Main Hoon Aparajita 7 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Main Hoon Aparajita Written Update 7 January 2023

Scene 1
Aparajita lets Disha know that we will show Ritika’s video to Akshay.

Written Update Main Hoon Aparajita Today Episode

Chhavi and Go trade rings in the party. Asha considers Disha and shows Chhavi’s video. Aparajita says gives up there and see what’s going on. They are on the video call. Akshay says I was thinking since they like each other to such an extent why hang tight for long term? We have concluded that Go and Chhavi will get hitched in seven days. That’s what aparajita hears and is stunned. She expresses enough of their falsehoods, now is the right time to draw out reality. She comes outside Akshay’s home and figures that I will end what Mohini began in this house. All go to see Aparajita going into the house. Mohini is astonished. Aparajita goes to Akshay and says how might you venture to take such a major choice without getting some information about my girl? Chhavi says I mentioned him for an early marriage. Aparajita says you didn’t remember to talk about with me? Chhavi says Go will go to London and I can proceed with my examinations from that point. Aparajita says we had a conversation yet why you adjusted your perspective? who filled your ears? Akshay says enough, she is being autonomous, what’s your issue? Aparajita says somebody is tricking her and causing her to pick this way. she asks who made you take this conversation? Chhavi says I got terrified that I will lose Go like I lost my dad, I was frightened that Stray will be off from me for 1 year and he could find another young lady like dad, he would leave me then, at that point. I needed to go through this agony when I lost my dad yet I can’t lose Go and go through it once more. All individuals begin to blabber. Aparajita advises Akshay that I need to converse with you alone, she holds his hand however Mohini comes before them. Aparajita says Chhavi’s mom needs to converse with Chhavi’s dad, move away. She shoves her to the side and takes Akshay from there.Aparajita carries Akshay to a room and says I’m doing this for Chhavi. Akshay says Go and Chhavi will get hitched following multi week as it were. Aparajita says you needed evidence against Go and presently I have it. Mohini is going to the room yet Disha stops her. Mohini says your mom is inside the room with my significant other. Disha says you are that uncertain even in the wake of grabbing that man? my mother cares very little about that man. Mohini attempts to go and expresses out loud whatever is going on? Disha says we won’t let Go wed Chhavi now.

Main Hoon Aparajita 7 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Aparajita tells Akshay that I have a video of Ritika where she admitted that Go used to pound her badly.

Main Hoon Aparajita Latest Spoiler Alerts 7 January 2023

Mohini is stressed that Aparajita could have something. She drives Disha away and goes into the room. Aparajita is going to show the video to Akshay however Mohini asks what’s going on? she expresses evidence against Go? Aparajita says you are talking as you probably are aware nothing? Akshay is going to show the video yet her telephone bites the dust. Mohini says you want to carry any video and lie to us? Akshay says I will charge the telephone and watch it to end this show. Mohini is terrified. Akshay says I’m certain this is you bring obstinate once more. Aparajita says I wouldn’t be here with practically no proof.

Dadi gets a call from the cleric and says I saw Akshay’s kundli and it appears as though there is risk in his future. I will come to your home in certain days yet don’t allow Akshay to take off from the house till then.

Akshay is drinking water however Mohini slips and the water falls on the versatile. Aparajita yells that you did this intentionally. Mohini says I will get it fixed, she attempts to take it however Aparajita grabs it from her. Akshay yells at Aparajita to quit making trouble, you are crossing your cutoff points. Aparajita says she purposely did this so Go’s reality won’t become unavoidable. Mohini gets out whatever would you say you are discussing? Aparajita educates Akshay that she knows concerning Go yet she believes Chhavi should wed him. Akshay says enough, you think everybody is awful. She slipped yet you contemplate her as it were. Mohini says she has lost it. Akshay says enough. He tells Aparajita that I realize you disdain Mohini yet don’t do this show. Aparajita says I couldn’t care less about her and I can’t play any games, I simply care about Chhavi. Mohini says you have no confirmation against Go or me. Aparajita says she obliterated this telephone since she realize that I would show you Go’s video and furthermore hers, where she admitted to her violations. Mohini gets stressed. Aparajita says I will get this telephone fixed. Akshay takes the telephone and says in the event that this is valid, I will recover this reality. He takes the telephone and leaves. Aparajita comes clean with Mohini that will come out at this point. Mohini thinks I need to stop Akshay.

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