Main Hoon Aparajita 26 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Main Hoon Aparajita Written Update 26 December 2022

Scene 1
Akshay lets Aparajita know that he never saw her having fits of anxiety. Aparajita says you don’t know numerous things, she began having fits of anxiety after you left. Consistently she would sit tight for your telephone on her birthday. Chhavi murmurs Go’s name so Aparajita and Akshay both connect with her, their hands contact so Aparajita moves away. Akshay says you ought to have educated me concerning her condition. Aparajita says with which right? you left us. Akshay says she will turn out to be fine, do you recall you used to sing a tune when she would get sick in youth. Aparajita says we used to sing it. The two of them review Chhavi’s young life and how they were a blissful little family. Aparajita begins singing for Chhavi. Akshay reviews their minutes and starts singing moreover. The two of them embrace Chhavi.

Written Update Main Hoon Aparajita Today Episode

Disha calls Dadi and informs her concerning Chhavi. Mohini and Niya come to Chhavi’s room. Mohini finds Akshay lying on the bed Aparajita. Akshay moves away seeing her. Mohini lets Aparajita know that you needed to utilize your children to take Akshay back to you? Aparajita says he is their dad and he can come to meet her whenever, I didn’t call him here. Mohini advises Akshay to return home. Aparajita says he is their dad and he can remain here assuming that he needs to. Chhavi awakens and requests water so Akshay hurries to her. Mohini yells at Akshay to get back home with her, this Chhavi can bite the dust. Akshay blows up and slaps her.. it ends up being Mohini’s fantasy. She asks them how is Chhavi? Aparajita says she will be up soon. Mohini requests that Akshay return home. Akshay expresses see her condition? I’m her dad and I will remain here till she turns out to be OK, you ought to return home. Mohini frowns at Aparajita and leaves from that point, Niya goes with her.Mohini returns home and is furious. She lets Niya know that he shouldn’t have conversed with me like this, he is there when we have our commemoration in certain hours. Niya says he was simply stressed over Chhavi. Mohini says you generally take this side, simply abandon me for quite a while. Niya embraces her and leaves from that point. Dadi comes there and says you have no heart so you can’t understand how Akshay stresses over his girls, God won’t allow you to praise your commemoration when you have harmed such countless individuals. She leaves from that point. Mohini says Akshay needs to return to me at any cost.

Main Hoon Aparajita 21St December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Aparajita sees Akshay dozing other than Chhavi. She sees his head falling so she puts a pad under his head and tragically checks him out. She leaves from there.

Main Hoon Aparajita Latest Spoiler Alerts 26 December 2022

In the morning, Akshay awakens and actually looks at Chhavi’s fever. Mohini calls him and says blissful commemoration. He says you as well, Chhavi doesn’t have fever any longer. Mohini says perfect, then you can get back home as you should have not dozed entire evening. Akshay no, I rested soundly as Appu had put a cushion under my head. Mohini blows up hearing that. Chhavi awakens and calls out for Maa. Akshay closes the call and hurries to her. He says I’m here, he causes her to plunk down. Chhavi says I need tea. Akshay says I will bring it. Mohini calls him once more however he doesn’t pick up.

Akshay checks out the house and asks Disha where could Aparajita be? She says she went to the mandir. He comes to the kitchen and says I will make tea for Chhavi. Disha says Maa will make it when she returns. Akshay says its easy, I will make it. He attempts to search for things yet can’t track down them. Disha scowls at him. Akshay requests milk so she gives it to him. Akshay requests a few fixings, she helps him. Akshay attempts to make it however she stops him and attempts to make it herself. Akshay inquires as to whether she has made kesar tea previously? She turns away. Akshay says we can take help from web, he puts a video and the two of them make tea together. Disha grins subsequent to tasting it. Aparajita returns and sees them holding. She grins seeing that.

The episode ends.

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