Kumkum Bhagya 9 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 9 December 2022

The Episode begins with Prachi requesting that Ranbir converse with her and cries. Ranbir wakes up and says you requested that I talk and you have become quiet. He says you have cried stream of tears, and says on the off chance that you have shed it there, fire would have lit there. Prachi grins and says I get my life seeing your grin. Ranbir says it is wonder, I was shot and you are feeling torment. Prachi says I won’t let you know the explanation, however will battle with you. Shahana lets Prachi know that he is shutting his eyes. Prachi says you can call me yaar, then asks him not to call her yaar, but rather admonish her assuming that he needs. Ranbir asks what do you say, that I can reprimand you. He says you are enormous paltu and says you have changed kaddu and lauki’s name. She says I requested that you get lauki and you brought kaddu. A fb is shown, Ranbir and Prachi squabble about the vegetable which he brought. Prachi says she asked him to lauki and he brought kaddu. She shows him photograph of Lauki and kaddu. Ranbir says you have wrecked my brain. Prachi says we will go to advertise together. He says he won’t go as sabzi mandi individuals would ridicule him. fb closes. Prachi lets Ranbir know that she will drink the juice of anything vegetable he brings, and requests that he get fine for her. Once more, ranbir wakes up and afterward blacks out. Prachi requests that he open his eyes and says you will not rest. She says you are getting payback from me, I will likewise get payback from you, I’m your Chikchiki. She requests that he check her and pat all over out. Ranbir wakes up and says you are getting payback, you have pat all over and I like it. Prachi requests that Sid take them fast.

Written Update Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode

Rhea hydrates and tumbles down unexpectedly. She sees the dispatch fellow oblivious under the table and yells. Pallavi comes there and asks Aaliya for what good reason she is frightened. She says I heard Rhea’s voice and asks what was the deal? She asks where did you both go and when returned, not uttering a word. She calls Rhea. Aaliya calls Rhea as well. Rhea emerges and tells that she has tumbled down. Aaliya sees the messenger fellow acquiring awareness. Pallavi asks Rhea where did you go? Rhea says specialist and says in the event that you had let me know then I could not have possibly taken you to specialist. Aaliya sees the dispatch fellow acquiring cognizance and claims to clear the water off of the floor. Pallavi asks what is she going. Aaliya says she is cleaning the floor and requests that Rhea go. Rhea professes to be bleary eyed and requests that Pallavi drop her to room. Aaliya compromises the messenger fellow and requests that he get up without making any commotion.
She takes him with her.Sid, Prachi and others take Ranbir to emergency clinic. Shahana says call the specialist. Sid tells about Ranbir. The medical attendant says we can’t begin the therapy without illuminating Police. Prachi says he is draining bountifully and says you can’t put my better half’s life in extreme danger because of convention. Nurture says I’m performing my responsibility. Ranbir says nothing will happen to me, don’t battle with her. He says I won’t leave you without any problem. Specialist comes there. Prachi lets Specialist know that attendant said that first they will call Police and afterward start the treatment. Specialist requests that they take Patient to OT and requests that they finish the customs later. They take Ranbir to OT. Nurture requests that Prachi fill the structure. Prachi fills the structure. Nurture asks what is your connection with her. Prachi says I’m his significant other. Shahana and Sid request that she illuminate Pallavi.

Kumkum Bhagya 5Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Aaliya gives cash to the messenger fellow and undermines him, saying anything can occur in your home. She says she knows his location, and she can come at whenever. The messenger fellow leaves.

Kumkum Bhagya Latest Spoiler Alerts 9 December 2022

The thug calls Aaliya and tells that the house is singed completely and Police could compose this in report. He says there is a terrible news as well and tells that we were going to shoot Prachi, when Ranbir came infront of her and had chance. Aaliya asks where? The thug says he don’t be aware as police had come there. Aaliya asks them not to tell Rhea as she will tell her herself. She asks them to hide.

Pallavi takes Rhea to room and requests that she come to her assuming she really wants any assistance. She requests that she rest and says she will converse with her toward the beginning of the day. She gets Prachi’s assemble and inquires as to whether conference is finished, and says on the off chance that you got late, would have called and informed me. She inquires as to why you called, just return home at this point. She calls Prachi. Rhea hears and thinks Prachi is alive. She supposes assuming Ranbir called to tell that Prachi passed on. Pallavi requests that Prachi say. Prachi says Ranbir is shot, he is in city clinic and is basic. Pallavi drops her telephone on the floor. Aaliya comes there. Pallavi says Ranbir is shot and is in city medical clinic. Rhea is stunned and runs out of room. Aaliya goes behind them. Vikram asks Pallavi for what good reason would she say she is crying? Aaliya says Vikram. Pallavi says Ranbir is shot, Prachi called and informed. Vikram says gives up. Pallavi gets woozy and is going to swoon. Vikram requests that Aryan and others go to the clinic and says we will come similarly as Pallavi gets fine. Aaliya says she will call him from that point. Pallavi faults Prachi for this. Vikram asks her to simply appeal to God for Ranbir now. Pallavi says Prachi had gone with Sid, so when Ranbir gone there and how he had chance. She says at whatever point Prachi is with him, something wrong happens to Ranbir. Vikram goes to get her medication. Pallavi says in the event that anything happens to Ranbir, she will toss Prachi out of his child’s life for forever.

The specialists take out the slug from Ranbir’s chest. Prachi takes a gander at Ranbir, as specialist takes out the projectile. Specialist says his heart beat is dropping and they will balance out it. Prachi gets worried.

Precap: Junior Specialist requests that medical caretaker call Specialist and says, let him know patient isn’t answering. Rhea shares with her Bua on the off chance that something happens to Ranbir, recall that I will not pardon you. Prachi’s sister requests that she plunk down and attempt to make it happen yet erroneously, she breaks her mangalsutra.

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