Meet 24 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Meet Written Update 24 December 2022

Meet stroll inside Ahlawat manor. Everybody strolls to her ask what occur. Meet says we need to go to court to get bail. Raj says we will get it sit back and relax and didn’t you tell she abducted our child and give poision to him. Meet says I let them know everything and they tracked down Neelam’s body in his vehicle, evry proof is against him. Babita says yet this isn’t correct, he sat idle, you intend to say he will be rebuffed for the things he didn’t do. Meet says we realize he is honest we will bring him back, we will employ besy attorney for him our solidarity is our power.

Written Update Meet Today Episode

Meet strolls in her room, she pick his photograph gets out whatever would it be advisable for me I do how might I demonstrate you non blameworthy. Meet envision Meet Ahlawat with him, he says I you can conceal structure everybody except I can perceive how layered you are come I’ll give you message, he hold her hand keep on his heart says could you at any point comprehend how quiet my pulse is a result of you, you know why since you are the power, when you are here then I don’t have to stress over anything, you are the person who will constantly remain with me when entire world is against me, you love me. Meet says that is valid, you realize I get my solidarity from you. Meet Ahlawat says recall one thing when two hearts are associated no one can seprate them separated regardless in the event that you believe I’m not close to you then, at that point, shut your eyes I’ll come to you. Meet emerge from her creative mind says I needed to battle entire world for you I’ll in any case demonstrate you non blameworthy I’ll bring you out.Meet at legal counselors office. Hardly any attorney discussing Anurag and his work. Anurag’s mother ask Meet what are you doing here. Meet says I believed that Anurag’s assistance should save my significant other. She says you need to stand by he is in gathering witj client
Anurag with client examining about case with client. Client give him unlimited free pass. Anurag says right now I don’t have time, you can go for the present I couldn’t actually make sense of you. Client leave. Anurag’s mother educate him concerning Meet. He says I realize that she will come and request that her mother get her in office.
Meet strolls in office. Anurag get some information about bail. Meet says they dismissed it. Anurag says I comprehend in his circumstance he won’t get bail, they found dead body in his vehicle, somebody great can save him. Meet says I know that is the reason I came to you and I believe you should battle my significant other’s case. Anurag thinks. Meet says I’ll give you your charges simply say OK one time, for what reason are you numb. Anurag says I’m prepared to battle the case. Meet says I know whether you will battle he will clearly emerge from prison, I’ll send case document with you. He says no need of that I as of now have that. Meet inquire as to why? He says I accept that you will come to me for this case. Meet says when you realized currently why didn’t you say OK when I ask first. Anurag says I as of now have concluded what I need to do, I simply need to perceive that you are so anxious to save your significant other. Meet says OK then we will meet in court.

Meet 20Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Police acquire Meet Ahlawat court. Everybody see him get’s stressed. Babita says don’t not stress anything will happen to you. Raj says we recruited best attorney for you. Meet says don’t stress this will pass and we will be blissful. Police remove him. Barfi strolls in says don’t squander your tears save them for your child’s passing when he will be hanged till death. Raj says as a dad I realize my child can’t kill anybody. Barfi says I say both my children dead so I recruited best legal counselor of this city. Meet says having enormous attorney won’t change the truth and the truth is he didn’t murder your girl and it will be demonstrated in court. Everybody take there seat. Judge strolls in and says it’s bizarre this is the initial time in my vocation I didn’t see legal counselor nor from protection and arraignment. Meet says I am sorry however attorney will be here from safeguard side. Barfi likewise says something similar. Anurag strolls in the court he stand infront of judge says I’m examiner legal advisor for this situation and I’m battling this case from Barfi Devi’s side.

Meet Latest Spoiler Alerts 24 December 2022

Meet says to pass judgment on I’ll battle my better half’s case. Anurag says I’ll show my proof which will demonstrate Meet Ahlawat killed Neelam and show everybody video of Meet Ahlawat compromising Neelam. Meet Ahlawat fly off the handle’s and assault Anurag. He expresses in light of his annoyance he killed her and I need he ought to get life imprisonment

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