Main Hoon Aparajita 17 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Main Hoon Aparajita Written Update 17 January 2023

Scene 1
Aparajita is in the room with Akshay while he is dozing, his head tumbles off the cushion so Aparajita falters however pulls him nearer to put his head on the bed. Akshay awakens and says you are holding me like I will take off some place. Aparajita attempts to leave however Akshay holds her hand and grins at her. Akshay says you are looking even in this much pressure. Aparajita gets bothered and says I will call the specialist. She begins leaving and thinks why God is doing this with me? this past has no space in my present, for what reason would you say you are causing me to feel things which I previously abandoned? this will torment me a great deal. She takes a gander at him unfortunately and leaves.

Written Update Main Hoon Aparajita Today Episode

Mohini comes to the minister and says you have done dark wizardry on Akshay, Aparajita was Akshay’s better half however I’m his significant other now, you attempted to isolate me from Akshay. Dadi yells at her to not converse with him like that. The minister says you can’t prevent destiny from making us pay for our deeds. Mohini yells what enigma is this? Niya says the specialist is calling you and takes her from there.The specialist tells Aparajita Akshay is in great shape however intellectually he is powerless so you need to ensure he has no pressure. Mohini says for what reason would you say you are telling her that? I’m his significant other so let me know that. The specialist says he acknowledges her as his significant other for the time being, in the event that you attempt to compel anything on him, his mind could get harmed. All look on.

Main Hoon Aparajita 17 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

The nurture comes to Akshay’s room and finds him gone from that point. Go calls Sunil and says I can’t take any risks. Sunil says you can recount to him any story and he would trust it. Go says I can’t face the challenge so I will complete this matter.

Main Hoon Aparajita Latest Spoiler Alerts 17 January 2023

The specialist lets Aparajita know that you need to win Akshay’s trust, all of you need to return to the timetable where he is residing at present. He accepts Aparajita as his significant other and no one but she can make him fine again with her consideration. Mohini is furious. Dadi tells Aparajita that I realize this is hard for you yet you brought him back so you need to make him fine once more. The medical attendant comes there and says Akshay is absent from his room.

Sunil tells Go that you will do nothing now. Go pivots and tracks down Akshay there. Akshay says I’m searching for my better half. Go figures he doesn’t remember me. He is going to infuse him yet Aparajita comes there so Akshay calls her. Aparajita expresses out loud whatever would you say you are doing out of your room? Akshay says for what reason did you let me be? try not to disappear, he embraces her and Aparajita is astounded. Mohini comes there and thinks the specialist was correct, he lost his memory. Aparajita takes Akshay from there.

The specialist checks Akshay and says he is sleeping for the time being, he requests that Aparajita stay with him for certain days even after he gets released. Mohini says on the off chance that my better half requirements her to turn out to be fine, she can remain at my home. Aparajita is amazed and reviews how Mohini had tossed her and her little girls out of the house. Dadi requests that Aparajita say something, if it’s not too much trouble, return home to deal with Akshay. Aparajita says no, I can’t go into that house as its against my self esteem. Dadi says you are correct, you are a mother as well. Aparajita says in the event that Akshay needs me to deal with him, I will however he needs to come to my home. She leaves from that point however Mohini follows her and says you search for opportunities to draw nearer to Akshay”? I’m his better half so I will take choices for him. You are extremely modest. Aparajita frowns at her and says I’m modest? Akshay could have lost his memory however I actually recollect the aggravation we needed to bear, I continued on in life after a ton of battle so I don’t need this. You really want me to make Akshay fine, his children need him back, Dadi needs him back so I will help him yet in my home as it were. Mohini yells that Akshay will not go to your home. Dadi comes there and says he will go there in the event that Aparajita needs, he is my child so I will choose. Mohini says all of you are playing with me. Aparajita says time is showing you karma perhaps, he doesn’t actually recall you yet I will perform my responsibility, I will deal with him and you can come to meet him whenever you need. Mohini says you are saying I want your authorization to meet my own significant other? Aparajita says you need to make your place in his life, you conclude what you need to be for him. She leaves.

Aparajita comes to the flask with her little girls, she requests that they eat and return home. Chhavi causes her to eat and asks when will we take him? Aparajita says he will be released tomorrow. Disha sees her focused on and says I realize this is challenging for you, how might you make it happen. Aparajita says we as a whole maintain that Akshay should be fine so we will make it happen, Asha says how we will return to 2003? Aparajita says perhaps we need to rehash the story. Asha says where will we reside? Aparajita says all of you will remain there no one but, we can have separate rooms. Our point is to make him fine so contemplate that as it were. Mohini hears all that and flies off the handle. Chhavi says we need to eliminate all things which has a date on it. Disha says we will remodel the house. Mohini takes a jug and enters the flask out of resentment. She sits Aparajita on the head with the jug. All are stunned. Disha, Chhavi and Asha to her.. it ends up being Mohini’s fantasy. Asha lets Aparajita know that she is pleased with her. Mohini thinks I need to control my outrage. She leaves from that point. Asha asks Aparajita how much father adored you quite a while back? he would rather not be away from you briefly. Aparajita looks on so Asha apologizes.

Precap: Akshay asks Aprajita are you irate on me. Aprajita says no and leaves. Akshay holds her saree and says then demonstrate me and gets heartfelt with her. Aprajita recollects her past with Akshay and she leaves and figures how might I stay here for Akshay’s recuperation while recalling our past.

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