Meet 18 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Meet Written Update 18 January 2023

Inspector show capture warrant to Sarkar. Sarkar says who set out to stop protest. Meet strolls in says I composed the grumbling against you, making counterfeit records. Sarkar’s significant other approach and reprimand her she even remark on her appearance. Sarkar request that he be very says my days are not that awful that I have take my significant other’s assistance. Sarkar tells Reviewer assuming you will place me in prison. Meet ridicules him. Mahandra attempt to hit her however she stops her hand says on the off chance that you attempt to hit me you will likewise land in prison with your father. Mahandra take off. Sarkar makes statements will set you back. Meet says haven’t arrived as a visitor taunts him infront of his family.

Written Update Meet Today Episode

Constable attempt to cuff him. His significant other approach expresses be in your breaking point. Constable binds him. Sarkar says you will lament you choice investigator. Police remove him. Sarkar’s men outside stop there way. They would it be a good idea for us we will kill everybody here and cause what is happening. Meet yells stand by everybody and make sense of her arrangement of her production line and how supportive it will be for every one of the women of this town, this man wnat to control over you and don’t maintain that all of you should see advancing, let police do there work. One man hit controller and everybody begin battling. Sarkar lift his hand and each man quit battling. Mahandra strolls in with attorney and request that he show bail papers to Reviewer. Auditor actually look at the archive and request that his individuals discharge him. Meet says today you are protected however one day every one of the women of this town will be against you that saving you will be troublesome. Police and meet leave the area.Meet doing bhoomi pujan of land and recalls Meet Ahlawat’s fantasy, she get done with her pooja and use digging tool to dig an opening and spot a block to finish the ritual.

Meet 18 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Everyone strained in Sarkar’s loved ones. Sarkar sitting with his grandkid. Mahandra fly off the handle’s says I’ll kill that young lady and end her story.

Meet Latest Spoiler Alerts 18 January 2023

Police help to put load up for plant. Meet apply teeka in Meet Ahlawat’s photo.

Sarkar checking out at each woman in his home. Everybody frightened of him. Sarkar get some information about the phony archives of land. Mahandra out of frustration says pass on this to me in one hour guilty party will be standing infront of you. Sarkar slaps him firmly and he falls on ground. Sarkar says everything is your shortcoming who request that you proceed to converse with TehseelDaar, they came to an obvious conclusion and cuffs me, similar to this you will deal with privileged position no one had the option to address me from most recent 25 years however a pariah tested me I’ll not extra her. Sarkar’s better half grasp diya says my significant other was disregarded infront of everybody and to recall that regular I’ll keep open hairs till the time she conciliatory sentiments Sarkar nor I’ll eat food. Everybody in shock. Sarkar figures now god should show a miracle.

Meet working with every one of the records, she check her telephone and finds Meet Ahlawat’s photograph, she says I’m still in delima for what reason did you kept this haircut and look. Her records fly away on account of tempest, she begin gathering her archives. A person strolling with tote towards her. Meet in the middle of gathering her paper. A paper fly to his face and cover it. Meet expresses out loud whatever are you doing assist me, she with removing paper from his face and begin searching for other. Meet Ahlawat copy begin assisting her with getting reports, both in the middle of gathering papers. A work vehicle interfere with them. A man in work vehicle yelling we should go to Kushti Akhada in Sarkarpur. The person toss his sack in farm truck. Meet yells guve my paper. He give her paper and erroneously takes his arm band with Mother composed on it.


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