes Aaliya’s area is this. He pushes the entryway and comes inside. The thugs hold Ranbir. Ranbir asks hooligans for what reason they are thugs when they are so attractive. He beats them. The thug gets Ranbir and lets him know that Mihika will not be saved and he will likewise not be saved. They attempt to limit his options. Mihika sees Ranbir and kicks the glass bottle close to Ranbir. Ranbir pushes the hooligans and secures them in the washroom holding the glass bottle. He then, at that point, comes to Mihika and takes her from that point, leaving his telephone there.

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Rhea figures she doesn’t appear to be Prachi, then who is she? Prachi thinks she is dubious, what to do. Aryan is stressed and thinks it appears marriage will work out. Rhea yells and says this marriage can’t occur. Ranbir takes Mihika to the emergency clinic. The specialist surges Mihika inside and asks Ranbir what has befallen her. Ranbir says she was gravely tormented and thrashed by somebody. Specialist says she will be fine and asks who is she? He says she is my sister, thinks she addressed cost for them. He thinks they need to take care of her condition

Kumkum Bhagya Latest Spoiler Alerts 31 December 2022

Rhea lets Pallavi know that this marriage isn’t of Sid and Prachi, as there is another person in the cloak. She tells that she has halted the marriage as it isn’t Prachi. Aaliya inquires as to why the marriage halted, as Rhea finished the test. Aryan asks where did you go? Aaliya says she let him know commonly not to ask seniors. He says I’m asking my mother. He says I realize you love Rhea more than me and can do anything for her. He says he will come clean. Rhea inquires as to whether I’m playing game. Aryan says no, however some way or another you have said yourself. He says in the event that you can uncover somebody then the other individual can uncover you as well. Rhea says I was discussing this marriage as there was another person in the shroud. She says Prachi will wed Sid, yet she isn’t here.

She says we will bear this show for at some point and says Prachi is playing this game and damn liable for this. She says at times she needs Ranbir, and here and there Sid. Sid says Prachi is wedding for your desire and don’t have any idea what dream you have seen and halted the marriage. Rhea faults him for not halting the marriage and requests that he be one lady man. Sid says I was one lady man, yet you. Aaliya requests that Rhea lift the cloak and see who has come. Rhea is going to go, when Aryan attempts to stop her. Rhea lifts the cover and tosses it far. She gets stunned seeing Prachi. Prachi inquires as to why you are stunned, Rhea. Rhea asks when did you come here? Prachi reviews Rhea halting the marriage and yelling that this isn’t Prachi. The havan gets smoky and Prachi replaces Shahana in the mandap. Rhea asks Prachi where could Shahana be? Prachi says enough and says you believed that me should sit and afterward get up. She says you maintain that everybody should insult the family and asks since when you can recognize me with my hands and says you are Rhea and not Ranbir. Pallavi requests that Prachi sit on the mandap once more. Prachi sits and requests that Sid call the group. Sid says he will call. He calls Ranbir. Ranbir says Mihika is protected in the medical clinic, she is saved, however they will not be saved. Sid gets up and says he will be back. Everybody checks him out. Sid figures he will not go out to meet Ranbir and goes inside.

Precap: Ranbir lets Aaliya know that anything she believed is correct, says he came to know it all, her preparation, plotting and grabbing and tormenting. He tells the relatives that they intended to get Sid wed Prachi and for this they got advantageously abducted Mihika.

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