Meet 12 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Meet Written Update 12 December 2022

Meet kiss on Meet Ahlawat’s brow. He attempt to contact her face and point towards cabinet. Meet open it and see gift and roses. He wish her marriage commemoration and says I let you know I’ll quiet down for you. Meet crying wish him back. Meet Ahlawat hold her hand, he apply sindoor on her brow. Everybody gets emotional.

Written Update Meet Today Episode

Seven days after the fact.
Meet give tea to Raj and says finish is quick I want to talk something connected with family.
Raj in lobby tells Masum it’s been seven days and presently Meet Ahlawat is all fine it’s all a result of Meet.Meet Ahlawat perusing paper deceives her. Meet says it’s you, I assemble solidarity to converse with Father and you demolished everything. Meet Ahlawat says I realize father Love you yet there is another person you love you a great deal, his name likewise coordinates your name and act charming with her. Meet ridicule him. Meet Ahlawat says atleast take a gander at me you will not have the option to oppose me.

Meet 7Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Meet Ahlawat strolls in with Meet in her grasp says don’t upset us I want to talk something to my significant other she is my need and they walk higher up. Everybody see a banner on his back perusing don’t upset. Everybody peruses and laugh.

Meet Latest Spoiler Alerts 12 December 2022

Few individuals strolls in and welcome everybody. Slam expresses out loud whatever an unexpected, yet wonderful treat what are you all doing here. He says you guve us shock, you have another little girl and you didn’t tell us. Smash and everybody is shock. Other man says she even went downhill enough so speedy, says you brought her home and Ragini said nothing. Smash gets out whatever junk are you talking. He says everybody is discussing this uf you don’t really accept that glance at this and show him article in paper. Ragini and Ishani get’s restless. Smash get’s up and request that they leave. Ragini read the article. Smash grab paper from her says how might you venture to do this, tell me. Everybody telephone begin ringing. Masum attempt to get yet Smash yells at her and request that she plunk down. Smash disengages landline. Raj tells Ragini you told Ishani is your girl and they printed Ishani is Smash’s girl. Ishani attempt to tell. Ragini stop her. Slam says you destroyed my name on account of your misstep, you fouled up. Raj says how you be absolutely certain Ragini printed that article and get some information about the circumstance. Slam yells what she will say today she broke the fath in all things, everybody out will be giggling at me and she don’t care the slightest bit, she should be blissful in the wake of doing this yet recall one thing I won’t allow anything to happen to me, he strolls to Ishani says she won’t live here any longer and begin taking her out. Ragini stop him says don’t make it happen. Slam says on the off chance that you love her a ton, you both will go out. Raj prevent him from doing this. Smash says kindly don’t stop me today or probably I could free control. Meet Ahlawat and Meet strolls down. Babita request that he follow through with something.
Ishani tells Ragini atleast say something today. Ishani says to Smash it’s enough you won’t utter a word I’ll come clean and truly. Slam stops her says don’t attempt to play game. Ishani says you played game with my mother Sushma. Slam in shock in the wake of knowing the name. Ishani says same Sushma you cherished before and guarantee her to wed yet you sat idle. Raj ask Smash what is she talking about, is that valid and reprimands him. Ishani says he won’t utter a word since he is weakling, she says to Slam it’s not difficult to yells yet undeniably challenging to acknowledge truth, she show everybody video os her mother saying Ishani is girl of me and Smash Ahlawat, he never let me meet his family, he realized I was pregnant yet could do nothing and abandoned me in passing on condition. Ishani crying. Slam strolls to Ragini says you realized she was my little girl yet you lie to me so you can ridicule me infront of everybody and ruin my standing to get payback, spouse is somebody who backing husband in each condition however you wounded me from behind. Meet says this si wrong Ragini never attempt to hurt anybody and I don’t really accept that she might have followed through with something like this to you.

Barfi strolls to Ahlawat’s with authoritative archive says now Ahlawat manor and there industrial facility are mine, they way you removed my girl from this house currently I’ll do likewise with you, she says to Meet you have 24 hours to save your home. Meet says it was Ahlawat’s and will be.

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