Meet 14 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode 17 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Meet 14 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Written Update 17 february 2023

Meet shares with Manmeet, according to manage in this house a spouse needs to pay attention to anything her better half says, and you believe I should go out so I will however I will go out my direction. Meet gets a took and climvs on it with a dupatta and ties it across her neck. Jashoda attempts to stop her, Meet yells and expresses step back and says according to our old ceremonies a lady comes in doli and leaves when she kicks the bucket in final resting place, thus I will likewise bite the dust. Jashoda says Mahendra stop her.

Written Update Meet 14 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Today Episode

Manmeet sees a blade and figures now she will see my game. Manmeet strolls to Meet with blade and cuts dupatta, Meet falls on him. Meet tells him you just demonstrated we will be together for a really long time. Manmeet leaves. Meet thinks, Manmeet is so frantic about his wedding getting dropped, how should my parents in law at Ahlawat house probably felt after you deceived them.Manmeet resolving out of resentment, gets call from Shagun while crying.
Manmeet’s sister show Meet her room and says this is Manmeet’s room and yours as need might arise to pay attention to Hanuman Chalisa and really at that time he awakens, that is your work now. Meet tells her, let Badri just wake him up or probably he will disturb entire house and accomplished you Delhi work occur. She says it was my fantasy and here you’re not permitted to dream, you nod off Manmeet is furious he won’t rest. Meet says its great in the event that he doesn’t you stay here with me, we will talk throughout the evening.
She says I cant,I stay in Patallok and we aren’t permitted in Vaikunthadham. Meet expresses out loud whatever gibberish is this. She shows Meet two segments of Sarkar’s castle one side which has all extravagances and just ladies who bring forth child are permitted to remain here and rest in damnation i.e Patallok and we are treated as servants.

Meet 17 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Gunvanti strolls in and begins yelling at everybody and requests that they finish the work rapidly. Meet expresses out loud whatever rubbishness happens here. Meghna says we see an expectation in you, you are initial one who has taken stand in sarkarpur and I’m certain you will liberate us from this torment. Meghna’s mom calls her in Patallok quickly.

Meet 14 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Latest Spoiler Alerts 17 february 2023

Shagun shares with Manmeet,this is all Meet’s arrangement, it was our life as a youngster dream tp get hitched and remain together. Manmeet says don’t cry, Meet should pay for each and every tear of yours.

Manmeet strolls to Meet with fire, Meet snoozing. Manmeet says you needed to pass on here thus you will. Manmeet pours lamp oil overall around Meet and going to light her, Sarkar stops him and takes him out.
Sarkar tells Manmeet you are my most brilliant youngster yet killing her future your most horrendously terrible choice, lets go.

Sarkar offers beverages to Manmeet, Manmeet says I might I at any point need to prepare. Sarkar says love and war the two should be played cautiously, remember Meets family has higher contacts as well. Manmeet says 24yrs I was away from you however you never let me fell that yet today I need one thing that is my Shagun, Meet made meextremely upset by breaking my marriage thus she needs to pass on. Sarkar says approach me and says I comprehend your aggravation, you wedded Meet for your folks, lets do a thing give Meet her papers she will leave and you can wed Meet, Manmeet says Meet has begun this game and presently it will end when one of us ends.

Sarkar tells Manmeet, I’s thought process is the reason dod Meet decided to be your significant other and come here, she might have attempted differently, why this, she realized this is extremely hazardous and could kill her. Manmeet breaks glass in his grasp and gets out anything game she has arranged, I will get it front of everybody tomorrow.

Meet following day sees everybody pressing and making plans for a capability. Gunvanti gets a kurta for Mahendra, he says he despises it and leaves. Gunvanti chides Anuja and says improve something.
That’s what meet sees and lashes out, Meet leaving Mahendra’s little girl stops her and says new lady can’t go out this way and don’t gaze at me I’m Mahendra’s girl Veera. Meet says you are little similar to nut but..Veera says I’m only here to tell you be prepared its your Muh Dikhai. Meet says something is fishy.

Gunvanti strolls in and says to Meet, lets get you dressed its your Muh Dikhai. Meet shares with her I realize you maintained that Shagun should be hete and can’t stand me. Gunvanti asks her shut up.
Jashoda figures the reason why does Manmeet need this custom what is he planning?

Gunvanti gets Meet out, Meet thinks I see entire town here the thing is Manmeet arranging.
Manmeet says before we start custom, remember how Muh Dikahi starts here, with a tattoo. Manmeet requests that everybody show their hands how in Sarkarpur a lady needs to compose spouses name on her hand.
Manmeet says to Meet, you need to compose on your hand you are Manmeet’s wife.

Pre cap: Manmeet says to Meet from here onward you will be my significant other.
Manmeet ask Meet currently it’s your decision what you need, tattoo or transport ticket. Meet thinks till now I have been battling for ladies privileges and today I’m at the edge of loosing my character, I won’t let this happen.

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