Kundali Bhagya 2 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Kundali Bhagya Written Update 2 february 2023

Written Update Kundali Bhagya Today Episode

Anjali asks what is the uplifting news, Arjun illuminates that the wedding time has been fixed for the day after tomorrow, Anjali compliments him when he demands in the event that she can request that the fashioner come at the Luthra Manor, Anjali inquires as to why there, he illuminates that he is moving to the Luthra Chateau, Anjali closes the call, she asks Prithvi what is he going to do that would compel Arjun to turn into her, he makes sense of he will ponder the arrangement and tell the truth.Dadi gives the glass to Karina asking Kritika what is happening as she appears to be truly strained, Kritika answers she doesn’t have the foggiest idea why she feels that he is considering hurting their family and would definitely attempt to hurt them, Karina considers how could they at any point respond that would uncover his arrangements and ensure they win from him, Shristhi remaining at the entryway shouts they need to demolish the wedding, she specifies they need to stop it.

Kundali Bhagya 2 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Anjali demands Prithvi to accomplish something since the wedding is soon after two days, Prithvi encourages her to ensure that he doesn’t draw near to the Luthra’s, Anjali asks the way in which it is conceivable when he has chosen to proceed to reside with them in their home, Prithvi is truly stunned making sense of he can’t comprehend Arjun, in any event, when he has managed a ton of unusual individuals. Prithvi plunking down shouts some of the time he gets irate with his activities while different times is glad by it and feels he has done a generally excellent thing. Anjali asks what he will do that would stop this marriage, she uncovers that he would initially counsel her prior to settling on any choice however is currently taking without taking her recommendation and is intending to wed Preeta. Prithvi is shocked.

Kundali Bhagya Latest Spoiler Alerts 2 february 2023

Shristhi tells Dadi they need to help one another and make any arrangement which would stop this marriage, and it ought to be with the end goal that Arjun wouldn’t have the option to hurt them. Kritika concurs they would follow through with something but should cooperate, Karina additionally concurs with her. Dadi asks who might converse with Preeta when Shristhi answers she would chat with her later.

Sherlin makes sense of that Preeta has excellent predetermination since she every one of the pleasant individuals will generally wed her, Prithvi shouts he was the one in particular who couldn’t wed her, Sherlin and Anjali are stunned. He makes sense of he is awesome of individual due to which he is with Sherlin. Prithvi guarantees Anjali that Arjun would just sit with her in the Mandap and not Preeta, she asks what he will do when he illuminates that she ought to have faith in him as he will sort out the arrangement, Anjali is going to leave yet Prithvi quits saying that he will send her the bank details.

Rakhi is looking for the number in the journal, Mahesh goes into the room so she inquires as to whether he has the quantity of Rough who won the honor of the best originator, Mahesh asks for what reason does she need his number when he uncovers he needs to converse with her, Rakhi depends she isn’t keen on chatting with her, he demand her to no less than pay attention to him, Rakhi answers he would agree that she is discouraged and flipped out however she would rather not hear those things, Mahesh leaves the room saying she can do anything she wants, he illuminates he has sent her the number, Rakhi is happy so calls him illuminating she needs to make a transaction.

Arjun enters the kitchen and is going to pick an apple, kavya stops him referencing she enjoys him yet not that much that she will permit him to take her #1 apples. Arjun assists her with sitting on the table, inquiring as to whether she can truly eat such a big apple however he says that they can share it, Kavya picks the blade and he attempts to take it yet Preeta comes to the kitchen, she asks Arjun for what valid reason is he taking the apple from a youngster. Arjun illuminates he simply needed to take the blade, Preeta doesn’t completely accept that him so admonishes him however Kavya illuminates Preeta that she was lying and he simply needed to take the blade. Kavya force Preeta to apologize from Arjun, and afterward even requests that she shake his hands yet Preeta isn’t persuaded anyway concur because of Kavya. Preeta begins getting an unusual inclination, Arjun likewise shouts Kavya has become naughty.

Rishab while going into the room sees Arjun with kavya, and how he is dealing with her, Preeta begins grinning yet Rishab is simply taking a gander at them, and how the two of them are partaking in their time together. Rishab feels profound however at that point grinning turns away.

Rakhi while choosing the gems shouts, she doesn’t have words to communicate her bliss, so seeing Preeta requests that she come inside illuminating she came on the ideal opportunity. Rakhi asks Preeta which adornments would match the dress of her wedding, Rakhi begins showing her the accessories in general, Preeta makes sense of she felt there is compelling reason need to do this all, Rakhi inquires as to why she wouldn’t do it with so much bliss as Preeta will wed Arjun and he is Karan. Rakhi answers the two of them realize he is Karan yet what might be said about every one of the visitors, as they could imagine of them. Rakhi shouts there is compelling reason need to stress over them, when the two of them realize he is Karan and, surprisingly, the fingerprints coordinated, alongside the marks so these are the confirmations that uncover he is Karan. Rakhi illuminates she feels this is what Mata Rani wanted as Preeta and Karan are getting hitched, so what else might she at any point want. Rakhi uncovers she thought Preeta, and Rishab would become a couple yet the two of them stayed like companions and have highest regard for one another, it very well may be on the grounds that the two of them considered Karan, she realizes Preeta missed him a ton yet didn’t uncover her sentiments, but Karan has by and by got back to her life, she simply wants Preeta ought to stay cheerful and Bhagwan generally gets things done to improve things. Mohan paying attention to their discussion leaves.

Preeta supplicates each young lady ought to get a mother by marriage like her, Rakhi answers she is her mom so believes nothing other then should see her happy.

Prithvi is stunned when Mohan illuminates that Arjun is truly Karan as even the fingerprints have coordinated. Sherlin asks what has happened which made him respond this way, Prithvi says he couldn’t actually comprehend what he heard, he says for what reason did they not search into the existence of Arjun. Sherlin requests him to uncover reality, Prithvi questions why they never figured the reason why Arjun would be keen on the Luthra’s and want to work with just them, Sherlin specifies she mulled over everything, Prithvi asks then for what valid reason she not imparted it to him. Sherlin is confounded when Prithvi illuminates that he just figured out that Arjun is Karan, Sherlin shouts it is unimaginable when Prithvi answers he has seen as the verification. Sherlin says that he personally told her that Karan fell into the waterway, Prithvi questions where the poof is the point at which somebody could have saved him, Sherlin says it very well may be an incident, Prithvi uncovers Mohan educated him that the fingerprints regarding Arjun and Karan are a match, and it is unimaginable that two unique individuals have similar fingerprints. Prithvi furiously shouts they can’t allow this union with occur, since it was their longing to destroy the Luthra’s which wouldn’t be imaginable if the two of them get hitched. Prithvi shouts they should stop this marriage and there is just a single individual who can help them, Sherlin asks who is that individual, Prithvi grins gazing at her.

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