Kumkum Bhagya 4 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 4 January 2023

The Episode begins with Pallavi getting some information about Ranbir sitting on the mandap and not Sid. Aryan, Shahana and dida lift their hands. Dida says she came to realize only some time back. Pallavi says who told you. Rhea says it doesn’t make any difference, this is obviously false and disloyalty and I don’t trust it. Ranbir says you can break Prachi;s ghatbandhan, yet not our connection. He says you can break her varmala yet can’t break our commitments and swears. He says you can break the mangalsutra yet can’t tear the affection association with which we are associated. He says Prachi and my adoration won’t ever get less. He says Prachi has harmed me, however she has bear such a huge amount than me. He says she has shown me love and life, and it doesn’t make any difference on the off chance that she gives me passing moreover. He says when she is close to me, I need to see her. He says I came to realize a whole lot I love her, I was taking breaths, yet I was not living. Aaliya inquires as to for what reason did you let Prachi come to the mandap when you love her to such an extent. Ranbir says I didn’t know that you both have abducted Mihika. Sid and Mihika are in the vehicle while the thugs are behind her. Sid asks her not to stress and tells that the thug isn’t seen. Mihika requests that he take turn around. The thug come infront of Sid’s vehicle while the other fight against eminent loss. They take out Mihika from the vehicle. Mihika yells Bhaiyya. Sid takes out hockey stick from his vehicle and starts beating the hooligans. The hooligans beat Sid. Mihika stirs things up around town with the hockey stick and requests that Sid come. Sid and Mihika take their bicycle keys and getaway in their vehicle. The thug tells other that they will call Aaliya, yet the telephone is broken.

Written Update Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode

Ranbir lets Aaliya know that the explanation is you and Rhea. He requests that she reply. Aaliya says I have no legitimization for your unseemly inquiry. she requests that he keep them out of his fictional universe. Rhea says for what reason will I capture Mihika. Aryan receives a message and signs Ranbir. He is going. Aaliya calls him. He says later. Aaliya says I stay here, when I got time to hijack Mihika. Shahana inquires as to whether you will illuminate us prior to seizing Mihika. Aaliya says I’m not your Buji. Shahana says I realize well, anything that off-base you have done. Aaliya inquires as to whether an untouchable will affront her now. Shahana requests that she see her status and inquires as to whether Bua additionally goes to her niece sasural. Aaliya asks how dare you and lifts her hand on Shahana. Prachi holds Aaliya’s hand halting her and tells that on the off chance that she can overlap her hands to save regard, then, at that point, can hold somebody’s hand to save somebody’s regard. She says you have right to lift hand, yet not when you are off-base. She says Shahana is definitely not a pariah, yet she is my own sister. She says Shahana has shown me how to manage outside world. She says Maa and Shahana had dealt with me. She says she generally remained by me, as she is my sister. She says not many relations are caused without help from anyone else and we to feel glad for it, and she is glad for her connection with Shahana. She says you are harmed me, however not my pride. She says I regarded you generally, yet you never give me even a littlest spot in your heart. She says I need no spot now, you stay with your family and I will remain with my loved ones. Aaliya asks what she needs to demonstrate. Ranbir requests that she reply. Aaliya requests that what reply, I have no response. She requests that Pallavi say something. Pallavi says I’m hearing what is happening here and says in the event that Ranbir is correct? Aaliya says do you believe that I have abducted Mihika? Prachi says we have seen with our eyes, that you was in inn and it’s not possible for anyone to think what was going to occur with Mihika. She says it was truth. Aaliya says she is lying and making stories. Vikram says Prachi is lying and you are apprehensive while declining. Dida says Aaliya will let know if Ranbir is correct. Pallavi says on the off chance that Ranbir is correct, I will be against you, it will be genuinely horrendous for you. Aaliya says there is no reality in this.She says they are making stories. Dida says two additional individuals saw this reality. She says you was found in that lodging where Mihika was hostage. Aaliya says I went to no lodging and says might be she is my carbon copy. Aryan comes there and says it was simply you as it were. He says child can’t get double-crossed by clone. Aaliya requests that he be tranquil and says don’t have the foggiest idea everything story they have said to you. Aryan says he has grown up and will uncover her actual face to everybody, as he is embarrassed about her. Aaliya inquires as to whether you will conflict with your mom. Aryan says you have become quite recently Rhea’s Bua and not my mom. Ranbir calls the thugs. The hooligans come there. Ranbir says they will tell on whose orders, they have grabbed Mihika. The thug tells that they had hijacked Mihika on Aaliya’s expressions. Rhea reviews Mihika’s words. Shahana inquires as to whether she distinguished them. Pallavi inquires as to whether she has given them cash to capture Mihika. Ranbir requests that Aaliya say and says 5 individuals are against you now. Aaliya says somebody is catching me. Ranbir asks who Aryan, me or another person. Aaliya says somebody is attempting to approach me. Vikram says we fail to see what’s going on. Pallavi says we won’t accept it without any problem. Dida says it’s anything but something seemingly insignificant. Ranbir tells that Aaliya and Rhea had captured Mihika and had undermined Sid that they will kill Mihika, on the off chance that he don’t guarantee Prachi’s child to be his and on the off chance that he don’t wed her. He says I requested that Prachi wed Sid and she needed to take off. He says Prachi was compressed for ourselves and constrained her to wed. She says we have bound her feet and requested that she make her ill-conceived child as genuine. He says Sid requested that she wed him, else they will kill Mihika. He says Prachi couldn’t grasp what to do and don’t have any desire to begin her existence with Mihika’s demise, and that is the reason sat on the mandap. He says he stood infront of her and tells that he feels glad for her. He says he has bear enough. Rhea asks what’s going on did we do, you are watching him as though watching a film. She requests that thugs show the agreement and requests that Shahana show a few confirmations, and asks where is the proof. She inquires as to whether I was abducted then the way that I can grabbed others. The hooligan tells that they haven’t hijacked Rhea, only saved her for cash. Aaliya says I met them to give cash to free Rhea. Other hooligan requests that Ranbir call their call really look at rundown, and says Aaliya’s calls subtleties are in it.

Kumkum Bhagya 4 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Precap: Prachi lets Aaliya know that anything I was doing was lawful, however you were unable to bear it. Aaliya says my Rhea was sidelined. Pallavi says might be Aaliya did this because of urgency, as Rhea is pregnant with Ranbir’s kid. Prachi says she has not been pregnant, however has been tricking us. She says it will be demonstrated when her reports are infront of us.


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