Meet 20 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Meet Written Update 20 December 2022

Raj and Babita stroll towards Barfi with water and sweet. Babita stagger and spill water on Meet. Endlessly meet Ahlawat see them and gets stunned. Barfi chastens Babita. Raj make sense of the circumstance and apoloifrom her side. Babita says I’ll wipe it. Barfi blows up and attempt to slap her. Meet Ahlawat hold her.

Written Update Meet Today Episode

Masum and Ishani at office converse with secretary says we are here to meet Chaya for new employee screening. Secretary guide them way to Chaya.
Ishani and Masum go inside a room and see young ladies moving, they leave however Chaya see them and says come we should begin with the preparation you will procure in lakhs and you need to do anything client request that you do. Masum lash out’s and says how might you venture to converse with us and request that Ishani leave. A man stop there way and undermines them aith blade says there is no chance to get out from here. Ishani attempt to utilize her telephone however Chaya grabs it and says don’t attempt to act brilliant or, more than likely I’ll viral your profile and you took cash likewise from me yesterday, do you recollect that, she show them photograph while taking cash and says believe on the off chance that this turn into a web sensation, individuals will think you are working with me and what you will pay all due respects to your loved ones. Ishani and Masum get’s scared.Barfi ask Shaikhji for what reason are you holding my hand. Meet says he blows up your worker annihilated my dress she express something to Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat bring tracker says she destroyed sovereign’s dress I’ll rebuff her secretly. Barfi get’s energized. Meet says follow me. Raj and Babita get’s frightened and follow Meet higher up.
Raj and Babita says before you accomplish something let us make sense of. Meet eliminate veil and the two of them get stunned. Meet says if it’s not too much trouble, pardon me. Babita says we will discuss this first you explain for what reason are you acting. Meet says it’s our and ought to be with us not with foe so to take things back we are acting. Raj says implies the individual remaining outside is Meet Ahlawat. Meet says OK. Raj says I request that you avoid her on the off chance that she get any uncertainty, she will record a body of evidence against both of you and to do this atleast might have told me. Meet says you additionally didn’t enlighten us regarding your work, you know in the wake of seeing both of you like this is discipline we can’t utter a word. Raj says we are accomplishing for our children joy. Meet says and we are likewise accomplishing for our family, do you figure we will actually want to endure whatever is occurring with you, she is going to fall in our snare, we beseech you kindly don’t request that we make our stride back. Raj say’s OK yet you and Meet Ahlawat will deal with yourself. Barfi outside room attempting to listen something. Barfi ask what’s going on nobody is shouting in torment I need to check. Barfi hear Babita shouting. Everybody inside room acting. Barfi gets blissful and leave with Meet Ahlawat.

Meet 15Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Everyone walk downstair. Barfi acclaims sovereign and says today I host continued to assemble so you can go rest till that time I’ll prepare with the papers however kindly do one thing for me, hit this woman infront of me for one time. Meet says I don’t torment typically yet on the off chance that they really do botch I’ll rebuff them, as you are assisting with bargain I’ll clearly do it for your bliss she stroll towards Babita to hit her yet she slips and hit Barfi. Meet reprove Barfi.

Meet Latest Spoiler Alerts 20 December 2022

Ram strolls to Ragini says I heard you need to go to US to your sibling, call him and say no you are not leaving this family and leave. Ragini reply back to Slam and say I think you failed to remember every one of the allegations however appears as though god has given at thight smack all over for all that, you don’t have anything to give me simply guarantee, it’s Meet’s adoration on account of which I’m here, rather than counting my obligations stress over yours.

Barfi present Sovereign yo everybody in party. Endlessly meet Ahlawat take seat. Barfi request that Babita bring snacks for them. Barfi acquaint Ahlawat chateau with everybody and says there will be new proprietor of this house now. Raj and Babita doing worker work. Meet says to Meet Ahlawat I realize you should be furious and crying subsequent to seeing Barfi and Mother Father yet sit tight for at some point then all will be great. Barfi call Recorder. Meet Ahlawat says sovereign is requesting paper to sign. Barfi says don’t stress I’ll get them. Barfi sit next to Meet with every one of the archives and sign the papers.
Chaya, Ishani and Masum outside Ahlawat chateau. Chaya request that they emerge from vehicle and says I’ll leave you after this dance execution since you previously took advance from me and assuming you attempt to act shrewd I’ll show your photographs to everybody, she eliminate blindfold. Masum and Ishani she Ahlawat chateau. Masum thinks this is our home and today we need to move here.
Barfi going to sign papers however get a message on her telephone says to sovereign consider this house is your yet atleast partake in the party, I’ll sign later, she move up and leave. Meet thinks in any case I need to take her unique today itself.

Meet Ahlawat in clinic point weapon at Neelam says you mother is attempting to sell Ahlawat house so request that she stop it or, more than likely I’ll kill you at the present time.
Meet says to Meet Ahlawat imagine a scenario where she say no. Meet Ahlawat says I would have killed her. A person listen says killing somebody is serious wrongdoing and discipline for that is likewise serious

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