Meet 4 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Meet Written Update 4 January 2023

Meet Ahlawat hear Babita getting call from Amma, he gets ready says in the event that she converse with mother, she will undersea I was deceiving them.

Written Update Meet Today Episode

Terrorist outside store slam request that everybody open entryway. Everybody gets terrified inside. Meet request that everybody hush up. He persistently thumping on entryway. Everybody conceal Chanda and her child. Meet open door.Meet Anwar eliminate phone wire says say thanks to God I came now she will not have the option to converse with her.

Meet 4 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Terrorist ask what is happening inside. Meet says you request that we sit calm that is the thing we are doing, is think we are accomplishing something you can come under wraps. Fear based oppressor strolls in and check, says hush up this way and leave the room. Meet lock it from inside. Chanda with child says he isn’t showing any movement.

Meet Latest Spoiler Alerts 4 January 2023

Babita attempting to converse with Amma. Meet Ahlawat strolls to her says there is a fear based oppressor assault so they probably halted the correspondence line, did you converse with Dadi, I had a word with Ragini and Meet they are okay. Babita says that is great and leave. Raj request that Meet Ahlawat come to him.

Chanda crying request that Meet work on something for the child. Meet says we need to give CPR to bring his breath back.

Raj ask Meet Ahlawat for what reason did you lie about conversing with Dadi, I heard that Seething and Meet didn’t went there so for what reason did lie.

Meet utilize her police preparing method. Ragini appeal to God for the child. Meet difficult her procedure to help baby

Raj says it’s better you let me know truth or brave I’ll track down myself. Meet Ahlawat says both assuming them are caught inside city clinic with different regular folks, family will not have the option to deal with this data that is the reason I said nothing and make sense of him everything, he begin crying and embraces him

Baby begin crying everybody get profound, she says to Meet you saved my children life so you will name him so he end up being great human like you. Meet says I did what was required and you are mother. She says you saved child. Meet says Krishna God was likewise conceived Dane way so we will keep his name Krishna.

Raj with Meet Ahlawat, they stroll towards sanctuary. Smash stressed over Ragini. Babita stresses over Meet. Smash shares with him they are stressed over them would it be advisable for us we let them know valid, then, at that point, he chooses not to enlighten anybody concerning what is going on and says I realize you will bring them back, he give his gifts. Meet Ahlawat gets profound and embraces him.

Meet expresses in light of this child we are joined know, we are trap like birds however presently we will retaliate and leave this.

Raj says to Meet Ahlawat proceed to overcome those terrorists.

Meet ask who all are with me and present her hand. Everybody join there hands with Meet for help. Outside fear monger propose to proceed to check inside room as it hushed up. Her stroll towards the room with there firearms pointing forward, they go into room however everybody taps them and retaliate, they attach them with garments firmly. One of the fear monger attempt to wound somebody however Meet stops him structure doing snd everybody begin hitting them. Meet says don’t attempt to meddle with furious regular people and request that everybody leave. Meet lock them inside room and everybody in passageway. Meet shares with Ragini first we will tell everybody we are save when we get out. Meet expresses stand by here let me check first, she eliminate boxes and sleeping pad to open principal entryway. Police focuses there weapon towards entryway and see Meet remaining there, she attempt to leave however hear everybody shooting inside. Head pointing weapon on child. Meet expresses offer back the child. He says first close the entryway really at that time you will get it back. One of the regular citizens pointing hun at boss says for what reason would it be advisable for us we commit suicide on account of this child he just appeared on the scene. Chanda says my child just found out about being great human and how might you pass on my child to bite the dust. Police signal Meet to emerge from medical clinic. Meet appeal to Great to save everyone

Boss says to Meet on the off chance that you are thrill seeker, I would like you to rebuff in same manner, I need to torment and kill you and this will happen just when you get hitched with one of the psychological oppressor and he apply sindoor on her temple. The person gets excited.

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