Main Hoon Aparajita 3 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Main Hoon Aparajita Written Update 3 february 2023

Scene 1
Akshay asks Aparajita what did he foul up? Aparajita expresses its about years.. he stops her and gets out whatever years? Aparajita says I mean you don’t pay attention to me, I told you to not head outside however you don’t pay attention to me. Akshay says I simply believed you should wish me a commemoration, is that so off-base to wish? he has a migraine so Aparajita contacts him. Akshay says would it be a good idea for me to ask my significant other to wish me a commemoration? you couldn’t care less about my sentiments? do you believe that I should beseech you to wish me? Aparajita is in tears and reviews him leaving her and afterward the specialist telling her that she can’t give him stress. Aparajita says cheerful commemoration. Akshay embraces her and says you give me stress, why? simply stay with me, I love you. Aparajita cries and says I will go to see Chhavi. She leaves from that point. Akshay takes a gander at the ring and says this commemoration will be memorable.

Written Update Main Hoon Aparajita Today Episode

Aparajita sits alone and recalls everything. She lets the Symbol know that Akshay left me for Mohini and even today I’m being faulted for taking somebody’s better half, what’s my issue? Disha comes there and carries her to her room with Dadi. Chhavi comes there as well. She gives her water and says I will ask you straightforwardly, would you like to give privileges to that man once more? would you like to have a relationship with him once more? Aparajita attempts to leave however Disha stops her and says I need replies. Asha says don’t converse with her like that. Disha says I need clearness. She inquires as to whether she is cherishing the individual who took their beginning and end? Aparajita says you are not asking me but rather accusing me. Disha says isn’t it genuine that you are dealing with him since you have begun stressing for him, you are going near him. Aparajita requests that she stop it. Disha says I will not, when I see you with that man I feel like you are not my mom.. you did all that to save him, when you are with him, you are not our mom but rather the spouse who cherished her significant other such a lot of a long time back. She cries and tells Aparajita that I love you a great deal and I know how he made youextremely upset and I realize that man will make you extremely upset again then this torment will remain with you. I’m telling you to not do this. Aparajita yells what would it be advisable for me not do? would it be advisable for me to send him to Mohini so she can drive him to recall and his cerebrum could be harmed? she lets Dadi know what would it be advisable for me to do now? I’m simply attempting to save his life. Dadi says I’m with you, save my child and their dad. I realize you are doing this with sincere goal. Aparajita says my relationship with him finished a long time back, in the event that you think I’m fouling up, I can proceed to tell him. I’m harmed in light of the fact that my own little girls are scrutinizing my expectations. I’m giving my best for safeguard his wellbeing, I will give my best for deal with him till he turns out to be fine, she cries and leaves. Disha looks on.Aparajita cries alone and reviews Disha faulting her for needing to be with Akshay once more. She falls down.

Main Hoon Aparajita 3 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Disha is irate and lets Chhavi know that man has lost his memory. Chhavi expresses out loud whatever’s off-base assuming that Maa is cherishing dad? Disha says issue? when he has his memory in those days he will return to Mohini. Dadi requests that they quit battling. Chhavi says she has harmed Maa today, her adoration can keep dad with us even after his memory returns, you don’t have the foggiest idea about the force of affection. Disha gets some information about her adoration utilizing Maa’s subject. I didn’t hurt Maa, I was worried about her however you are the person who have harmed her the most. Asha tosses water at them and says I needed to stop you both. Chhavi says Disha doesn’t put stock in affection yet father will remain with us even after his memory comes back.

Main Hoon Aparajita Latest Spoiler Alerts 3 february 2023

Aparajita cries and says how should Disha scrutinize my expectations? doesn’t she trust me? her adjust inner self says is there any good reason why she wouldn’t ask you? you have changed yourself and have returned to 20 years for that Akshay. I think you have begun getting a charge out of getting payback from Mohini. Aparajita says I’m not getting any payback, Mohini didn’t amiss with me however Akshay did, he left me so it’s not necessary to focus on Mohini. Akshay wedded me and guaranteed me however at that point he left me for another person. How could I need to get a man who left me in any case? Her adjust self image says for what reason would you say you are concealing your sentiments? Akshay really focuses on you and you appear to appreciate it. You appreciate seeing his affection and worry for you. I perceived how you were grinning at him seeing his anxiety. Aparajita cries and says I realize Akshay left me yet we had great recollections so I can remember those at some point yet I’m helping him as a human. I realize I have no terrible goals.. enough of this.

The episode ends.

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