Main Hoon Aparajita 30 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Main Hoon Aparajita Written Update 30 December 2022

Scene 1
Akshay lets Aparajita know that what happened was bad. Aparajita says you likewise think I was involving your little girl as a worker? Akshay says I’m not saying that, I have seen you dealing with Niya, I’m saying Mohini shouldn’t have caused a situation. Aparajita says Mohini despises me and my little girls, she can do anything in her annoyance. Akshay says I will converse with her. Aparajita says I comprehend her trepidation, you need to cause her to accept that me and my children won’t come in your relationship. I don’t maintain that she should do anything as she did with the jokā€¦ she stops herself and says I can’t go anyplace with my girls yet you can return to Dubai with your loved ones. Akshay says I need to be close with my girls so what’s her concern? I’m as yet their dad and we are guardians so might we at any point be with our children like customary guardians? Aparajita says no, I’m not preventing you from giving adoration to your children however don’t hope for something else than that from me.

Written Update Main Hoon Aparajita Today Episode

Disha calls Aparajita and says I’m looking up for Ritika’s data. Ritika’s photograph tumbles down, Chhavi comes there and is going to see it however Aparajita comes there and takes it. She requests that Chhavi proceed to rest. She leaves. Disha expresses sorry to her, Aparajita says we can’t allow Chhavi to figure out anything, I would rather not mislead Chhavi however we need to. Disha says you are the best mother. She says I’m attempting to find anything about Ritika yet I can’t. Aparajita says we can go to the police headquarters and check whether her dad whined about her going missing.Mohini comes to Sunil and says well done, you will win the races so I need to compliment you. She provides him with a check of 10 crore and says you ought to get Go and Chhavi wedded in 10 days. Sunil says no way. Mohini says you realize there are a great deal of secrets like Ritika, who disappeared? Sunil gets terrified. Mohini says Go and Chhavi will have a roka in 3 days, she gives him a card. She says you simply need to give out the news that you are sending Go to London.

Main Hoon Aparajita 26Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Aparajita comes to the police headquarters and shows Ritika’s photograph. She says Ritika is missing and her family isn’t anywhere near, I’m here to record a protest. They think of her grumbling. The examiner thinks these ladies are attempting to learn about Ritika, I must be careful.

Main Hoon Aparajita Latest Spoiler Alerts 30 December 2022

Veer comes to Akshay’s home. He lets him know that my dad is sending me to London yet I can’t survive without Chhavi, I realize I have done botches however I love her a ton. He sits kneeling down and gets out whatever’s Aparajita’s concern with me? I can quit any pretense of anything for Chhavi. He consumes his cards and papers. Akshay stops him and inquires as to whether he is insane? Go cries and says I don’t wan to lose Chhavi, kindly get Aparajita to acknowledge me. Akshay requests that he quiet down, I will follow through with something. Go says Chhavi generally said you would comprehend her, she confides in you a ton. Mohini comes there and says Akshay will uphold you, Go gestures and leaves. Mohini lets Akshay know that he is a decent kid, he cherishes our Chhavi a ton however I don’t have the foggiest idea what Aparajita’s concern with him is, demonstrated nothing against him except for she is obstinate. You like Go so don’t dishearten Chhavi. Akshay says I don’t have the foggiest idea what’s Aparajita’s concern is, in the event that Chhavi’s bliss is with Go, I will get them together, when is he leaving? Mohini says in 10 days. Akshay leaves. Mohini smirks.

Aparajita inquires as to whether the police will look for Ritika? Disha says they will.

The investigator calls Sunil and says Aparajita-Disha came to get some information about Ritika. Sunil says Go’s name shouldn’t come up in that frame of mind by any means, its about my position also.

Aparajita tells Disha that Mohini will not be quiet, she will ultimately depend on something.

In the morning, Sunil comes to meet Akshay and says influence and cash ought to join to develop. You have cash and I have power so wew ought to get Go Chhavi together. Akshay says Chhavi is my girl and not an arrangement. Sunil says I mean I just saw them together and Chhavi is an experienced young lady so I’m considering doing roka in 2 days. Akshay gets out whatever? Mohini says ofcourse we will make it happen, Akshay needn’t bother with Aparajita’s consent, its really smart. Akshay leaves. Mohini says nobody can stop this roka.

Akshay comes to Aparajita and says Go is going to London. Aparajita says that is great. Akshay says Chhavi will breakdown, I have chosen to get them hitched before he leaves. Aparajita gets out whatever would you say you are discussing? She locks the room and says how might you take this choice without conversing with me? Akshay says you couldn’t care less about my girls’ satisfaction. Aparajita says Go is definitely not a hero. Akshay expresses out loud whatever’s the matter with him? Aparajita says listen then.. Go had a sweetheart and she disappeared and afterward her dad did a self destruction, I think Go is behind all that. Akshay is shocked.

The episode ends.

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