Main Hoon Aparajita 21 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Main Hoon Aparajita Written Update 21 December 2022

Scene 1
Chhavi cries and requests that Akshay support her like he generally did. Mohini comes there and says he will uphold you without a doubt. Akshay expresses you here? Mohini says I needed to come for Niya. Sunil comes there and says me as well. Sunil says Mohini let me know happening here, in the event that anybody figures out the thing my child was doing, I will lose everything, I suppose in the event that they need this, we ought to permit them to get hitched, we will safeguard our honor and they will be cheerful as well. The flashback shows how Sunil said he will stop the marriage however at that point Mohini let him know how she had some awareness of Go’s ex disappearing as a result of him. The flashback closes. Sunil informs Akshay that we ought to think concerning our children’s bliss. Akshay says you are correct yet.. Aparajita says he won’t utter a word. Mohini says same difference either way. He is her dad as well. Aparajita says Akshay and I will settle on some solution for our little girl, outcasts ought to stay quiet. Akshay approaches Aparajita and says we can’t stop them, they like one another, ponder her life. Aparajita says I’m contemplating her life no one but, we can’t do this powerful marriage. Akshay says I’m angry at what Go did yet they did this since they are terrified of you saying no. We can’t permit them to do another slip-up. Aparajita expresses its spot on and wrong, on the off chance that she needs to harms herself, you could do it regardless of whether she gets injured? Akshay says you figure you can’t be off-base? Aparajita says no, I can be off-base, I gave opportunity to my children yet I simply need to watch out. Its about my childhood now. Chhavi says I’m prepared. All look on. Chhavi says I will demonstrate that Go tells the truth and our affection tells the truth, I can’t be away from Go any longer, I need to wed him. Aparajita is harmed hearing that. Chhavi says this is my choice. Go lets Chhavi know that nobody has any issue so we ought to get hitched today just before somebody attempts to pull some game. He attempts to remove her yet Aparajita stops him. She says Chhavi will not go anyplace with you, she will accompany me back home and don’t attempt to meet her at any point down the road. Mohini says you are so merciless, mightn’t you at any point see her affection for him? what’s the issue with Go? He is a hero. Aparajita says she is my little girl, I understand what’s good and bad for her. Aparajita lets Chhavi know that your satisfaction is my beginning and end, I’m simply requesting some time, don’t make an off-base stride and don’t pay attention to anybody. Kindly give me some time. Mohini lets Akshay know that she is sincerely extorting her and you are quiet? this is miserable. Disha says how might you venture to talk in our family matters? Niya says kindly don’t affront her like this. Chhavi leaves Aparajita’s hand. Disha advises Niya to control her folks. Akshay says enough… . He tells Chhavi that Aparajita is correct, we can rush about these things, you ought to give an opportunity to yourself and your mom. He asks Go to leave. Go indignantly leaves. Akshay enlightens Chhavi that Aparajita won’t think off-base regarding you, go with her. Aparajita gestures at Akshay and takes her little girls from there.

Written Update Main Hoon Aparajita Today Episode

Chhavi is crying, Aparajita thinks I realize you are harming yet soon I will end this. Akshay comes to Aparajita and says I need to converse with you. She goes with him. Akshay says I realize you really want some time yet I wouldn’t fret this marriage at all in light of the fact that its about her bliss, I realize your goals are great however I will do my thought process is appropriate for my girl. Aparajita says I will do what gives joy to Chhavi. Akshay requests that Niya accompany him, she goes with him. Aparajita takes her little girls from there.Sunil yells at Mohini that you carried me here to get offended from that Aparajita? you were unable to try and persuade your better half. Mohini says you will actually want to get your payback, Chhavi will get hitched to your home one day however I was offended as well. She says you will be able to obliterate Aparajita, don’t stress over Akshay. Akshay comes there and asks what’s happening? Mohini says Aparajita is controlling you. Akshay says enough, don’t revile her. We ought to think and afterward talk. Gives up for the present. Sunil and others leave from that point. Mohini figures Akshay can’t realize I was behind this. I simply believe Chhavi and Go should get hitched as that will isolate Akshay and Aparajita forever.

Main Hoon Aparajita 16Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Chhavi is sitting alone in her room, she is miserable. Aparajita comes there and thinks I need to save her from Go. She goes to Chhavi.

Main Hoon Aparajita Latest Spoiler Alerts 21 December 2022

The episode ends.

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