Meet 16 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Meet Written Update 16 January 2023

After one Year.
Babita on stand by with Meet. Raj strolls to her. She says Meet called and told we will get every one of the archives for making industrial facility at last our Child’s fantasy will work out. Raj says from most recent 1 year oyr Meet generally attempted to satisfy our children dream.

Written Update Meet Today Episode

Meet on bicycle at interstate, she stops to request the recipient. Elderly person ask first tell who are you Bor or Young lady. Meet eliminate her head protector and ask tell me is this Ranipuri or write. He says OK yet presently it’s called as Sarkar Puri. Meet says thanks to him and leave.Meet on a remote ground. A man give her papers and says from here onward it’s yours, Meet give him cash and he leaves. Meet recollects her conversation with Meet Ahlawat for opening his factory.

Meet 16 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Meet with paper says feom today your fantasy will start to be valid, I’ll make here India’s most memorable production line run by women.

Meet Latest Spoiler Alerts 16 January 2023

Raj tells Babita few individuals outside were getting some information about Meet’s subsequent marriage. Babita says I was additionally thinking same. Ishani strolls in with image of Meet for Bhoomi Pujan. Worker keep the photograph and leave. Babita shares with Raj we will go to God for Meet that she gets a cherishing family.

A woman tell her mom I did all that you request that I do, all the arrengements are finished. A woman stroll inside subsequent to washing garments as she was feeling cold. Old woman hold her hand reproves her and attempt to consume her hand with room warmer. Woman yells in torment and call her mom. They stroll in and see her. Old woman hurt her and admonishes her for not getting pregnant afet getting hitched to her child. A woman strolls in and says Sarkar is coming and it’s the ideal opportunity for ritual.

Everyone in function getting a charge out of. Mother by marriage as old to make a tattoo in her grasp says I’m Spouse Of Smash Dhan. Woman says I would rather not tattoo. Mother by marriage alarm her and make sense of her why tattoo is vital.
A vehicle enter the property. Meet Ahlawat ask Dhanraj emerge from vehicle with Narendra and Mahandra.
Woman moving inked remove her hand says I would rather not be oart of this babble custom. Sarkar strolls in the premises. He says to compose name then, at that point, leave it. Fill eliminate her Duppata. Sarkar says on the off chance that a woman isn’t having her significant other’s name then that woman is spouse of everybody and eliminate her Duppata.

Few individuals with weapon strolls to Meet, he says me are individuals of Sarkarpur. Thug says you have overstepped law’s of Sarkarpur, he give her paper and request that she read. Meet read all the law’s.

Sarkar and his family doing custom, he holds her significant other’s hand says you are my approval and everybody start with the pooja of Master Krishna. A young lady escape pooja, she remove her sack and run. Sarkar see her leaving, he stroll towards entryway and see payal lying of ground, he get it and yells Mehgna.

Meet peruses all the law against ladies infront of thug. She tear paper infront of them and toss at them. They attempt to go after her. She yells back at them and says you attempting to trap ladies and kill there dreams yet from now things will change.

Sarkar says in Sarkarpur young ladies are not permitted to see dreams, she chastens her significant other says didn’t you educate your daughter.

Goon says we should show this young lady a thing or two and show her existence. They assault her however Meet retaliate. Pioneer strolls towards Meet to go after her from blade however protect herself and toss everybody in pit.

Sarkar tells her significant other in the event that you can’t deal with your girl so let me know would it be advisable for me I bring outher wife.

Meet yells at thug and makes statements will change here and this is my better half’s fantasy and it will come true.

Meet leave and she hit a young lady on road. Meet stop and expressions of remorse to her, she get some information about her leg. It was same young lady who took off from pooja, she yells in torment. Meet says come I’ll take you to your home. She says drop me at transport stop and she leave with her on bicycle. Young lady request that she stop bicycle. Meet ask her is all that fine do you want any assistance so ket me know. Young lady says it’s alright she says thanks to her and leave.

Meet shares with Babita and Raj we got the records now we need to go for Bhoomi Pooja and ask is Meet Ahlawat’s image prepared for poojs. Raj says OK and request that worker bring his photograph. He give photograph to Meet. Meet plunk down take off dress and see his photograph, she gets profound and says for what reason met Ahlawat investigated picture and for what reason did Raj pick this one, there should be a memory. Raj shares with Babita this isn’t the photograph I provide for get create. Babita says OK our child never wore that sort of stud nor that hairdo, he doesn’t seem to be our child. Raj says he id Meet Ahlawat and there should be some memory with Meet so that is the reason she probably given this photograph and we won’t discuss this to her.

Meet in room holding Meet Ahlawat’s photograph says your fantasy will before long work out as expected and I realize you will be remaining with me to see your dream.

Few men encompass the young lady who took off expresses accompany me it is basically impossible that you can run. She see well behind her, she bounce inside.

Few men attach her to bed snd toss water at her. She awakens. Sarkar stroll towards her. She begin yelling for help. Sarkar free her hands and sit adjacent to her, he ask who was the person with whom you were attempting to run. She says there is nobody. Sarkar show her photograph sitting on bicycle with Meet says currently tell who is he. She let them know he not a boy.

Narandra strolls in with his hooligans says she is correct a young lady wear gasp and ride bicycle and more perilous then our man, she break our ruleand our men got pounded by her. Mahandra strolls in says she is attempting to open a manufacturing plant and just for ladies as worker. Sarkar get up says she seems to be man and exceptionally bold we need to meet her.

Raj and Babita with Panditji at land preparing for pooja. Panditji ask who will sit with Meet in pooja. Meet present to Meet Ahlawat’s photograph says he will sit with me. Panditji says without man pooja is inconceivable. Raj says my little girl wil do pooja with photograph. Panditji start with pooja. Hardly any consideration come to area m sarkar strolls our with pot and toss water at havan to stop pooja. Panditji move frightened and run off. Babita ask where are you running. Get together and give shift focus over to Sarkar.

Sarkar says to Meet ladies of Sarkarpur have one obligation that is to deal with there spouse from morning till night, so when they have the opportunity to work in your production line, no one has right to disrupt guideline of Sarkarpur. Get pick together a block put on ground says now the establishment is set and from this point forward all the law’s of Sarkarpur will be same as like of government I’ll see who will stop me.

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