Meet 10 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Meet Written Update 10 January 2023

Meet and Meet Ahlawat embraces each other Meet says I asked you to avoid anything. He says you some of the time act like ordinary housewife, you were at serious risk so I need to come to save you. Meet let him know everything how they treated her and show him her messed up mangalsutra. Meet Ahlawat request that she sit and make sense of him about the solid connection as there heart are associated, I’ll continuously with you don’t worry.

Written Update Meet Today Episode

Raj watching news about Meet. Raj appeal to God for saving Meet and Ragini life. Babita get some information about news. Raj switch off television. Babita says for what reason did you switch it off give me remote. Raj request that she make tea and redirect the point. Babita leave. Raj says I need to conceal remote. Smash strolls in says I previously did and says we need to accomplish something rather then concealing things. Raj says Meet Ahlawat has gone to save them he will be back with Seething and Meet. Slam says how could you let him go don’t you know about the risk. Raj says how might I stop him he need to save our relatives I’m glad for his activities since, in such a case that him everybody will be with there family.Chief says for what reason is he taking time and request that his part check and advise them to shoot assuming that he attempt to act smart.

Meet 10 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Meet Ahlawat make her wear mangalsutra and advise her arrangement to protect everybody, I carried smoke bombs with me we can involve them out of luck, he thoroughly searches in his pack yet couldn’t track down them. Meet ask him could we at any point go out from the manner in which you came in. He says no I come from sewer vent it’s hard to clear everybody from that point, he show her guide and say we can break room number 4 wall which can assist us with emptying everybody. Meet says let me handle that since I’m dead for psychological militant. Meet Ahlawat says I’ll send somebody to help you. Meet says how we will cover the voice of walk breaking. Number 1 external room thump expresses come out quick or I’ll come in. Meet Ahlawat says I’m coming, he request that Meet deal with her and leave the room.

Meet Latest Spoiler Alerts 10 January 2023

Chief says to specialist it’s all the more then 2 hours still sibling isn’t cognizant what’s up. Specialist says I gave my all. Boss says recuperate my sibling or everybody will be dead with you. Specialist says I’m not god simply appeal to God for him. Meet Ahlawat tap on his shoulder says we can appeal to God for him it works who realizes god favor him, in the event that you need I can converse with everybody. Meet listening all that says that is a well thought out plan then they can not hear when we break the wall. Number 1 tells boss I don’t trust him consider the possibility that he attempt to act shrewd like that young lady. Number 3 says no and ridicule him. Boss says stop garbage and request that he petition God for sibling. Meet Ahlawat advise everybody to petition God for commandant and sign Meet about plan. Meet escape room and stroll towards room number 4 with the goal that she can break the wall.

Meet Ahlawat requesting that everybody supplicate noisily and tell Chanda Meet is alive and she is chipping away at plan to save everybody by breaking wall.

Meet inside room find the wall to break it.

Meet Ahlawat request that everybody yell boisterously and pray.

Meet inside room breaking the wall. Outside everybody asking. Meet Ahlawat requesting that everybody get clearly and request that two man assist with meeting in room number 4. Meet Ahlawat figures I ought to proceed to check id they have anything to break the wall, he see psychological oppressor occupied with one another he leave space to check.
Everybody occupied in breaking wall. Meet ask what are you doing here. He says it’s came to offer you devices to reprieve wall. Meet says don’t stress I’ll deal with here you proceed to search for psychological oppressor. One of the psychological oppressor here voice coming from room number 4 he strolls in and point firearm at them he says you made a splendid arrangement yet you bombed he request Endlessly meet Ahlawat to the hands from others four individuals. They tie there hands. He request that they tie every others hand and request that they go to boss. The two of them strolling in passageway. Meet figures we can’t break this chance to leave. Meet Ahlawat believes it’s troublesome yet be prepared I’ll consider something, he begin acting says I need to go washroom. Psychological militant free his watchman and he hit him on his head. He falls on floor.



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