Main Hoon Aparajita 24 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Main Hoon Aparajita Written Update 24 December 2022

Scene 1
Aparajita is stowing away from Mohini and is on the wall with Disha. Aparajita thinks I realize Mohini was behind employing that joker however I need to go to my children at the present time. She stows away from Mohini and begins leaving from that point. Akshay comes outside the spot subsequent to following Mohini. Mohini is leaving the spot and tracks down a tote there. Aparajita is leaving the spot and finds Akshay there, she stows away from him. Akshay is going to see her yet she takes cover behind a case so he heads inside. Aparajita leaves from there.

Written Update Main Hoon Aparajita Today Episode

Disha finds Chhavi draining and cries. Bappi comes there and asks what was the deal? Disha says Chhavi is oblivious. Bappi requests that another neighbor call the doctor.Mohini is going to open the sack however Akshay comes there and expresses out loud whatever would you say you are doing here? Mohini gets terrified. Akshay says I saw you going out and thought you were looking for trouble, I realize you are arranging a shock. Mohini moans. Akshay gets out whatever is this spot? Will you organize a party here? He finds a pack with her and gets out whatever is this? Mohini says this is cash for this spot. Akshay says this much money? Mohini says you are questioning me? The tenant didn’t as yet come. Akshay says in some cases I couldn’t say whether you are concealing something, I’m not questioning you. Mohini says you shouldn’t have followed me. Akshay says I needed to understand what shock you are arranging. Mohini requests that he leave, she will return later on. Akshay says now and again I think perhaps you are exploiting my trust.. I’m kidding. He says I will go now, he leaves from that point. Mohini thinks this joker is playing with me.

Main Hoon Aparajita 20Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Aparajita returns home and discovers a few neighbors there. She goes into the room and finds a specialist really taking a look at Chhavi. He says I spruced up her injury. Disha cries and says her hand was dying. Bappi says she cut her hand since you denied her wedding. Aparajita says I know my child, she can never follow through with something like this. Disha says I found no blade there.

Main Hoon Aparajita Latest Spoiler Alerts 24 December 2022

Veer is in his room. He reviews how he blew up when Chhavi said she cherishes her mom and can’t swindle her. Go lashed out and took out a blade, he told her that you can’t cherish any other person more than me.. you are mine and everybody ought to know that. Chhavi attempted to stop him yet he slice his hand and attempted to apply his blood on her brow, she attempted to stop him yet erroneously gets her hand cut by his blade. Chhavi requested that he leave. He left and Chhavi blacked out. The flashback closes. Go cries and says I ought to call her.. no Aparajita could get suspicious.

The specialist tells Aparajita that I don’t think it was a self destruction endeavor however no one but she can determine what has been going on with her. He says she blacked out due to a shock, she had fits of anxiety previously however she swooned this time. In the event that she doesn’t get up by tomorrow then it will be an issue, he leaves.

Bappi comes to Akshay and says Chhavi endeavored self destruction however Aparajita would rather not trust it. Akshay is stunned and goes from there.

Aparajita sits with Chhavi and says how might I let you know that what you need isn’t appropriate for you. Akshay comes there and races to Chhavi, he gets out whatever occurred? daddy is here, you didn’t have to do this. Aparajita says she sat idle, her hand got cut erroneously. The specialist said she didn’t do it purposely. Akshay inquires as to for what reason would she say she is dozing? Aparajita says she had a fit of anxiety. Akshay is personal and says she is in torment as a result of you, you put such countless limitations on them, I will do anything for Chhavi’s satisfaction and I won’t allow you to stop me now. Aparajita is harmed and leaves from there.

Aparajita cries and reviews Akshay’s cruel words that she couldn’t care less about her children’s bliss. Disha comes to her and inquires as to for what reason would she say she is crying? Aparajita says you likewise think this is occurring with Chhavi as a result of me? Disha says don’t feel that, who let you know this? She goes to Chhavi’s room and tracks down Akshay there. Akshay is tragically carassing Chhavi’s face and quietly weeps for her. Aparajita and Disha look on. Aparajita gets a call and leaves from there.

Asha calls Aparajita and inquires as to whether everybody is alright? Aparajita says OK, all is great here. She closes the call.

Aparajita and Akshay are sitting with Chhavi. Aparajita gets into cold garments her temple. Akshay helps her. Aparajita quietly weeps for her. Akshay says I’m grieved, I said brutal words since I was concerned for her. He inquires as to whether this occurred previously? Aparajita says she had been having fits of anxiety since youth. Akshay says it never happened when I was near. Aparajita says you don’t know numerous things. Akshay looks on.

The episode ends.

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