Kundali Bhagya 14 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Kundali Bhagya Written Update 14 January 2023

Preeta asks what is she talking about, Rakhi makes sense of Preeta thinks of her as like her own mom so ought to accept her this time since she is coming clean, everybody is stunned when Rakhi inquires as to whether she recollects when the pandit jee came to their home and saw the Mala on the photograph of Karan, he requested they ought to eliminate it since he is alive, Preeta reviews when the Pandit jee referenced that this Mala is just put on the people who have kicked the bucket and guaranteed Karan is as yet alive, Rakhi inquires as to whether she recalls that he said Karan is as yet alive, she questions for what reason do they not trust her. Mahesh gets some information about however Rakhi answers she is coming clean, Mahesh makes reference to he can comprehend she has seen the collection so is close to home, he attempts to send everybody so they can rest. Rakhi questions how he can say it when she isn’t done, Mahesh indignantly shouts that Karan is dead so she ought to acknowledge it, Rakhi will not acknowledge that Karan has kicked the bucket illuminating he is alive, she makes sense of Arjun is Karan. Yet again she illuminates she felt it when he contacted her, and she embraced him is the point at which she felt that he is Karan, yet she committed an error by not remembering him, she argues them to trust her, referencing Arjun is truly Karan.

Written Update Kundali Bhagya Today Episode

Rakhi inquires as to whether she didn’t in any event, briefly felt that Arjun is Karan, she truly cherished him so was she not ready to perceive, Dadi acknowledges that Arjun safeguarded her from the media, yet this doesn’t mean he is Karan since their child passed on, Rakhi embraces her as she begins crying, the whole Luthra family is likewise tensed.Rakhi by and by asks Bani Dadi, that there were a many individuals there yet only one individual came to help her, since he truly cherishes her inquiring as to whether she recollects how her holding was with Karan so he came to save his Dadi.

Kundali Bhagya 14 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Rkahi then, at that point, races to Kritika inquiring as to whether she recalls the day she was being prodded by the hooligans and an individual came to help her, he was Arjun so she used to say how she felt her sibling returned, did she not feel briefly that Arjun was her sibling. Kritika begins thinking when Arjun clarified for her that a few relations are made by the ceremonies or by their past lives, Karina specifies Rakhi that Arjun is decent individual yet not Karan. Rakhi makes sense of that Arjun in the plane safeguarded their whole family, so did Karina not feel for even a second that he is Karan. Karina answers she never felt it since he isn’t their Karan rather a pleasant individual who is consistently prepared to help them.

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Rakhi gets crippled then goes to Sameer asking I he didn’t feel that Arjun is his sibling, Sameer doesn’t answer, he thinks how Arjun embraced him in the Luthra Manor, Sameer concurs with Rakhi that Arjun is Karan bhai, the whole family is stunned. Rakhi is happy hearing Sameer likewise feels the same.

Arjun enters the Luthra Chateau, he reluctantly removes his safety belt while escaping the vehicle, Arjun is close to home, thinking for what reason is he feeling this house is getting back to him back the affection for his family is pausing, he is feeling as though he would by and by get anything he lost and remain in this equivalent house, Arjun gradually strolls with the bag of Rakhi.

Sameer concurs referencing Arjun is additionally Karan, Mahesh questions in the event that he has flown off the handle. Rakhi asks Mahesh what’s up with him since he is attempting to smother Sameer when he is talking from his heart, she is certain they are not prepared to acknowledge it. Mahesh attempts to prevail upon Rakhi making sense of she is feeling that Arjun is Karan so they all ought to acknowledge it, yet he doesn’t know. Rakhi irately requests an explanation; that’s what mahesh answers in the event that he was Karan, ought to have come to him or even attempted to call her as mother. Rakhi answers that he without a doubt alluded to her as mother in the emergency clinic. Yet again rakhi plunks down addressing why they can’t acknowledge it, Dadi sits referencing she can acknowledge her sentiments however Mahesh demands his mother to not concur with Rakhi as she is simply getting close to home and could fall ill.

Rakhi answers that she is intellectually steady and would agree that it that Arjun is for sure Karan, Karina specifies that she can comprehend Rakhi Bhabhi is personal yet on the off chance that Arjun is to be sure Karan, for what reason caused he attempt to damage Rishab and arranged a mishap. Dadi concurs with Karina making sense of it was demonstrated in the party, Rakhi questions on the off chance that she doesn’t recall what Arjun said in that party.
Rakhi strolls to Preeta, inquiring as to whether she recollects that when she came to the medical clinic the specialists said he was brought at the right second if not a thing might have occurred, she asks who took Rishab to the clinic. Kritika specifies kavya got in peril in view of Arjun yet Rakhi answers it was not the situation, she questions for what reason did Arjun go to the school during the psychological oppressor assault, he simply cherishes Kavya a great deal. Rakhi makes sense of even in the plane, Arjun shielded them from the fear based oppressors and snakes. Rakhi questions everything more might she at any point say to them to cause them to accept that Arjun is a piece of their family, she inquires as to whether they all failed to remember that when Kavya was secured in the protected, nobody knew the secret key and Arjun put it without a second to spare, she specifies he knew it since he is to be sure Karan, Kritika makes sense of Arjun himself referenced Prithvi informed him about it.

Arjun while strolling drops his telephone, he stoops to pick it up.

Rakhi won’t acknowledge that Prithvi told the secret key, she makes reference to he even got terrified in the emergency clinic when they were going to give him an infusion, Karina makes sense of there are a many individuals who are frightened of needles, Rakhi questions Preeta alongside Karina and Kritika what do they say when they are terrified of needles, Mahesh asks what’s the significance here by these inquiries, Rakhi answers that Arjun undermined they would be ship off prison assuming that his courses burst, Dadi and Karina notice Karan used to say it yet Rakhi answers today Arjun said it, Dadi specifies it very well may be an occurrence. Rakhi says she should show them a certain something, Rakhi brings the collection uncovering it contains the photographs from Karan’ youth, she makes sense of she saw a similar skin pigmentation on the hand of Arjun, so how can it be the case. Mahesh snaps the picture. Karina indeed makes sense of a many individuals would have a similar pigmentation, she is certain Rakhi is mixed up yet Rakhi inquire as to whether she is frantic yet Karina demands Mahesh to take her to the room. Mahesh demands her to quiet down any other way everything would be destroyed Rakhi is resolute she is coming clean however they all won’t really accept that her, Preeta is worried.

Precap: Arjun asks everybody what happened is everything okay. Father gets some information about his folks. Arjun is numb, doesn’t answer anything.

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