Main Hoon Aparajita 28 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Main Hoon Aparajita Written Update 28 December 2022

Scene 1
Aparajita tells Mohini that I am a mother and I can do anything for my children. Mohini says Niya sat idle so don’t include her. Aparajita says my children did nothing either except for you caused a person to attack my Chhavi, gave medications to Asha, attempted to get Disha captured, employed a joker to hurt my children and attempted to get Chhavi hitched to Go. I realized you were behind this, I was quiet since I didn’t have confirmation till now. Mohini says I sat idle. Aparajita says you came to meet the joker with cash. Mohini says where could Niya be? Aparajita says I did nothing work now except for I can give cash to joker as you did and he can deal with Niya so admit. Mohini says don’t hurt Niya, where could she be? Indeed, I attempted to hurt you since I disdain you, I would rather not be Akshay’s second spouse, I need my significant other completely, I can’t impart him to you, I love Akshay and I would do anything for him. Aparajita says this would have finished when you took the cash for joker and for Akshay’s affection, on the off chance that you love him genuinely then you wouldn’t be concerned of losing him, love is procured and not grabbed. What might I grab from you even? you removed my better half, a mother’s child, girls’ dad and, surprisingly, my home from me. You are as yet frightened and you continue to do these things however I’m worn out. I maintain that you should admit your wrongdoings. I will count till 3 if not Niya will not be saved. Mohini tumbles to her knees and cries. She says OK, I viraled Chhavi and Go’s video, I went is getting hitched to Chhavi yet I would have rather not murdered your girls. Kindly don’t hurt Niya. She begs Aparajita and says Niya is a youngster, don’t hurt her. I didn’t send that joker to hurt you or kill you. I simply needed to get Chhavi hitched to Go so Akshay and you would be isolated completely. Where is Niya?

Written Update Main Hoon Aparajita Today Episode

Disha is making halwa with Niya. Niya says for what reason did you call me like that just to make halwa? My telephone isn’t working so I can’t call my mother. The flashback shows how Disha intentionally poured water on her telephone so it won’t work. The flashback closes. Niya says my folks will gift me another telephone so its alright. She inquires as to whether she can take some halwa for her folks? Disha says sure. She thinks I need to keep Niya here so her mother would confess.Mohini begs Aparajita and requests that she not hurt Niya. Aparajita says Niya is absolutely fine, she is at my home with my girls. You are correct, I’m a mother so I cna’t hurt another youngster. I can never stoop that low and think terrible for your little girl or anybody’s girl. She requests that she get up. She holds Mohini’s hand and makes her stand up. Mohini says for what reason did you say all that? Aparajita shows her the video in which she admitted everything. Aparajita says you truly think I’m keen on Akshay? He is my past, I cherished him once, I adored him a great deal, he wa smy life however at that point he left me and my children. My life was obliterated however at that point I figured out how to live for my children however at that point you returned and attempted to hurt my children. I could never excuse you for that. I will uncover you, I will show this video to everybody. Aparajita attempts to leave however Mohini frowns at her. She says you are such an imbecile, you truly figured you could make me lose? You just lost by letting me know you could never hurt my girl. You will open me to Akshay? did you fail to remember that Akshay tossed you out of the house. Akshay believed that Disha should get captured, Akshay was the person who have no faith in Chhavi when she said she was attacked. He has consistently entrusted me nevertheless with me. You can show this video to him, he may be furious with me however at that point I will cry and he will return to me in the future. You truly figure I can’t monitor Akshay? you ought to be terrified of me. You have confirmation against me yet I have Go who can remove Chhavi from you without any problem. The contrast between us that you are a pleasant lady however I’m not. you could never think awful for myself as well as my girl however I could never think great for yourself as well as your girls so you ought to be terrified of me. You ought to realize that I won’t stop till I get what I need. I’m offering you to leave this spot in 10 days any other way I will do all that to annihilate you and your girls. Mohini is going to trip however Aparajita holds her. Aparajita says the truth will come out eventually who might be annihilated. You could have won against a spouse however a mother is remaining before you who might never lose. I wouldn’t go anyplace in light of the fact that regardless of whether I leave, your feeling of dread toward your significant other leaving you could never disappear. You will continue messing around so continue to play since I’m not frightened of you. I will perceive the way you obliterate my Chhavi’s life, I won’t allow you to hurt her and that is a mother’s commitment. We are both here so we should see who will be destroyed.

Main Hoon Aparajita 23Rd December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

The episode ends.


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