Main Hoon Aparajita 30 November 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Main Hoon Aparajita Written Update 30 November 2022

Scene 1
The thugs take Chhavi to the furthest limit of the rooftop. Go says leave her. The thug says your dad didn’t pay attention to our requests so we will kill her. Go yells to stop it. Akshay and Aparajita are going to the rooftop. The hooligans are going to toss Chhavi from the rooftop however Aparajita runs there in time and tosses a container at the thug. The hooligan tumbles down and Chhaci shouts however she is protected. Aparajita races to her and embraces her. Akshay begins beating the hooligans. He liberates Go. A few additional hooligans come there however Akshay beats them with Go. A hooligan gets Akshay however Go beats them and saves Akshay. The thugs begin beating Go yet he continues to safeguard Chhavi and Aparajita. Aparajita hits a hooligan that attempts to hit Akshay. The reviewer shows up there with Mohini and Anish. Mohini races to Akshay. Sunil races to Go and inquires as to whether he is alright? Go rushes to Chhavi and embraces her, he says say thanks to God you are fine, I would have committed suicide assuming anything happened to you. I can’t be away from you now, I need to wed you. All look on. Sunil snatches him and slaps him hard. He says I advised you to shut down this show. Aparajita says they are kids so be delicate with them. Go says I’m upset for calling her here however I love her a great deal and I will keep her blissful consistently. Sunil says you are not paying attention to your own dad who gave you everything? Akshay says your child is a jewel, he might have taken off yet he didn’t ahev attempted to safeguard us. Sunil requests that he stop it. They all begin learing from that point. Go holds a thug and says I would save you, you attempted to kill me? That’s what aparajita sees and returns to him. She sees Go brutally beating the fellow and yells at him to stop. Go continues to beat the person, Aparajita says he will pass on, stop.Veer tosses him in the trench. Akshay returns and asks what was the deal? Go says a thug was attempting to assault so I dealt with him. Aparajita looks on.

Written Update Main Hoon Aparajita Today Episode

Disha brings Niya back home. Niya says you can remain at my home till Aparajita is back. Disha says we don’t have to come inside. Niya inquires as to why? she says I arranged this day to carry father nearer to you yet we fortified such a lot of today so kindly come inside. Dadi gets some information about everybody. Disha says we as a whole are fine. Dadi says I will come to your home. Disha says you can’t, we will come inside. Niya brings Disha and Asha inside the house.Chhavi lets Aparajita know that this all happened as a result of me, I’m upset for not illuminating you about coming here. Aparajita takes a gander at Go and reviews his hostility. She says we will discuss this later on, you are OK correct? Akshay inquires as to whether she is alright? He holds her hand and says I was stressed abotu you, I’m glad that you are OK. Niya calls Mohini and gets some information about everybody. Mohini says everybody is OK. The media shows up there and asks who dealt with the thugs today? The chief says Akshay and Aparajita helped the priest’s child. The media and others applaud Akshay-Aparajita calling them a couple. Akshay says she is my most memorable spouse. Aparajita says we needed to safeguard our children, I did nothing enormous. Akshay says we came here to save our children. The columnist says you both are made for one another. The media leaves from that point. Aparajita says the police will bring us back home. She tells Akshay that I am appreciative that you helped us today. Akshay holds her hand yet leaves it. Mohini scowls at them. Akshay says you said we needn’t bother with to be foes regardless of whether we have isolated. You were correct that we both saved the children today. I could never have had the option to save them alone so thank you Appu. I simply need to be near my little girls once more. I need to turn into Chhavi’s dad, Disha’s companion and procure Asha’s adoration. He says simply inquire as to whether I can be a decent dad and on the off chance that I am, I simply need an opportunity, no one but you can allow me that opportunity. Aparajita looks on.

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The episode ends.


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