Main Hoon Aparajita 29 November 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Main Hoon Aparajita Written Update 29 November 2022

Scene 1
Akshay sees the hooligans entering the kitchen, he advises Aparajita to leave with the children. Aparajita says I’m not leaving you here, we vowed to be joined in this so emerged. Aparajita pulls him up and brings him outside. The children go to stop the goons.

Written Update Main Hoon Aparajita Today Episode

Dadi thinks I’m certain Aparajita and Akshay will bring the children back. I realize Aparajita probably kept the quick regardless of whether she said no. I’m stressed over her.Aparajita is leaving the eatery yet is feeling lightheaded and tumbles down. Akshay hurries to her and asks what was the deal? he gives her water and breaks her quick. The little girls return and ask what has been going on with her? Akshay says she swooned. Niya says she probably been fasting? Disha says no she was not fasting. Akshay says she was fasting.. Niya says you gave her water, you broke her quick. Akshay says I needed to help her.

Main Hoon Aparajita Today’s Episode Online

Mohini tells Anish that Niya called her and Akshay is fine, he is caught in the eatery. Anish says how could he get saved from the hooligans? Who saved him? Mohini says I’m simply happy that he is protected. Sunil is calling individuals and says nothing ought to happen to his child. Mohini says Akshay is left with Aparajita and her girls. I don’t have the foggiest idea how to isolate them.

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Aparajita is feeling discombobulated so Akshay embraces her. Disha is irate. Mohini summons him so Aparajita moves. Akshay tells Mohini that Aparajita saved him and Niya. We are looking for Chhavi. Mohini says you ought to realize that she should be protected with her sweetheart kid, or they may be in trouble.

The hooligans enter Go’s loft. They get him and begin beating him.

Akshay asks Mohini where could Chhavi and Go be? Mohini says they got found out by the hooligans yet you don’t need to go there. Aparajita accepts the call and begs her to tell about Chhavi’s area. Mohini says I’m conversing with my better half so give the telephone back. Akshay requests the area. Mohini lets him know the area and requests that he return quick, I’m fasting so you need to break it. Akshay closes the call and takes the family from that point.
Sunil calls the official and says we need to go to my child’s condo. Mohini says we ought to go there as Akshay is going there with Aparajita. I need to demonstrate the way that I can give my life for Akshay as he is dazzled by Aparajita right now.

Aparajita and others sit in the van. Aparajita attempts to begin it yet it’s not working. The hooligans are moving toward them. Aparajita cries and asks the can to begin. The thugs assault them yet Disha and Akshay beat them. The van begins so Aparajita yells for them to come. Disha hurries to Akshay and says gives up. Akshay and others sit in the van and drive away.

The thugs bring Go to the rooftop top. They tie Go and Chhavi there.

Akshay advises Disha that I need to laud you for beating the thugs, you are a courageous young lady. Aparajita is stressed over Chhavi. Asha begins the news and the circumstance is awful. Asha says we must be cautious as its undependable. Aparajita says I couldn’t care less, I need to arrive at Chhavi at any expense. Akshay says this is all event due to Go, she got caught as a result of him. Aparajita says I trust Chhavi, I simply need to save her.

The thugs beat Go and keep them tied. After some time, the hooligan tells Go that we will deal with your young lady now. Go yells to not touch her.

Aparajita shows up external Go’s condo. Akshay says I will head inside. Aparajita says I will go with you. Akshay says you are as yet powerless. Aparajita says you are harmed as well. I’m going with you. Asha requests that they quit contending. Aparajita requests that Disha and others return home. They leave them in the van.

The hooligans snatch Chhavi and are going to toss her from the rooftop. Akshay and Aparajita are going higher up to save her.

The episode ends.

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