Meet 26 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Meet Written Update 26 January 2023

Manmeet says he won’t leave until Meet explains to him why she is so vexed. Babita requests that Mewt converse with Manmeet. Raj tells her its her life and her choice.
Manmeet yells from outside, I’m well known grappler and I’m mentioning you to converse with you, and here with benevolence yet you simply are disturbed thus I will fight here until you let me know what is wrong.

Written Update Meet Today Episode

Its following day, Meet leaves the entryway. Babita and Raj see Manmeet still outside.
Meet goes to her room, sees Meet Ahlawat’s image and starts crying.
At night, Meet gradually looks outside sees Manmeet actually pausing, it helps her to remember Meet Ahlawat and shuts the entryway and gets angry.Babita goes to Meet’s room and requests that she open the entryway and says if it’s not too much trouble, call Manmeet inside its freezing outside.
Raj gets a few huge fire for Manmeet and says Meet is exceptionally unbending she will not concur. Manmeet says you don’t be stressed and take this inside as well, I need to figure out what’s up for what reason is she so disturbed. Raj leaves.

Meet 26 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Next day, Meet leaves and sees Manmeet resting outside on his bicycle. Meet thinks at whatever point I see you, I consider Meet Ahlawat and shuts the entryway. Babita says to Meet, I realize it harms you to see individuals in torment yet why so brutal on Manmeet and I can’t see him like this, so I will give him breakfast.
Meet gets a call, she takes breakfast from Babita and strolls to Manmeet. Manmeet rest looking at winning gold award. Get wakes him together. Meet says Chotu called there is shock determination meet, so don’t sit around idly eat and leave.

Meet Latest Spoiler Alerts 26 January 2023

Manmeet keeps plate to the side, and asks Meet for what valid reason is she angry with him, he isn’t to blame in the event that he seems to be Meet Ahlawat. Meet says that is the main explanation go at this point. Manmeet says fail to remember the past, lets be companions. Meet warmly greets Manmeet.
Manmeet blissful and says currently grin, and I was saying its my opposition accompanied me to cheer me, I will take authorization from Uncle Aunt. Raj says go Meet. Manmeet exceptionally blissful and says lets go.

Manmeet says we will go on your bicycle, my bicycle won’t work. Meet says my bicycle I will ride, Manmeet says no I will ans both leave. Babita asks that Manmeet and Meet get together.

Jashoda with pandit says this time besure assuming the match is correct, Jashoda’s girl in regulation goes close to Panditji to see who the young lady is, Jashoda admonishes her and says this keenness won’t work infront of me.

Mahendar and his men stop Manmeet and Meet. Manmeet requests that they stay away. Meet says Mahendar he has rivalry let him go. Mahendar says provided that you tie him rakhi. Manmeet assaults him, Mahendar focuses firearm and says now I will perceive the way you arrive at the ground. Meet shares with Manmeet you stay here I will be back.

Meet comes to akhada, chotu asks her where is Manmeet, Meet says he will not have the option to come here and don’t stress I won’t allow his fantasy to break.
Manmeet sees an old woman frail attempting to go to Bhole Baba which has 500 stages. Manmeet says Dadi simply sit back and relax, you recall me of my Nani, Bhole Baba will come to you.

Meet goes to coordinator and solicitations them to accompany her to see Manmeet, they say he ought to be here, we will stay put. Meet attempts to persuade them to come.

Mahendar says Dadi, that Manmeet tricked you nobody can get shivling here. Dadi shows them Manmeet. Manmeet strolls to Dadi with Shivling. Everybody bows in regard.
Meet reaches their with coordinators they are in wonderment seeing Manmeet’s solidarity.
Manmeet rests the Shivling and yells Har Mahadev. Mahendar expresses out loud whatever gibberish is this and leaves.
Dadi does pooja and favors Manmeet.
Manmeet strolls to coordinators, they tell Manmeet he is selected.

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