Kumkum Bhagya 7 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 7 January 2023

The Episode begins with Prachi expressing gratitude toward Ranbir and says this second is valuable, thank you for coming in my life. She says I’m happy that you are a major part of my life and I’m a major part of your life. Ranbir says I didn’t hear what you said, you said thank you for getting you my life and I heard thank you for tolerating me. He says you said that you are happy that you are a major part of my life and I heard that you are my significant other. Prachi says once in a while I can’t stand you. Ranbir says I heard I love you. She hits him. He says I’m feeling like you are kissing me. Prachi embraces him. Rhea lashes out and disturb seeing them embracing. Ranbir kisses on Prachi’s brow. He says thank you for returning my life once more, and says I got anything I desired. Prachi says I got the world and everything. Once more, they embrace. Rhea is upset.

Written Update Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode

Pallavi says it appears to be all strain is looking through our home location. Vikram says we can do nothing. Dida gets out whatever is occurring, we will allow it to work out. Aaliya figures what to do, to make everything fine. Specialist emerges and gives the report. Dida requests that Pallavi open the report. Aaliya asks pallavi not to open the report and says we know how Prachi is? She could see that we have controlled the report. Specialist says really Rhea… Aaliya stops him and says we will return home. Dida takes the report from Pallavi and they began strolling. Prachi says she needs to place ghee in the diya. Ranbir advises Prachi that he needs to tell her something, which he told commonly. He requests that she continue. Rhea thinks everything that he says to her multiple occasions. Prachi turns and her ghunghat falls on his head. Prachi says I could do without all things considered about me. He says you are thinking something different and says we will say simultaneously. Ranbir says you are extremely lovely on the planet. Prachi likewise says something similar, and says she isn’t delightful. Ranbir says she is wonderful. Prachi says excellence lies according to the viewer. Ranbir acclaims her and says he maintains that her should be infront of his eyes. He requests that she put ghee in the diya and goes.Rhea comes to Prachi and says you can’t be blissful by grabbing somebody’s satisfaction. She says Ranbir isn’t any house, which you have grabbed and placed your nameplate on him to get him. She says he is my most memorable love and my life. Prachi says Ranbir isn’t any house which can be grabbed and he isn’t a gems moreover. She says he is a jewel which was fixed in my ring long back and I got some margin to wear it. Prachi says you got it by cheat, you grabbed Ranbir on our marriage day. Prachi requests that she acknowledge Ranbir and her marriage which happened now itself. She requests that she check her kundali and says he is in kumkum bhagya and kundali bhagya. She says our fate is associated. She says he is in the lines of my palm and on my temple bhagya. She says regardless of whether Ranbir and I needed then additionally we can’t separate. She says how and from where you will isolate us. She says we are like Diya and baati, when we meet, we are light of adoration. Rhea says on the off chance that I can’t separate you, then I won’t let you both unite.

Kumkum Bhagya 7 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Pallavi asks Vikram not to drive the vehicle. She requests that Aaliya drive as Vikram is in pressure. Dida stresses for Ranbir and Prachi. Pallavi says all will be great in their lives. Peon comes and requests that Aaliya sign on the record. Aaliya sits in the car.

Kumkum Bhagya Latest Spoiler Alerts 7 January 2023

Shahana inquires as to whether she needs something. Mihika says she is fine and glad to get back home. Sid says I was concerned in the event that I can save Ranbir-Prachi or Mihika and says he is happy that they are fine and all is entirely great. He says in the event that this thing haven’t occurred then I could never have excused myself.

Aryan comes there and says Mother came. Sid and Shahana request that Mihika rest. Rhea comes to Aaliya and says she called her. Aaliya says I was unable to pick the call. Pallavi says we haven’t opened the report yet. She says to admit then admit, I will attempt to comprehend what is going on and expresses later on, I won’t allow an opportunity to effectively defend herself, I will believe that it was her preparation and expresses approach and say it. She says from that point forward, I won’t accomplish something which ever occurred with a lady. She says I’m the woman of the house and has the obligation to keep the family joined together. She expresses approach and say it presently, its currently or never. She opens the envelope and the reports tumble down. She requests that Ranbir read it. Ranbir understands it. Prachi understands then and gets stunned. Rhea peruses and says it is composed that my child is of Ranbir. She says I’m pregnant with Ranbir’s kid and requests that Aaliya see. Aaliya got the phony report from the peon, claiming to sign. Rhea yells asking Prachi what you need to say. Prachi says I will say that you have accomplished something most likely, Buji. Aaliya halted the approach the way and requests that Vikram and Pallavi push the vehicle. She then requests that Dida get down from the vehicle. At the point when everybody gets down to push the vehicle. Aaliya replaces the phony report with unique report. fb closes. Aaliya helps Pallavi to remember her words.

Pallavi says I recall well. Aaliya says it is demonstrated that Rhea is pregnant with Ranbir’s child. She says Prachi has consistently insulted Rhea and asks how might a lady do this with another lady. Rhea says my own sister informs anything concerning me. She says I did many wrong things, however it isn’t inappropriate to become a mother. She says I believed that it is a cheerful second for me. She says Ranbir generally upholds Prachi. She asks him for what good reason he separate among Prachi and her child. She says you can’t fail to remember this child. She says I’m arguing infront of my mom and requests that she give her equity. She says don’t rebuff a mother, I’m pregnant with Ranbir’s kid and requests that she give her privileges. Pallavi gets close to home. Prachi says enough and says the amount you will lie. She says I saw you having papaya and requesting profound tissue knead. She says you have manipulatesd the examples and reports commonly. She inquires as to how about you feel embarrassed about your untruths and says you are not pregnant. Rhea says she is lying and swears on her child that she isn’t lying. She says on the off chance that I am lying, my child will be conceived dead. Specialist comes there and says no child will kick the bucket with your lie, as there is no child in your belly, you are not pregnant.

Precap: Rhea yells before everybody, this specialist, pregnancy report, everything is obviously false and Prachi isn’t pregnant, me is pregnant. Prachi eliminates her phony belly. Vikram blows up and says, presently you won’t be living here any longer and asks them to leave.

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