Main Hoon Aparajita 23 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Main Hoon Aparajita Written Update 23 December 2022

Scene 1
Aparajita is frightened about her arrangement working and petitions Master. Disha comes to her and says Mohini got our gift. Aparajita says we shouldn’t have added 20 lacs there. Disha says anything is less with regards to her paying for her deeds.

Written Update Main Hoon Aparajita Today Episode

Mohini thinks I need to keep this joker’s mouth shut. She takes her checkbook. Akshay comes there and asks whats this? Mohini expresses its for a shock. Akshay says I realize we have our wedding commemoration tomorrow, I have an unexpected treat for you as well, he leaves. Mohini remembers to deal with the joker.Aparajita calls Asha and inquires as to whether she arrived at Mumbai? Asha says OK, I’m missing you. Aparajita says don’t go out anyplace alone, you are full grown at this point. Asha says I will call you later and closes the call. Aparajita gets close to home. Akshay comes there and offers her a tissue, he says you can wipe your concerns. Aparajita says I’m OK. Akshay says Asha will be back soon worry don’t as well. Akshay says I actually recall when we took Chhavi to the school interestingly and you cried. We need to comprehend that these young ladies should leave our homes one day. Might I at any point meet Chhavi? Aparajita says she fell asleep and she isn’t conversing with anybody. Akshay says I’m figuring the reason why might that joker do all that? He probably been employed by somebody for cash. Aparajita figures I will demonstrate soon assuming Mohini is behind that. Akshay gets a call and puts it on speaker, the man says you booked commemoration blossoms for your better half, might you at any point affirm the location. That’s what aparajita hears and attempts to not feel hurt. Akshay affirms it and finishes the call. He says tomorrow is my commemoration with Mohini. Aparajita says its great that you remember dates now. Akshay is humiliated and leaves.

Main Hoon Aparajita 19Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Scene 2
Mohini calls Anish and says Akshay can’t learn about joker so I will deal with him, you need to control Go and ensure that he weds Chhavi.

Main Hoon Aparajita Latest Spoiler Alerts 23 December 2022

Chhavi is sitting alone and reviews Go saying he cherishes her a ton. Aparajita calls her and requests that she eat something. Chhavi says I’m not eager, Aparajita says essentially eat something. Chhavi attempts to leave yet gets bleary eyed. Aparajita says you ought to eat something. She gives her juice and says you don’t have to attend a university, let me know as to whether you want anything more. Chhavi says I need to meet Go. That’s what aparajita overlooks and says I will arrange a few deserts for you. Disha indicates Aparajita and leaves. Aparajita goes to her.

disha lets Aparajita know that she has placed a camera in her sack. Disha says I will pretent to meet her like a joker. Aparajita says you need to remain here with Chhavi, I will deal with her. Disha says all the best.

Mohini is going out. Akshay comes there and figures she should design something for the commemoration, I ought to follow her. He goes behind her.

Chhavi awakens and is feeling lightheaded. She finds Go remaining external her window. He goes into the room and embraces her.

Aparajita comes to where they called Mohini. Disha calls her and says I’m stressed over you. Aparajita says don’t stress over me. Disha says I’m taking desserts to Chhavi. In the room, Go says I’m here to take you with me, I have no faith in your mom so gives up. Chhavi says I can’t go with you, I love you however I love my mom and I can’t educate her. Go gets her and says don’t say you love me then, at that point. Disha goes into the room and finds Chhavi lying on the floor with her hand dying. She shouts Chhavi. That’s what aparajita hears and asks what was the deal? Mohini enters the place.

The episode ends.

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