Main Hoon Aparajita 12 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Main Hoon Aparajita Written Update 12 December 2022

Scene 1
Go tells Chhavi that I am as yet unchanged person who can give his life for yourself as well as your mother could never permit us to be together. Aparajita stows away and hears all that. Chhavi tells Go dislike that, Maa simply believes us should finish our investigations and afterward get hitched. She cherishes me a great deal and she could never need terrible for me. I ought to get moving. She attempts to leave however Go gets her hand and says I’m insane in affection with you, I see you all over, I need to adore you such a lot of like nobody did previously. Chhavi expresses what might be said about regard? I realize you love me however do you regard our relationship? Do you regard me? In the event that yes then you wouldn’t request that I stay at home and stow away, you would go out and battle for my honor and find the guilty party who made that video viral. My mom didn’t request that I stow away in light of the fact that she accepted I did nothing out of sorts, all things considered, she went out and battled for me. Aparajita is glad to hear that. Chhavi tells Go that I realize you love me however don’t contrast your adoration and my mom’s from here onward. Go irately leaves. Aparajita stows away and expresses gratitude toward God for sending her here, my Chhavi is full grown at this point. She comes to Chhavi and says I came to give Asha’s books. You have made me pleased by returning to the school, simply center around the examinations. Chhavi gestures and leaves.

Written Update Main Hoon Aparajita Today Episode

Disha comes to the bistro, dressed as a s*xy young lady. She meet Go’s companion. She says I need to get a confirmation in the school, he says my companion Go is strong so he will do it for you. Disha says I need to realize about him prior to meeting him. The person holds her hand and says its very loud here, could we at any point go to my vehicle and be somewhat close? Disha lashes out and slaps him. She beats him and says don’t even think about doing that. The person takes off. Disha says I ought to have controlled my annoyance. A young lady comes to her and says I will tell Go’s reality to you.Aparajita meets Dadi and says I saw Chhavi standing firm today, she has become so sure. I am so glad to that. She says I’m considering going on the girls on the outing. She shows the outing leaflet and places it in the mandir, it bursts into flames. Dadi says it’s really smart. Aparajita says kids have been stressed nowadays so I need to invest some loosening up energy with them. I figure you ought to accompany us. Dadi figures she would be stressed for my wellbeing. She says no, I can’t go as I’m not ready to walk nowadays. Aparajita says I will leave tomorrow with the children. I will amaze them. Disha comes there. The controller comes there and says we determined from here that video got leaked.

Main Hoon Aparajita 7Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Anish comes to Mohini and says the police figured out who spilled Chhavi-Go’s video. Mohini gets stressed. He says for what reason did you transfer the video from a digital bistro? what will we do now?

Main Hoon Aparajita Latest Spoiler Alerts 12 December 2022

The monitor carries Aparajita and Disha to a control room of the digital bistro. The assessor requests that the official show them the CCTV film of that day when the video got spilled. They really look at the CCTV lastly see a lady entering the bistro in the CCTV however its not Mohini. They see another man transferring the video. Aparajita says I saw this man in the eatery, he was one of the goon.

The overseer gets the man and carries it to Aparajita. She requests that Aparajita remember him. Aparajita says I saw him in the eatery. The controller asks where did you get the video from? He says we made the video to extort Sunil yet he didn’t pay attention to us so I released the video and made it viral to get payback from Sunil. We attempted to make an embarrassment out of it yet nothing truly occurred between them. Chhavi prevented the person from doing anything with her. I simply needed some cash from this video. Aparajita slaps him.

Anish gets the call and says that person acknowledged to release the video? He gets some information about the thug. Mohini says you figured I could be moronic to do it without anyone’s help? I gave the cash to the person to transfer and make that video viral. She says I was stressed that hooligan could conflict with me yet he needed cash so I utilized cash to talk. Anish says you are brilliant yet that viral video didn’t work. Mohini says Aparajita needs to lose when I get Chhavi-Go wedded. I’m turning into a sure player.

Aparajita yells at the thug that it was my little girl’s honor you played with.

The episode ends.

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