Meet 4 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode 7 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Meet 4 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Written Update 7 february 2023

Manmeet in hie room working out and recall the time police taking Sarkar with them and Jasodha making vow and he promising everybody to get payback from Meet. Manmeet says after the present marriage my vengeance will be finished and my mother’s pledge will be satisfied. Manmeet get video call from Gunwanti. He in shock get call. Shagun on opposite side welcome him and says today I have kept quick so you can get your payback, I was missing you that is the reason I called you. Manmeet admonishes her says are you frantic for what reason are you attempting to draw in inconvenience and explain to me for what reason did you called me from Gunwanti’s number where is your phone.

Written Update Meet 4 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Today Episode

Gunwanti ask Shagun did you let Manmeet know that you went out. Shagun says no. Gunwanti simply deal with yourself soon you will get hitched to him and I think god paid attention to oyr petitions to heaven that is nobody got your telephone, presently quit stressing over it and she leaves. Shagun says I’m stressed Meet shouldn’t get my phone.Pandit reciting supplication. Meet sitting alone for petition. Panditji request that she ask with blossom for good and cheerful life. Meet recall her experience with Shagun and Assessor Bhati enlighten her concerning something significant however soon he left police headquarters. She open her eyes says I can’t associate dabs, something is off-base, I ought to call Bhati so I can really take a look at film. Meet calls him yet his number is turned off. Babita strolls her and get some information about pooja and reprimands her for utilizing telephone. Meet says brief I really want to call Bhati he requested that I call today morning. Babita chides her says Manmeet is hanging tight for you to get hitched but since of your hardheadedness you are making stand by Manmeet too atleast contemplate her.

Meet 7 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Manmeet sitting in mandap. Pandit request to call lady. Manmeet looking towards steps. Raj says Meet is here. Meet coming down the stairs with Ragini and Ishani. Everybody glad to see her. Manmeet sees her believes I’m carrying Meet to you.

Meet 4 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Latest Spoiler Alerts 7 february 2023

Jasodha remaining with Meet’s photograph. Jasodha request that Panditji start havan, my child is bringing his lady of the hour for one day, today will be my life’s greatest victory.

Manmeet assist Meet with entering inside mandap. Panditji request to trade wreaths. Manmeet put wreath on Meet. Meet recalls her time when she got hitched to Meet Ahlawat. Meet thinks I actually have a distrustful outlook on this connection yet I trust you mother and father that is the reason I’m getting hitched to him and put laurel on Manmeet. Everybody tossing blossoms on them. Manmeet and Meet plunk down for additional rituals.

Inspector Bhati attempting to free himself.

Panditji request that Raj complete custom for Kanya Daan. Raj acclaims Meet for her affection and tells Manmeet I can promise you she will continuously keep you blissful. Manmeet figures I can promise you this will be your last joy. Raj says I’m giving you my most significant thing simply deal with one thing she shouldn’t cry of all time. Manmeet takes a gander at Meet and gesture his head.

Inspector Bhati free his hand and thinks I need to tell Meet before phera that he is child of Sarkar. Hooligans behind him drinking alcohol.

Panditji request that Babita in all actuality do encourage custom of gathbandhan. Babita help to tie there bunches and says this is slipping over and over don’t have the foggiest idea why I can’t tie. Manmeet give one more piece of material to integrate them. Babita guve thek blessings.

Inspector Bhati stand up and toss sand in there eyes and run away.

Meet says we will stay along with one another in any condition and begin taking pehra with them.

Jasodha tear Meet’s photograph and toss it in havan. Everybody at Sarkar’s castle doing pooja.

Meet tells Manmeet guarantee me I’ll get same regard and love as you give it to your loved ones.
Jasodha says you will get just disdain and discipline from this family.
Meet slaps Manmeet and says proceed to let your family know this slap is for everybody and tell everybody he is som of Sarkar and Jasodha.

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