Meet 5 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode 8 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Meet 5 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Written Update 8 february 2023

Panditji request that Lady and Man of the hour start pehra. Meet says we will continuously be together in our life and begin taking pehra.

Written Update Meet 5 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Today Episode

Jasodha tear Meet’s photograph and toss it in havan.Meet says I’ll constantly regard your family and being you spouse you will continuously represent me.

Meet 8 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Jasodha says I’ll consume your self confidence and notoriety, she tear other piece of her photograph in toss it in havan.

Meet 5 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Latest Spoiler Alerts 8 february 2023

Bhati take off from thugs and think I need to enlighten truth concerning Manmeet to meet. Hooligans pursuing him.

Meet says I vow to be with you till my demise and need same commitment from you.

Jasodha says you are arriving at this house as one day lady and toss her photograph in havan.

Meet says guarantee me you will regard me same way like you regard your loved ones. Pandit request that Man of the hour come forward.

Jasodha says from this family you will just get insolence and discipline. Sarkar enjoying.

Meet says guarantee me I’ll have every one of the freedoms of being a little girl in regulation. Manmeet get message from Badri saying Examiner took off. Manmeet thinks I must be quick.

Jasodha says this house will be damnation for you.

Meet says guarantee me you won’t affront me. Manmeet says sure now come fast.

Inspector Bhati outside Ahlawat house. Safety officer says you can’t head inside. Bhati says I’ll attempt to enter inside from back door.

Meet and Manmeet chunri begin consuming. Meet attempt to eliminate dupatta. Manmeet says don’t eliminate I need no awful sign say your commitment quick. Meet says guarantee me you won’t impart your affection to anybody and no lady will come in your life. Manmeet says sure. Meet thinks what whimsical way of behaving is this, all that will consume. Both of there dupatta ablaze. They complete pehra and discard dupatta.

Jasodha at last tear her entire photograph toss it in havan and complete her ritual.

Meet toss water on dupatta and on Manmeet to control fire. Panditji request to apply sindoor and make her wear mangalsutra. Manmeet take sindoor in his fingers and apply on Meet. Bhati come inside Ahlawat house yet Badri gets him from behind and remove him. Manmeet tie mangalsutra to Meet. Pandit says now you are hitched. Everybody acclaims. Manmeet thinks your marriage is squander. Babita ask Manmeet are you okay. He says OK and get from Badri expressing circumstance taken care of. Meet inquire as to for what reason were you in rush such a lot of imagine a scenario where something might have veered off-track. Manmeet saya everything is okay. Babita says to Meet my heart is saying your life will be cheerful now.

Jasodha says make arrengement everybody my child is accompanying his one day lady, there ought to be no deficiency in inviting the new little girl in-regulation, as per custom mother by marriage need to make thali for inviting her however I’ll hand her tissue to wipe tears. Sarkar laughing.

Meet request that Manmeet change kurta and check for nay twisted. Raj says OK proceed to put on something else and request that Meet assistance him. Manmeet says no itfeel timid smidgen let me know I’ll make it happen and request that him way change.
A man stroll to Smash and give him Telephone which he provide for fix it. Meet strolls to him and ask is this Shagun’s telephone I requested that you fix. Slam give him telephone and says OK. Raj request that Slam help him for bidea function.
Meet open telephone and see video of Manmeet playing with Shagun, she check telephone display and find Sarkar addressing him as his most youthful child to everybody. Meet in shock subsequent to seeing everything. Meet recollect her time enjoy with Manmeet. Meet hear Manmeet’s voice saying I’ll get payback from Meet once more and again.


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