Meet 13 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Meet Written Update 13 January 2023

Meet Ahlawat and Meet request that Ragini leave through departure slide. Everybody clears. Meet says I’ll proceed to get Specialist. Meet Ahlawat says I’ll accompany you. Number 3 go into room and see everybody is outside medical clinic. Endlessly meet Ahlawat get him from behind, take his weapon and bind him to bed. Meet Ahlawat take his hun says come we should bring specialist and the two of them leave.

Written Update Meet Today Episode

Babita with Endlessly meet Ahlawat’s photograph crying. Raj strolls to her says time is here, our child saved each and every individual who were stuck there, I found in news we need to proceed to save our children. Babita get’s cheerful says come we should go.Meet and Meet Ahlawat in specialist’s room request that he leave. Specialist terrified didn’t move. Boss strolls forward point firearm at them says you wanted to leave.

Meet 13 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Chief says I believed you ward kid and you were not dead subsequent to having chance yet this time I’ll shoot you. Meet strolls forward says I was police before so don’t attempt to frighten us, as of now everybody is out so you will require us to get out that excessively alive. Boss says he previously informed us concerning new way from waste line, he hit specialist with weapon and says you will be dead now since you neglected to save my brother.

Meet Latest Spoiler Alerts 13 January 2023

Police get some information about the prisoner. Ragini says Meet Ahlawat, Meet and Specialist are still inside alongside 5 fear based oppressor and there officer is dead. Police prepare to break inside and save everyone.

Meet Ahlawat point firearm at Boss says we are generally prepared to bite the dust however recollect while passing on we will in any case take you and your kin. Meet ridicules Boss and says we are as yet having your number 3 as prisoner and he could educate everything concerning you to police. Number 1 says she is feigning shoot her boss. Meet says we can arrange give specialist and take number 3 tell me. Boss says OK proceed to get number 3 yet your significant other and specialist will be here. Meet says I’ll proceed to get him, she leaves.

Babita and Raj strolls to Ragini.

Meet bring Number 3 for discussion. Boss push specialist forward. Number 3 strolls by. Meet Ahlawat, Meet and Specialist leave the room. They take off. Fear monger follow them in passage. Meet Ahlawat and Meet assist specialist with emptying securely. Babita see Endlessly meet Ahlawat remaining at window she yells bounce quick. Fear monger go into room and prevent th from going. Meet Ahlawat attempt to take weapon yet Boss stop them and encompass them. Boss says I have killed a many individuals however killing you both will be my pleasure. Babita yells descend quick. Meet Ahlawat and Meet glances at her down. Boss approach. Everybody in shock subsequent to seeing them. Police gets ready. Boss consume the departure fabric. Meet Ahlawat yells everybody get back. Boss hit him. Babita get’s terrified. Boss yells assuming that anybody attempt to move everybody will be dead, we have introduced bomb in building, on the off chance that you maintain that everybody should be protected we need one SUV and 2 armed force staff who will accompany us to safe house. Police request that everybody stay behind. Babita request that Spec Operations save her children. He request that he be back we are take circumstance under control.

Terrorist make Endlessly meet Ahlawat prisoner. Boss says on the off chance that I got no reaction in a short ways from outside I’ll kill you both. They sit tight for 5 minutes says time is done armed force didn’t answer now you will be dead let me know who will go first. Meet says your solidarity is simply in weapon, open my hands then I’ll show you. Number1 hit her. Boss taunts her says I’ll kill your first. Meet Ahlawat says you are weakling, attempt kill me first. Endlessly meet Ahlawat begin contending with one another. Number 3 admonishes them says how about we kill this young lady first. Boss says I have a superior arrangement, they are enamored with one another so you both will be fortunate to pass on with one another and he focuses firearm on both of there head.

Special Power outside bomb the door and break in emergency clinic.
Number 2 says I think police is inside clinic. Number 1 in hall see them coming higher up, she tell Boss they are in entryway. Unique powers on steps coming towards them.

Delayed bomb ticking in Meet Ahlawat’s leg, he express his adoration to Meet and toss her out of window. Meet tumbling down from the window and sees the bomb blast.

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