Main Hoon Aparajita 8 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Main Hoon Aparajita Written Update 8 December 2022

Scene 1
Chhavi is crying external the school. Akshay requests that Disha bring water for her, I’m here. Disha leaves. Akshay requests that she quit crying. Chhavi says Aparajita won’t ever pardon Go for this. Akshay says to contemplate yourself, you reserve a privilege to pick a soul mate and take your choice. Would you like to study or do you need Go? Chhavi cries and says I attempted a great deal to concentrate however I can’t. Akshay says it’s OK, I was not brilliant yet I got fruitful on the grounds that I was road shrewd. You needn’t bother with books to find out about existence. Chhavi says Maa doesn’t believe that, for her my schooling is significant. Akshay says your satisfaction is significant, you can concentrate on after the marriage moreover. Simply let me know if you have any desire to wed him? Chhavi says it doesn’t make any difference, I don’t have command over the circumstance now. I can’t hurt Maa any longer. Akshay says I will converse with her, I perceived how much Go loves you so I will uphold you as a dad, I will do everything except persuade Aparajita for this marriage. Chhavi grins and embraces him.

Written Update Main Hoon Aparajita Today Episode

Sunil’s significant other lets him know that Go headed off to college. He says for what reason did you open his room and let me him go? He is going to slap her however his supervisor comes there. Sunil says Aparajita will know her place now.Aparajita attempts to persuade the head to not rusticate Chhavi as she was basically dead on. Individuals were insulting Chhavi. The chief says individuals are talking since her video circulated around the web. Akshay looks on. Aparajita says that video is off-base, my girl is guiltless. The chief says enough, your girl probably done some confuse with this to occur. I comprehend that you brought up your girls alone however you ought to have been cautious. Akshay says for what reason would you say you are remarking on your messed up marriage? I realize we isolated yet with regards to our girl then we become one. Aparajita takes a gander at him and is shocked. The chief says my choice is conclusive and I won’t transform it. Aparajita says you can’t rebuff her like this, she has been concentrating on her and her profession relies upon it. In the event that you can’t alter your perspective then its OK yet I will demonstrate her guiltless and afterward you should re-concede her. She leaves with Akshay.

Main Hoon Aparajita Today’s Episode Online

Mohini inquires as to whether he know what’s happening? Anish says I simply realize Sunil will not be quiet against Aparajita now.

Main Hoon Aparajita Latest Spoiler Alerts 8 December 2022

Aparajita calls Disha and requests that she bring Chhavi back home. She closes the call. Akshay says you shouldn’t have carried Chhavi to the school. Aparajita says I trust my girl and I won’t let her stow away for being guiltless. I will proceed to converse with the MLA. Akshay stops her and says he is a politian, I will proceed to converse with him. Aparajita says I don’t require you, I will bring my little girl’s honor back.

Disha and Asha bring Chhavi back home. Disha requests that she not stress. They are stunned to see their home being vandalized with remarks and insults on Chhavi’s personality. Chhavi begins crying. Bappi says Aparajita needs to bear so much due to Chhavi. Disha yells who did this?

Mohini lets Anish know that gives up and see what show is happening outside.

The neighbors insult Chhavi for being characterless. Bappi requests that they stop it, she educates Chhavi that she ought to have thought concerning her mom prior to doing all that. Disha yells to not let out the slightest peep to Chhavi, she did nothing off-base, that video is off-base. She yells at them to leave. Mohini sees generally that and tells Anish that I composed that multitude of insults. She sees Niya with them and says I’m burnt out on her being engaged with them. The neighbors insult Chhavi and say she shouldn’t remain here as we are decent individuals. Disha tosses water at the neighbors and request that they get lost. Mohini chuckles seeing that.

Akshay sits in Aparajita’s van and says I will accompany you since I don’t know what you will share with Sunil. Aparajita says if you have any desire to accompany me then, at that point, fine however you won’t prevent me from conversing with him. Akshay attempts to turn on the air conditioner however its not working. Aparajita says be delicate with it. She begins the van and drives away.

Disha brings Chhavi home. She cries and says this is all occurrence as a result of me. Asha requests that she quit crying, Maa generally say we are constantly joined against the odds.

Aparajita and Akshay come to Sunil’s home however he isn’t there so Aparajita says we will sit tight for him. Akshay says you are so obstinate. Aparajita says you continue to say that.

The episode ends.

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