Meet 19 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Meet Written Update 19 January 2023

Sarkar’s significant other informing him. One of his man stroll to him and let him know something. Sarkar expresses be in line. His better half get’s terrified. Each lady in his home remaining in line. Sarkar expresses somebody from this house has educated Meet concerning Chatanks land and the message was ship off her from a secret telephone. Nobody respond to him. Sarkar says I’m allowing both of you days Jasodha figure out the guilty party or probably I’ll think that he is out and exacerbate his condition. Meghna thinks Meet came in my life as rescuer yet presently I can’t message her.

Written Update Meet Today Episode

Meet with Raj and Babita making sense of design for plant ashore. She see Meet Ahlawat’s photograph is gone, she stroll to not many children and get some information about Photograph. Kids tell her grapplers ( akhade rib pehelwan) took them. Mahandra and his men stroll towards Meet. Babita get’s terrified she calls her. Mahandra says I have a directive for yourself and give her telephone to talk. Meet takes telephone. Sarkar welcome her for the festival of Lohri and detaches call.
Sarkar giggling. His significant other ask what occur for what good reason are you chuckling. Sarkar play with her says whoever did this to us will be rebuffed, you have made vow of not tying your hairs and not having food presently accept it will be over soon and ask ger to eat. She says till the time I don’t see her loosing I will not eat.Babita and Raj gets terrified. Raj says I could do without your choice to go there. Meet says just sit back and relax and I need to invigorate them battle against them so they can likewise remain against them and work and request that Raj bring Babita back home. Babita request that she watch out. Meet says don’t stress now I need to and get back Meet Ahlawat’s photo.

Meet 19 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Wrestling rivalry going on, anchor ask is there anybody prepared to confront our victor. A man strolls says I’m prepared to battle him. Everybody gets quiet. Meet Ahlawat clone strolls in and rout him.

Meet Latest Spoiler Alerts 19 January 2023

Meet with Youngster strolling towards wrestling contest. Meet see two grapplers wrestling. Meet Ahlawat clone thump down his rival. Everybody supporting him. Meet ask kid do you have any idea about where did they kept photograph. He provide her guidance. Meet stroll towards the photograph. Meet see clone from behind. Everybody get inside ring and get him on there shoulder. Get holding arm band choose together photograph and walk. Kid see wristband in her grasp ask where did you get this, it’s of sibling. Kid says OK he let me know that he lost it. Meet says alright reward your sibling.
Broadcaster give prize and ask who are you who prevailed upon everybody. He ridicule him for marriage. Elderly person request let me know what kind from ladies you need I’ll get it for you. He give discription about ladies he want.

Lohri festivity at Sarkar’s home. Everybody having some good times. Meet strolls in for pooja. Jashoda see Meet and recollect her vow she took. Sarkar see Meet and request that she approach, he wish her Lohri. Jasodha request that she dance and appreciate. Meet join her hands and step back. Sarkar strolls to her says your desire is each lady ought to work however before that you ought to be aware in the event that ladies are intrigued or not. Meet yells and ask sister do all of you need to be independent.


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