Meet 29 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Meet Written Update 29 December 2022

Judge request that Meet continue with the case. She strolls forward and recall what Pratap told her. Anurag ask her what occur. Meet says I really want some timw to figure out more proof connected with this case. Judge reproves her for with nothing to do and says I allow you 60 minutes. Anurag strolls to Meet aays for what reason are you leaving is all that good. Meet says there is a few change in plan and she strolls out.

Written Update Meet Today Episode

Meet arrive at the area and searches for Ishani. She yells her name on numerous occasions and track down vehicle. Ishani inside trunk requesting help. Meet hear her says don’t stress I’m here to help you. Meet yells for help. Pratap strolls to her.
Meet says Ishani use to call you bestfriend and you caught her. He says OK on the grounds that both didn’t left me any decision, I’ll kill each and every individual who will come in my manner. Meet inquire as to for what reason do you killed Neelam. He says she merit it since she killed my child and recount her story how he killed her. Meet take out her folding knife. Pratap occupied in recounting story. Meet stroll towards the storage compartment and attempt to open it with her blade. Pratap ignorant about the circumstance and caught up with recounting story. Meet fruitful open trunk and assist Ishani with emerging from it. Pratap see them and assault Ishani. Meet in the middle between and battle with him. Pratap slaps Meet firmly. Ishani and Meet snare him and begin beating. Pratap attempt to retaliate however Meet and Ishani dwarfed him and he free. Meet and Ishani take off from him. Meet get’s caught in net which is connected to extend driven by Pratap. Meet yells take off and call police don’t stress over me bring them. Pratap hear this, he get our of crane to get Ishani. Ishani take off. Meet hanging in air.Ishani with Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat says you mean Pratap killed Neelam and presently he abducted Meet. Ishani says OK since he realize we as a whole are conflicting with him so he seized me first and when Meet came to save me he caught her. Anurag says so Meet did all that to save you. Meet Ahlawat says please Anurag no one but you can assist me with please allowing me to go out. Anurag says it’s impractical you are under police authority. Meet Ahlawat says do something it’s significant converse with somebody. Anurag says OK he strolls to overseer and converse with them.

Meet 24Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Meet hanging above precipice yelling for help.

Meet Latest Spoiler Alerts 29 December 2022

Inspector says to Meet Ahlawat I can’t allow you to go out however Anurag rather me so I’m allowing you to go out yet I’ll blame for taking off from police. Meet Ahlawat thanks him.

Meet hanging above cliff.

Ishani see Anurag and Examiner are looking at something, she strolls to them.

Meet Ahlawat out in wilderness searching for Meet.

Anurag shares with Ishani judge is going to come and Meet Ahlawat hasn’t arrived, he should be at serious risk. Ishani says he will bring her back. Anurag says hearing is going to begin what reviewer will say to pass judgment and other thing he needs to complete this case today. Auditor tells Anurag what I’ll do now they will call our number. Anurag says don’t not stress anything will happen to you or your job.

Everyone holding up in court. Constable declare case no. 8910 to approach, he calls Meet Ahlawat name. Barfi aak Anurag where is he why he isn’t standing. Anurag request that she quiet down. Barfi says you appear to be unique today let me know occurring. Judge reproves Anurag and ask where is everybody. Anurag conciliatory sentiments to pass judgment on says they will be here soon. Judge request to call monitor. Overseer strolls in. Judge says would it be a good idea for us we think of you as need your work and should be rebuffed. Anurag says I assume the fault for all that and request that you give us additional time. Judge says for with nothing to do I can rebuff you under hatred of court act. Anurag says I comprehend everything, I humble solicitation you to give us an additional opportunity for truth to approach infront of everybody. Judge give him time and says it’s sufficient now I can hardly pause, you need to respond to every one of the inquiries and why let the guilty party go out.

Meet Ahlawat saw Meet hanging, he calls her. Meet ask how would you come from prison. Meet Ahlawat says you are in peril don’t stress I’ll do something.



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