Main Hoon Aparajita 9 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Main Hoon Aparajita Written Update 9 January 2023

Scene 1
Asha lets Chhavi know that she might have conversed with Aparajita prior to pursuing this choice. Chhavi says I crossed the line and hurt her, I shouldn’t have said this. Asha says let it be, you can definitely relax. Niya says all that will be okay.

Written Update Main Hoon Aparajita Today Episode

Akshay returns the party. Mohini says I will go with you, Akshay says you deal with the visitors and I will figure out what’s in this telephone. In the event that Aparajita is off-base, I will deal with everything about this wedding. Aparajita looks on. Mohini says all she does is lie. Disha attempts to go after her yet Aparajita says its alright, all that will be clear after the telephone works. Akshay says I will go at this point. Dadi comes there and says you can’t go out, the minister called and said your life is in harm’s way. Akshay says I don’t trust in this. His hand erroneously ignites with a diya so Mohini hurries to him. Dadi cries and says I let you know its undependable. Akshay says nothing will happen to me, I’m contemplating Chhavi just, I care about her. He leaves from that point. Aparajita looks on. Mohini leaves. Dadi cries and tells Aparajita that I am stressed over Akshay, the minister is rarely off-base. Aparajita says nothing will happen to him. She requests that Disha go to Chhavi and remain with her, she leaves. Dadi inquires as to for what reason did he leave? Aparajita says let him return and we will see.Akshay is going out. He drives away. He comes to a shop and requests that he fix the telephone, we really want to recover the recordings. He goes to his vehicle to get his phone.

Main Hoon Aparajita 9 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Mohini is concerned and figures how did Aparajita track down Go’s ex video? Akshay can’t fix the telephone as my admission is there as well. She gets an idea.

Main Hoon Aparajita Latest Spoiler Alerts 9 January 2023

Akshay returns to his vehicle and takes his telephone. A man comes behind him and assaults him on the head. Akshay tumbles down and blacks out. He is bleeding.

Aparajita requests that Dadi rest and not stress. Dadi says I’m stressed over Akshay, his life may be at serious risk. She appeals to God for him. Aparajita says nothing will happen to him, he will return soon. Dadi goes to her room and starts imploring. Aparajita asks Asha where could the portable market be? Asha says close by, she requests that she call Akshay. She calls him however there is no organization. Asha asks what’s going on? Aparajita doesn’t say anything. Asha leaves. Aparajita accepts Dadi’s call and takes a stab at calling him. She sees diya passing over so she saves it. Dadi says the cleric cautioned me about him, if it’s not too much trouble, call him. Aparajita says sure. Dadi sees diya blowing off.

Scene 2
Akshay awakens and sees himself tied in a back of the truck. He recoils in pain.

Aparajita is trusting that Akshay will return, she checks out the house and thinks there are awful recollections joined with this house and I’m back here for my girl. I trust Akshay is alright. Chhavi comes there and embraces her. Aparajita asks what was the deal? Chhavi says I’m upset for conversing with you like that and taking a choice without conversing with you. Aparajita says its alright. Chhavi says I could have done without that young lady hitting the dance floor with Go, consider the possibility that Mohini was correct.. Aparajita asks what did she tell you? Chhavi tells her beginning and end and cries. Aparajita says on the off chance that you trust your affection then you shouldn’t stress where he resides. Chhavi says you are correct yet I was unable to quit contemplating Mohini’s words, a great deal can change in a year and Go’s heart as well. Aparajita looks on however doesn’t say anything.

Dadi comes to the party and yells at them to leave as Akshay hasn’t arrived. Sunil says where did he go? Chhavi inquires as to for what reason does she look stressed? Dadi yells at them all to leave. Aparajita requests that she quiet down. Dadi says I’m stressed over Akshay, she requests that Aparajita call him, for what reason did he leave the commitment function? Aparajita says I had a go at calling him however he isn’t getting. Dadi says the cleric let me know he may be in harm’s way. Aparajita requests that she quiet down. Dadi says why? is it true or not that you were quiet when your little girls were at serious risk? how might I be quiet? Aparajita petitions God for Akshay to come back.

The episode ends.

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