Main Hoon Aparajita 16 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Main Hoon Aparajita Written Update 16 January 2023

Scene 1
Aparajita cries and tells an oblivious Akshay that how might I make you awaken? you were stunned to realize that Chhavi has fits of anxiety since you left us yet on the off chance that you kick the bucket, you understand what will befall Chhavi? you generally ponder yourself, you continue scrutinizing my childhood, reprimanding Disha for continuously being severe however she called you dad today and you didn’t actually hear it. Asha didn’t actually see you in the wake of being conceived however she cherishes you. How might you abandon your children? they love you however it seems as you don’t cherish them. You left me quite a while back since you didn’t cherish me yet you really do adore Mohini right? basically awaken for her then, at that point, she needs to save you as well, you were unable to accompany me yet essentially accompany them. At the point when you left me, I would have rather not worn sindoor of your name however Amma needed it as she suspected it would delay your life. Its Amma’s confidence that on the off chance that I apply sindoor, it will safeguard your life. I need to perceive how right is her confidence. She takes out the sindoor jug and says I will apply it. All look on. Mohini attempts to stop her however Niya holds her back. Aparajita says I will apply this sindoor and check whether you return, in the event that you don’t then Amma’s confidence will break and I won’t have confidence in whatever else any longer. She applies sindoor on her brow and a few falls on Akshay’s hand. Aparajita says see I have applied it, you need to return for Amma’s confidence and life, she will pass on without you. Aparajita begins leaving from that point yet Akshay awakens and mumbles Appu.. all hurry to him. Mohini says you are conscious. Akshay says Appu? Mohini calls Aparajita yet stops herself. Aparajita takes a gander at him from a long way off. He sees every one of his children around and says who am I? all are confounded. Akshay says Appu? all look on. Mohini inquires as to whether he is feeling improved? Akshay pulls Aparajita closer and asks who is this lady? Go comes there as well. Mohini drives Aparajita’s hand away from Akshay and inquires as to whether he is feeling significantly better? you recall me? Mohini. Akshay says OK, I think you came to Chhavi’s birthday celebration yet I don’t recall a lot. Mohini gets out whatever would you say you are saying? The specialist comes there and inquires as to whether he recollects that anything? Akshay says it was Chhavi’s third birthday celebration however at that point I remember nothing else, where could Chhavi be? The specialist inquires as to whether he remembers anybody? He takes a gander at everybody and says Aparajita is my significant other. I don’t know any other person. The specialist requests that everybody leave except Akshay holds Aparajita’s hand and says kindly don’t leave. The attendant removes everybody from the room. Mohini cries and breakdowns, she says how is it that he could fail to remember me and recall Aparajita as it were? Disha and others attempt to quiet her down. Niya says nothing will happen to him. Chhavi gets out whatever would he say he was discussing? She cries and embraces Disha-Asha.

Written Update Main Hoon Aparajita Today Episode

The minister lets Dadi know that in the event that Aparajita can save Akshay then she can resurrect him additionally, have faith.Akshay asks Aparajita who was that lady? how could I come here? The specialist inquires as to whether he understands what day today is? Akshay says it should be Jan 2003, I don’t recall what occurred after Chhavi’s birthday. Aparajita figures he doesn’t recollect most recent 20 years. The specialist requests that he rest. Akshay falls asleep. Aparajita asks the specialist what has been going on with him? He says he has lost his memory in light of amnesia. He simply recalls the last memory he had while in the cooler. He probably been pondering you and your little girl that is the reason his last memory is just as it were. Aparajita asks when will he get his memory back? The specialist says we cna’t be certain.

Main Hoon Aparajita 16 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Mohini calls Anish and says Akshay doesn’t recall that anybody with the exception of Aparajita, I don’t have the foggiest idea what’s going on. Anish says perhaps your apprehension is going genuine, he is behaving this way so he can return to his old spouse. Mohini says don’t kid about this. Anish says he has lost every one of his recollections of you. Mohini says I’m certain Aparajita has done enchantment on him. Akshay is mine just and it’s not possible for anyone to take him from me.

Main Hoon Aparajita Latest Spoiler Alerts 16 January 2023

Asha comes to Dadi and educates her regarding Akshay losing his memory. She asks the minister what is happening? The minister expresses out loud whatever is occurring is occurring for good, he remembered things however he is recollect the failed to remember recollections. The past is returning to turn into their future again.

Aparajita is sitting in Akshay’s room and believes what’s going on, he failed to remember everything except I recollect everything.

Precap: Akshay is in medical clinic. Mohini says in the event that Aprajita’s presence can help in my significant other’s recuperation, then, at that point, she can come and remain in my home. Dadi tells Aprajita return home to take care of Akshay, someone must be able to, deal with him. Aprajita says alright I’m prepared to come however on one condition.

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