Meet 2 january 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Meet Written Update 2 january 2023

Meet tosses the ball outside and it arrives at police. Monitor gets the ball and perused the message he says fear based oppressor are here, he ask yo get back to up.
One of the psychological oppressor rell boss police is returning. Everybody gets terrified. Boss request that everybody prepare, he views at Meet and rescue her once again from medical clinic as prisoner. Police request that everybody quiet down. Boss request that they stay back or, in all likelihood I’ll kill everybody individually, assuming you believe I’m faking I’ll set and model for all of you. Meet Ahlawat strolls and se Meet as prisoner. Meet glances at him. Boss take her back inside. Meet Ahlawat attempt to rush towards Meet however police hold him, he request that they leave him.

Written Update Meet Today Episode

Chief take everybody’s telephone from them. A woman conceal her other telephone from everybody. Boss says everybody will be very or, more than likely I’ll kill him. Meet request that everybody quiet down, yelling won’t help us.Inspector request that his senior send back-up. Meet Ahlawat tells Assessor attempt to grasp my significant other and my chachi is inside psychological oppressor can do anything to them, kindly let me head inside, assuming anything happens to me it will be my obligation. Controller says sorry we will not have the option to send you inside.

Meet 2


2022 Written Update Today Episode

Chief request that his individuals search for specialist and says assuming something will happen to Commandant I’ll torch this, I know somebody from inside enlightened police concerning us so approach or probably in light of that individual everybody will be dead.

Meet Latest Spoiler Alerts 2 january 2023

Reports outside medical clinic recording news.
Ahlawat’s watching news channel about Psychological militant. Raj expresses shouldn’t something be said about the groups of prisoners they should be stressed. Smash attempt to arrive at Raginis number. Babita call Meet and figure out there telephone is turned off. Raj call Meet Ahlawat, he get telephone. Raj ask we saw fear based oppressor assault news are you okay. Meet Ahlawat saya don’t stress we as a whole are fine. Raj inquire as to for what reason are there telephone turned off. Meet Ahlawat says there telephone’s battery is drained, don’t stress we will get back home safe and detaches phone.

Chief threating individuals inside and getting some information about offender. He focuses firearm a pregnant lady. Meet says she was unable to make it happen, she is terrified if it’s not too much trouble, let her go. Boss says you are correct she looks terrified however you look fine, did you educate police concerning us, respond to us or I’ll pull the trigger. Fear monger bring specialist infront of Boss, he request that he begin working quick. Specialist expresses attempt to comprehend this patients body tainted with poision let me treat her first or probably she will bite the dust. Boss kill the patient. Everybody outside emergency clinic get’s ready of hearing weapon. Boss request that specialist start with activity. Each prisoner crying. Boss request that everybody be very. Boss take dead body outside the emergency clinic with cot. Correspondent attempt to take a reasonable perspective on scene yet police ask them step back.
Everybody at Ahlawat chateau watching news and getting terrified subsequent to seeing there report.
Boss at entryway sats this is the first guft from our side since we realize somebody give you data about us, we will track down me yet assuming that anybody attempt to come inside clinic everybody will be dead.
Babita expresses everybody inside should be frightened inside. Raj says this is exceptionally awful condition for relatives as well.
Meet Ahlawat tells Monitor, they don’t regard life, kindly accomplish something for what reason aren’t you going about your business, my relatives are caught inside atleast in case me do something.

Chief inside clinic request that offender approach. Fear monger terrifying each prisoner. Boss glances at a kid he request that offender approach or, in all likelihood I’ll kill him.

Inspector making methodology to break inside medical clinic and discuss a mysterious way to enter inside medical clinic however it’s a labyrinth we first need to comprehend the way really at that time we can go. Constable says for that we really want consent and no one but armed force can make it happen. Meet Ahlawat hear all that and takes a gander at map.

Meet lift her hand says let the youngster go I educated police regarding you. Meet approach. Boss says prepare to kick the bucket and point firearm at her.

Meet Ahlawat outside says I guarantee nothing will happen to you Meet, I’ll find the mysterious way which will lead me to you, have patience.

Meet put weapon on her brow says shoot me.

Boss says to Meet in the event that you are adrenaline junkie, I would like you to rebuff in same manner, I need to torment and kill you and this will happen just when you get hitched with one of the psychological militant and he apply sindoor on her temple. The person gets excited.

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