Kundali Bhagya 30 November 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Kundali Bhagya Written Update 30 November 2022

Preeta cautions Arjun should avoid those individuals whom she asked him to, he asks what is her take of him as is he a hooligan however truly he is a regarded money manager, she should not raise a ruckus out of this present circumstance since he feels she realizes he can never hurt Kavya, or the whole Luthra family yet she faults him so he doesnot approach her since she feels something at whatever point he is near, yet she doesnot need to feel it so changes the subject, she inquires as to whether he has flown off the handle yet she makes reference to she has lost it. Once more snedha is paying attention to their discussion, Arjun makes sense of the multitude of detestable contemplations become a reality so assuming that she continues to consider it, he could really get it done, Preeta cautions him to recollect what she said and avoid her family, making sense of he is simply here in light of Bhagwan jee, Arjun reviewing the night when he was tossed in the dam says that she is on the right track to say he is here a direct result of Bhagwan in light of the fact that she had investigated every possibility to kill him, Arjun sees Snedha so inquires as to whether she was searching for the restroom, he leaves.

Written Update Kundali Bhagya Today Episode

Preeta asks Snedha that is Arjun like that since she met him, yet Snedha shouts she enjoys him, Preeta thinks about what has gotten into individuals yet Snedha cautions Preeta to avoid him when she answers that has documented a limiting request against Arjun so he avoids her family however and, after its all said and done he actually comes to their loved ones. Snedha leaves irately when Shristhi comes, Preeta doesnot realize what’s going on when Shristhi specifies it is on the grounds that she loves him so couldn’t bear them both talking, Preeta answers she was not talking yet battling with her, Shristhi questions assuming the Kalawa is prepared as Pandit jee is asking, Preeta removes Shristhi with her.Arjun arrives at the corridor when Mahesh sees he is feeling good so requests that he plunk down yet Arjun answers he is fine, Rishab asks what his concern is as he was in any event, rejecting outside yet when he has at last come here to the pooja then should act appropriately. Preeta likewise teaches him to plunk down making sense of that she is just saying since he has been welcome to the pooja so he should plunk down and even leave with the Parshad, Pandit jee requests that both the spouses apply the Sindoor on the temple of their wives, Arjun stops Rishab irately and the two of them begin battling while Arjun is simply requesting that Preeta recollect who he was since he is a similar individual, he at long last makes sense of he is a similar Karan yet she doesnot accept him, he attempts to leave with her anyway she specifies she wouldn’t leave without her better half, Arjun acknowledges it was only a fantasy so figures he can’t remain here any other way it could hurt them all, Dadi attempts to stop him however he leaves making sense of his head is throbbing, Dadi likewise leaves with Snedha when Rishab inquires as to whether she expressed anything to him, she answers she didn’t do anything of the sort.

Kundali Bhagya Today’s Episode Online

Arjun is furiously strolling to the vehicle, he is going to sit in the vehicle yet Dadi stops him making sense of Snedha would drive the vehicle today as he is sick, Arjun rejects making sense of he can’t put his life in extreme danger by allowing Snedha to drive, Dadi guarantees she is a reasonable driver yet Arjun isn’t persuaded, he makes reference to he might in fact extend to her employment opportunity in his organization, Dadi actually figures out how to cause Snedha to sit in the driving seat of the vehicle, Arjun irately sits at the back.

Kundali Bhagya Latest Spoiler Alerts 30 November 2022

Pandit jee playing out the ceremonies of the Pooja, both the couples are following him and he makes sense of when he makes reference to the two of them ought to toss the Samaghri in the Hawan, he presents the Mantar when Shristhi and Sameer can’t toss it appropriately, she questions for what reason is he removing his hand as she can’t reinforce it any longer, he asks what issue does she have as she will in general lash out even at little things, Sameer questions what was it that she need to say in the clinic, she reviews what Preeta di said in the kitchen that they ought to communicate their adoration whenever they get the opportunity, she is going to illuminate when Pandit jee by and by signals them. Preeta while playing out the pooja reviews the minutes enjoyed with Karan and how she was truly blissful, Rishab turns asking her what is wrong yet she answers she is fine, Rishab likewise begins thinking about the minutes enjoyed with Karan and how the two of them were truly close, he supposes in the event that there was a way by which he could bring karan back, would have made it happen, he shouts he realizes Preeta is truly strained any place he is and even she is additionally tensed.

Arjun sitting in the vehicle is pondering what he saw with Preeta and Rishab and how she said she wouldn’t go in the event that he was likewise karan, he is disappointed contemplating what is happening so he requests that Snedha stop the vehicle yet she is stressed and still, at the end of the day he escapes the vehicle so Snedha apologizes referencing he can drive the vehicle yet Arjun shouts he has never attempted to hurt kavya,

The Luthra’s are playing out the pooja when there is an unexpected change in the climate, they don’t realize that the police have shown up at the Luthra Chateau alongside Anjali. They know nothing about the reality, however she comes to remain before the house, Shristhi sees the Akhund Jhot which is going to end so illuminates Preeta, she alongside Rishab race to safeguard it.

The police go into the Luthra house while the whole family is occupied in the pooja, Kritika and Rakhi see Anjali remaining at the entryway so are dazed, they get stunned when the Controller comes getting some information about Rishab, Anjali focuses to him while he is in the Mandir, the reviewer makes sense of they have come here to capture Rishab Luthra, Shristhi questions what he has done, Rakhi likewise asks the equivalent question.

Rishab illuminates them all to quiet down so questions the examiner what he has done, Anjali says they all are acting so honest yet all them are malevolent, she makes sense of believe it or not they all are creatures, Rishab cautions her to not say a solitary word against his family, Preeta likewise questions what is she talking about, Anjali faults that Rishab has attacked her, which stuns the whole Luthra family.

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