Meet 3 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Meet Written Update 3 January 2023

Chief pointing firearm at Meet. Meet says you as of now have killed individuals to save you, you can kill everybody except recollect that we are your safeguard in the event that we are dead, you are as well. Boss says are you not terrified of death. Meet says no and respond to him back. He says you talk a lot.

Written Update Meet Today Episode

Meet Ahlawat arrive at home. Everybody get some information about Ragini and Meet. He strolls to them and see news about clinic. Babita and Raj get some information about them. Meet Ahlawat didn’t answer them.Chief says people take a gander at her she will come convenient to us, he ask number 2 and 3 to seprate clinic staff and ordinary individuals in various room.

Meet 3 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Meet Ahlawat says Meet chose to remain at her home with Ragini. Babita says OK tomorrow I have kept pooja for yourself and Meet with the goal that there are not any more awful sign between your connection. Meet Ahlawat saw Meet as hostage.

Meet Latest Spoiler Alerts 3 January 2023

Everyone seprate typical public from clinic staff. Ragini reprimands Meet says are you frantic they could kill you with your weapons. Meet says everybody should be stressed over us we really want to get out securely and I know when they can kill somebody. Pregnant woman acclaims Meet for raising her voice.

Masum show dress made for Meet to Meet Ahlawat. Babita says I have uniquely planned this for Meet to wear in pooja. Meet Ahlawat thinks first I need to track down that mysterious entry to enter emergency clinic. Meet Ahlawat says it will be finished. Babita says take thali in your grasp and leave. Raj thinks Meet Ahlawat looks stressed feels like he needs to say something however couldn’t.

Civilians are been hauled inside store room. Psychological militant beat elderly person gravely. Pregnant woman says pardon him he is old as your dad. He push her gravely and leave room. Woman yells in torment. Meet say her work torment has started.

Meet Ahlawat in his room recollect about pooja, he gets profound subsequent to seeing her photograph and saree.

Meet get some information about help from somebody. She yelling in torment. Other woman says don’t yell or they will return to inside. Meet admonishes her says we need to help one another and they way you are saying no one will remain alongside you, she request that everybody stay together against fear based oppressor. Everybody says OK we are prepared. Meet request that everybody help her for delivery.

Meet Ahlawat with Meet’s photograph says I guarantee you tomorrow you will be sitting with me in red saree in pooja I’ll bring you back.

Everyone make arrengements in store space to convey her child, they put cover on her.

Raj strolls to Meet Ahlawat and says you are concealing something from us, there is something you are not telling us, did you battle again with Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat says no dislike that, I can’t free her all is well. Raj walk away.

Ragini says to Meet her condition is deteriorating we want a specialist child won’t emerge. Meet says just sit back and relax and she request that woman push hard and take full breath. Ragini says I likewise had same condition so specialist utilize a vacuum of some sort or another. Meet beginning searching for vacuum cleaner.

Meet Ahlawat says I need to save Meet and recollect police discussing secret way to enter hospital.

Ragini says to Meet she can pass on. Meet adjust vacuum machine.

Meet Ahlawat looking through about city medical clinic and the mysterious way to enter inside which might require consent. Meet Ahlawat recollects city clinic was Madhuban Castle before and check the guide about royal residence, he finds the way and says I’m coming to save you Meet.

Chanda yelling in torment. Ragini request that she push harder once again, she swoons and convey child. Meet your child is here Chanda. She checks her kid out. Psychological militant external thinks why everybody is so calm and they stroll towards space to check.


Chief says to Meet in the event that you are thrill seeker, I would like you to rebuff in same manner, I need to torment and kill you and this will happen just when you get hitched with one of the fear based oppressor and he apply sindoor on her brow. The person gets excited.

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