Meet 31 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Meet Written Update 31 December 2022

Police pursuing fear monger and terminating at them. Abruptly Meets Ahlawat see promotion vehicle coming towards them he save everybody except Meet hurt her hand. Ragini says we should accept her city clinic. Meet says we want to meet specialist. Meet Ahlawat says you are more important.

Written Update Meet Today Episode

Meet Ahlawat request that assistant call specialist, he stroll to Meet says when I’ll meet specialist then, at that point, I’ll go to meet specialist. Meet says you proceed to meet him Ragini is here with me and get while returning. Meet Ahlawat gets call from agent.Female fear based oppressor tells her central we abandoned city emergency clinic. He expresses take there quickly.

Meet 27Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Meet attempt to persuade Meet Ahlawat. Ragini says don’t stress I’m with her you can leave. Meet Ahlawat tell specialist he will arrive at there in a short time. Fear monger cover there face and stroll inside emergency clinic. Meet Ahlawat see them strolling inside and coincidentally find one of the fear monger.
Attendants apply treatment on Meet’s hand.
The harmed fear monger says police is charging us all of you can leave. He says we won’t let you be and go, I have an arrangement everybody in this medical clinic will be our prisoner currently police will allow us to go for there life and they stroll in.
Meet Ahlawat stroll in vehicle and see vehicle keys in blood. Fear based oppressor stroll inside clinic. Somebody say stand by.
Meet Ahlawat says it feel not letting Meet be here.
Safety officer says where are you going styler make record for patient with his name and address. Psychological oppressor point hun at him and shoot. Everybody in emergency clinic gets terrified. Meet and Ragini leave room and see psychological oppressor making everybody prisoner. Female psychological militant request that they sit on floor. Meet Ahlawat strolling towards medical clinic. Meet and Ragini sacrosanct. Kids crying close by. Meet attempt to call them down. Fear monger shots calm or, in all likelihood I’ll kill everybody, he request specialist and say assuming something happen to my sibling I’ll kill everybody.
Meet Ahlawat keep foot on initial step of medical clinic and recall Meet advising him to proceed to meet specialist for good deed. Meet Ahlawat says she is correct she can deal with the circumstance and leave towards the vehicle.
Fear based oppressor says everybody calm till my sibling is dealt with nobody will attempt to act shrewd whenever it’s done we will leave. Everybody hear police alarm. Psychological oppressor gets ready. Police strolling towards clinic. One of the fear based oppressor tell boss police is coming inside. He make an arrangement to retaliate and guide his group. Boss expresses pay attention to me cautiously carry on as though nothing is going on here when police come in and in the event that you attempt to act brilliant, you will be dead. Boss point firearm at pregnant lay close to Meet and ask do you comprehend. Meet says OK. Fear based oppressor conceal in emergency clinic. Everybody act ordinary in the wake of seeing police. Reviewer get some information about fear monger and show there photograph. Nobody respond. Constable show photographs to everybody by and by. Ragini says we don’t realize we never saw them. Monitor see blood on seat says how did this much blood come on seat. Boss lock himself inside a room. Monitor about blood stain. Meet says erroneously ward kid obliterated blood parcel. Ward kid says OK it was a slip-up. Meet figures how might let them know fear based oppressors are here. Controller request that everybody leave. Injured fear monger yell in torment. Police hear him and stroll towards the room with weapon. He open room and look from outside. Reviewer says come we should go nobody is here and they leave. Psychological oppressor taking cover behind for leaves and request that everybody plunk down on floor, they begin undermining everybody. Meet see a ball she take marker from ward kid and compose something on it and toss it outside the hospital.

Meet Latest Spoiler Alerts 31 December 2022

Meet Ahlawat in vehicle in real money with specialist says sick reach in 10minutes, he embraces up and recollect that he left document in clinic, he escape vehicle and stroll towards hospital

Police get the ball tossed by Meet, they get to realize subsequent to perusing ball that psychological oppressor are inside. One of the psychological militant say police is returning.
Boss request that the guilty party approach and takes steps to kill a youngster. Meet approach.
Head bring her out and says don’t approach or, in all likelihood I’ll kill her. Meet Ahlawat yells and says she is my better half. Fear based oppressor says assuming you believe I’m lying I can set a model by killing her here.

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